White Robed Chief Chapter 446

Chapter 446 : Murderer

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“Bring it in!” Xu Huande scoffed and said.

“Yes.” Zhe Liang strode into the main hall, when he saw Chu Li, he stopped for a while, then he advanced towards Xu Huande with a bamboo tube in his hands.

Xu Huande waved his hand.

Zhe Liang took a glance at Chu Li then backed away.

Xu Huande opened the bamboo tube then took out a few sheets of white paper, then he passed it to Fu Mengshan.

Fu Mengshan read each of the ten white papers, then his face became sullen, he shook his head and passed it to Xu Huande.

Xu Huande read everything quickly then looked up at Chu Li.

When Chu Li saw his hesitant look, he laughed, “Did I guess it right? Someone from the House of Secret Guardians was messing around!”

“Young Chu,” Fu Mengshan sighed helplessly.

(What is going on, Chu Li just entered the House of Secret Guardians and I’m asking him to investigate on the disciples of the Holy Church of Light, but the people beneath that be actually did something like that and cause me trouble!) thought Fu Mengshan.

However, they could not be completely blamed.

“Young Chu.” Fu Mengshan slapped his thighs and sighed as he said, “Don’t be mad, the House of Secret Guardians were already asked to check on the House of High Dukes, in case they have no considerations in their acts which might cause trouble in the end. With us watching over them, the House of High Dukes will not act recklessly and bring upon their own destruction!”

Chu Li smiled, “Commander, may I take a look at that?”

Xu Huande looked towards Fu Mengshan.

Fu Mengshan pondered and nodded slowly, “Alright, no harm to take a look at it, but you have to promise not to do anything to anyone in the House of Secret Guardians!”

Chu Li scoffed, “There were six Protectors from the House of High Dukes, are you saying that they should die in vain?”

“They didn’t think that it was going to end up to be so serious.” Fu Mengshan said, “It was an unintended mistake.”

“An unintended mistake or an intended mistake, do you think there’s any difference to the six Protectors of the House of High Dukes who died?” Chu Li shook his head and said, “Commander, Commander Xu, I can only say that I won’t do anything about it, but regarding what the House of High Dukes will do, I don’t have any say in it, it will be up to the Eldest Master! Moreover, Commander, even if you don’t let me read it, I believe that I will be able to find out, it’s just a matter of time.”

Xu Huande became furious instantly, he kept the white papers and said coldly with a sullen face, “Chu Li, who do you think you are, do you think that you can just kill a Secret Guardian if you want to? If anything happens to them, I will hold you solely responsible!”

Chu Li laughed, “Commander Xu, I’m not the one making a move, how can you blame it on me?”

“Even if you’re the one who instructed it!” Xu Huande scoffed coldly.

Chu Li said, “How do you know if I’m the one who instructed them to, Commander Xu?”

“Whatever the House of High Dukes do has to be agreed by you!” Xu Huande said coldly, “Don’t think that we can’t get to you, if we wanted to do anything to you, we have countless ways, don’t force us into taking those extreme measures!”

Chu Li turned to look at Fu Mengshan, “Commander, I’ll have to confess and ask for a punishment first!”

“What punishment?” Fu Mengshan asked gently.

Chu Li replied, “I can’t complete the task that you’ve given to me, Commander. With something so serious happening in the House of High Dukes, I can’t calm myself down to investigate on the Holy Church of Light, even if I force myself to, I won’t be able to get any results!”

Fu Mengshan’s face became sullen.

He stared at Chu Li and said coldly, “Chu Li, are you threatening me?”

Chu Li did a fist salute, “I dare not! I’m asking for permission to do an isolated cultivation in the House of Secret Guardians, in case I’ll be blamed for any accident that happens to the Secret Guardians! I don’t know about any information, if I do an isolated cultivation here, I won’t be able to instruct the House of High Dukes to do anything, and anything the House of High Dukes does will be unrelated to me, so Commander Xu won’t be able to hold me responsible for it!”

“Very well!” Xu Huande sneered and said, “As long as you isolate yourself in the House of Secret Guardians, I won’t blame you for anything!”

Chu Li smiled, “Couldn’t be better!”

“Commander!” Xu Huande scoffed.

Fu Mengshan frowned and looked at Chu Li, “Do you really want to do this?”

Chu Li nodded slowly and said, “Only then, Commander Xu will be assured!”

“That’s right!” Xu Huande said.

Fu Mengshan regained his gentle look and sighed, “You, alright, Chu Li, isolate yourself in your courtyard, you’re not allowed to meet anyone for a period of ten days!”

“Thank you very much, Commander!” Chu Li did a fist salute.

Xu Huande scoffed and said, “Seems like you’re very confident with the House of High Dukes!”

“That’s for sure!” Chu Li said faintly, “The outsiders all think that the House of High Dukes is very weak, this time, I’d like everyone to see, is the House of High Dukes weak or not?! Commander, Commander Xu, I’ll take my leave now!”

“Commander, I’ll send Chu Li over there and stay with him for a few days!” Xu Huande said.

“… You” Fu Mengshan laughed and said, “Elder Xu, why are you acting like a child!”

“I don’t trust that he can really restrain himself!” Xu Huande scoffed and said.

“Alright, alright, do as you like then.” Fu Mengshan shook his head helplessly and could not help but laughed.

Xu Huande turned his head and said, “We’ll stay in the same courtyard.”

“It will be my honor.” Chu Li said.

The two of them left the main hall and arrived at the courtyard.

The courtyard had a new look, it was already cleaned and tidied up, the furniture was changed to new ones, the dilapidated look disappeared.

Chu Li stood in the courtyard and took a look around, he nodded with satisfaction.

Although it was incomparable to the House of High Dukes and the Imperial Residence, but it was quiet enough and the air surrounding them was fresh. With the help of the Scripture of Life and Death, spiritual energy gushed in from all directions, there were quite a number of aged trees in the House of Secret Guardians.

“Commander Xu, how about we exchange skills?” Chu Li said.

Xu Huande squinted his eyes slightly and scoffed, “Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you with just one hit?”

Chu Li smiled and said, “Since we have nothing to do, let us distract ourselves from boredom.”

“Alright.” Xu Huande said.

He wanted to take a look at what Chu Li was capable of anyway, he wanted to know what emboldened him to be so presumptuous.


Chu Li hit with his fist, Xu Huande attacked with his palm, their fist technique and palm energy clashed with one another in the air, the garden around them turned into a mess as if a strong wind blew past.

“You’ve got some capability!” Xu Huande frowned.

Chu Li smiled and flaunted another fist, he became more and more familiarized with High Duke Lu’s fist technique.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam” Their fists and palms collided with one another, and their bodies gradually became closer.

Chu Li was unusually fast with his movements, whereas Xu Huande had unique techniques, the two of them fought with twenty techniques, it was hard to tell which one of them was better.

“Nice!” Chu Li retreated and did a fist salute as he smiled and said, “As expected, you’re very strong, Commander Xu, I respect you!”

Xu Huande’s face became sullen, he was rather dispirited.

Initially, he thought that he could suppress Chu Li, after their fight, he realized that Chu Li’s inner energy was must more profound and much purer than he imagined. It was not an undeserved reputation for sure, he might not actually be able to suppress him after all!

“Commander Xu, let us end it here today, we’ll do it again tomorrow.” Chu Li smiled and said, “We will cap this at twenty techniques, what do you think?”

“… Very well.” Xu Huande scoffed.

Chu Li did a fist salute and entered the room on the East side, he left the main bedroom for Xu Huande.

During sunset, when Xu Huande practiced and meditated, Chu Li disappeared immediately.

Right after, he appeared at a waterside pavilion in Crystal Crescent Lake.

Su Ru was seen dressed in a loose white gown, she laid sideways on the bed leisurely and held a scroll in her hand.

The lights in the waterside pavilion were bright and gentle, it shone on her and made her look very sweet and gentle like a flower, it was dreamlike.

When Su Ru saw Chu Li appeared, her eyes turned as she rolled her eyes at him, “You finally remembered to drop by!”

Chu Li laughed and said, “I’ve been busy lately, how are things going here?”

“Not bad, it has been quiet peaceful lately.” Su Ru nodded gently, “You wouldn’t come to me if you have nothing to ask of me, tell me, what’s the matter?”

“I’d like to pay a visit to Green Hill.” Chu Li said.