White Robed Chief Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Digging Information

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Chu Li paced into the main hall.

In the main hall, there were only two of them sitting on the armchair. Fu Mengshan smiled and waved at him, “Young Chu, come, come, did you encounter any problem?”

Chu Li said in a hoarse voice, “Commander, I’m here to ask if we’re making a move on the House of High Dukes!”

“Making a move on the House of High Dukes?” Fu Mengshan was shocked. He put his smile away and asked in a serious manner, “Young Chu, what do you mean?!”

Xu Huande said in a low tone, “Where did you hear this from?”

Chu Li said, “In three days, six Protectors from the Yi Public House died. Isn’t this the work of the secret guardians from the imperial house?”

“You’ve lost six Protectors?!” Fu Mengshan and Xu Huande’s face changed slightly and they looked at each other.

Chu Li scoffed and said, “The Protectors of the House of High Dukes are not made from mud, common people would be nothing to them. Moreover, no one would dare to provoke the House of High Dukes for now, so other than the House of Secret Guardians, which sect would have such courage?”

“Young Chu…” Fu Mengshan frowned and said, “This is my first time hearing this. This is really a big issue. Who had the courage to do something like this?”

Chu Li said, “I know that the House of Secret Guardians has always disliked the House of High Dukes and obstructed us in many ways, but I didn’t think that you would be so ruthless. Is this a revenge towards me? Since you can’t kill me and the Second Lady, you’re taking revenge on the Yi Public House?”

“Young Chu, don’t talk nonsense like that!” Fu Mengshan waved his hand and stood up with a sullen face. He placed his hands behind him and paced around the main hall.

Xu Huande scoffed and said, “You suspected the House of Secret Guardians right after you learn the news, didn’t you?”

Chu Li said, “It’s such a coincidence, I can’t help but to suspect! Commanders, if there’s anything at all, please just look for me. Why do you have to take revenge on the Yi Public House?”

Xu Huande said snappily, “Shut up! If we really want to go against you, why do we have to take revenge on the House of High Dukes? Furthermore, how can the Protectors of the House of High Dukes be killed just like that?”

Although the House of Secret Guardians were instructed to watch over the House of High Dukes, that did not have the rights to kill them. Creating a mess or ruining the plans of the House of High Dukes were the limits. They had never assassinated the Protectors of the House of High Dukes.

Chu Li purposely stared at him with doubt.

He wanted to dig some information from them.

“What’s with that look of yours?!” Xu Huande said coldly, “I have no time to lie to you!”

Chu Li said, “I believe the House of Secret Guardians would know who’s behind this, right? But you didn’t warn me beforehand?”

“Why do we have to let you know?” Xu Huande said coldly, “Do you think you’re the Commander of the House of Secret Guardians?”

Chu Li sighed, “Commander Xu, this really makes me disappointed.”

“All right, all right,” Fu Mengshan waved his hand and smiled as he said, “Regarding this matter, I really know nothing. Elder Xu, how about you take a look and see if there’s any information regarding this.”

“Very well,” Xu Huande stared at Chu Li then left the main hall.

Fu Mengshan said, “Young Chu, come, take a seat.”

Chu Li knew what Fu Mengshan was thinking. The Holy Church of Light had become his sore point.

Chu Li did not want to settle the Holy Church of Light for the time being. He decided to leave it until after the marriage of the eldest master. Once he provoked them, he was afraid that it would cause a havoc during the eldest master’s marriage.

“Thank you very much, Commander,” Chu Li sat on one of the armchairs.

Fu Mengshan said, “Young Chu, how about you let me know, how exactly did you recognize the disciple from the Holy Church of Light?”

Chu Li shook his head and said with a smile, “It’s really just a feeling, I can’t describe it.”

“You” Fu Mengshan pointed at him.

Although he knew that Chu Li was not telling the truth, he had no choice, so he did not force him.

He had a profound understanding about Chu Li and knew about his background. He knew that he was the Chief of the Glory’s Will Courtyard and was best at identifying traitors. However, he actually said that it was pure luck that he noticed the disciple of the Holy Church of Light. He would be dumb if he believed him!

After a moment, Xu Huande strode into the main hall. He scoffed with a sullen face, “There’s really no information about this!”

“Hmm—?” Fu Mengshan’s smile disappeared from his face.

Xu Huande continued, “I think that there’s already information about this but it’s being spread around slowly, so we don’t know anything about it yet. Chu Li, how did you know about this?”

“Do information travel around so slowly in the House of Secret Guardians?”

“It’s already quite fast!” Xu Huande scoffed, “Pigeon mails are even faster than the horses.”

Fu Mengshan said, “Young Chu, don’t rush about it. I believe that there will be information about this very soon!”

Chu Li said, “I guess your information is not as fast as the House of High Dukes, Commander. Commander Xu, wouldn’t this embarrass the Emperor?”

“How did the House of High Dukes receive that information?”


“It’s Jiang Kuai, am I right?” Xu Huande scoffed.

Chu Li raised his brows and thought to himself, they actually knew about Jiang Kuai.

“You have a handyman,” Xu Huande said, “But not everyone has a Light-body Technique like Jiang Kuai!”

Chu Li laughed and said, “There are quite a number of experts in Light-body Technique in the House of Secret Guardians, aren’t there?”

“Yes, we do, but it is nothing like Jiang Kuai’s Light-body Technique,” Xu Huande scoffed and said, “Do you think that a master of Light-body Technique like him can be roped in just like that?”

Chu Li nodded.

Usually, masters of Light-body Technique had a certain arrogance. They would go rampant and do as they wish and most of the time, they were used to being carefree. It was a chance encounter for him to be able to recruit Jiang Kuai.

“Chu Li, follow closely on the matter regarding the Holy Church of Light,” Fu Mengshan sighed and shook his head as he said, “The Emperor is rushing us as well. If they really managed to cause a chaos, it will embarrass the House of Secret Guardians for sure.”

“I don’t think the Holy Church of Light will make a move so easily,” Chu Li said, “They are plotting a bigger scheme.”

“You can guess what they’re plotting?” Fu Mengshan became high spirited all of a sudden.

Chu Li shook his head, “I can’t guess it, but I think that I’m afraid that it’s not assassinating the imperial crown Princes.”

Fu Mengshan hit the handles of the armchair and fell into deep thoughts.

“What else are they planning?” Xu Huande scoffed and said, “It can’t be assassinating the Emperor, can it?”

Chu Li said, “Commander, Commander Xu, this is just my prediction. It is not necessarily accurate.”

“Your thought is indeed making sense,” Fu Mengshan said slowly, “If they want to assassinate the imperial crown prince, why didn’t they make a move before that? What exactly are they planning to do?”

Chu Li suddenly said, “Commander Xu, the people from the House of Secret Guardians were involved in this matter regarding the House of High Dukes, am I right?”

Xu Huande was stunned by his question and responded quickly, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Chu Li said, “The House of High Dukes will take our revenge. I’m letting you know beforehand, Commanders. Should there be anyone from the House of Secret Guardians involved, it is better for you to retreat in case I injure one of our own mistakenly!”

Xu Huande frowned and asked, “How are you going to take revenge?”

Chu Li said, “I’ll do my best.”

“You’re saying that you’ll be straining all your nerves, aren’t you?” Fu Mengshan laughed and said, “Young Chu, don’t go overboard and make this go out of hand.”

“Commander,” Chu Li smiled, “If the House of High Dukes can’t be merciless at taking our revenge, our dignity and prestige will completely disappear. I’m afraid that it will only cause havoc in the world, which will really be out of hands then!”

Fu Mengshan and Xu Huande looked at each other. Both of their hearts became heavy.

Chu Li smiled and said, “Nonetheless, don’t worry, Commanders, I won’t involve those who are innocent!”

Fu Mengshan frowned and remained silent.

Xu Huande said, “If anyone from the House of Secret Guardians is really involved in this, are you going to kill a secret guardian then? You must know our rules it’s forbidden for you to kill one another!”

Chu Li smiled and shook his head, “How can I break the rules? Unless you’re the ones who instructed them to, Commanders?”

Xu Huande stared at him, “You’re one of the House of Secrets Guardians now!”

From the outside, Zhe Liang’s voice was heard, “Commander, we got the news!”