White Robed Chief Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Alliance

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“Big Brother!” The round-faced elder yelled.

The red-faced elder waved his hand and said, “Third Brother, forget it, don’t dampen your own spirit. No doubt the High Duke’s Public Houses is powerful, but from what we can see from this, they lack valiance and courage. When martial art masters lose spirit like that, there’s nothing to be feared of them, after being repressed for so long, it’s time that we restore our reputation and let everyone in the world know about the Green Hill!”

The ancestors of the Green Hill were only glorious for a time as the disciples of the younger generation did not manage to surpass their seniors, they could only manage to preserve their legacy so that it would not vanish. Hence, in the wake of the Snow Lunar Pavilion’s rise, the status of the Green Hill went even more downhill and they were belittled by everyone.

Other than the Snow Lunar Pavilion, the Yi Public House became more and more powerful as well.

Along with the growing power of the Yi Public House, the factions in the entire Chong Ming Road were pushed to the brink.

When that happened, a leader had to stand out to ally everyone to go against the Yi Public House.

While the Yi Public House was powerful indeed, it was incomparable to the alliance of a few strong factions. They only needed to act at the right time to counter the High Duke’s Public Houses and to contain the High Duke’s Public Houses and crush them.

Since the Yi Public House and the Huay Public House had a planned marriage, it would be the perfect rare opportunity.

Once both the Public Houses were connected through marriage, the Imperial Court would be restless for sure, the other Public Houses would be afraid as well. More importantly, the huge factions in the Chong Ming Road already had crisis awareness, so once the Public Houses united, there would be no means of subsistence for them at all.

It was the perfect timing for the alliance of all the factions to counter the Yi Public House, if they failed to grab the chance, the opportunity would fritter away before they knew it, then they would not be able to even think about going against the Yi Public House.

“Big Brother, I’m only worried that it will make things worse! The High Duke’s Public Houses seemed to have backed away, but just like throwing a punch, the scariest thing will be the next hit after the withdrawal!” the round-faced elder sighed and said.

“Haha, they’re probably bewildered now and stunned from the attack, not knowing who was the one who did it. They have too many enemies, so they won’t be able to find us in such a short amount of time!” the shallow-faced elder shook his head and laughed.

“I wish that they will find us as soon as possible! An undue delay may bring trouble.” the red-faced elder sighed.

“You’re overthinking, Big Brother, we’re all on the same boat now with the other factions, they can only stick with us till the end!” the shallow-faced elder said.

“It has only been a few days but our disciples are already soaring in a grievance. If it really doesn’t work, send these martial art masters from each faction to the outside of the valley, send them far away so that they won’t end up in a fight!” the round-faced elder frowned.

“They wouldn’t be willing to move to the outside of the valley. After all, we’re the ones who invited them,” the shallow-faced elder said.

“Hmph, they’re not helping us anyway. We’re only trying to help them, it’s as if we’re the ones who owe it to them. I really can’t take this anymore!” the round-faced elder said with dissatisfaction.

“Let us just put this matter on hold for now. It looks like we can’t wait for the High Duke’s Public Houses to investigate this themselves, think of a way to leak out some information to them so that they will come to us sooner!” the red-faced elder waved his hand.

“Big Brother, which faction was it again that sent us the information? Is it from the Imperial Court?” the shallow-faced elder asked.

“That’s right. They have ill intentions as well, they’re earnestly wishing that we will be irreconcilable adversaries with the High Duke’s Public Houses and will greatly damage each other’s vitality!” the red-faced elder said coldly.

“I’m worried that it will be another faction. If they suddenly appear when we’re worn-out from going all out, then we’ll become a laughing stock!” the round-faced elder sneered.

“Don’t worry, with the alliance of five major factions, our powers will be strong enough such that we won’t have to fear anyone. I’m telling you, Third Brother, can’t you say something nicer, don’t just go on with those disheartening words!” the shallow-faced elder said snappily.

“Anyhow, I’m not optimistic about this alliance!” the round-faced elder scoffed.

The red-faced elder said, “Third Brother, nothing can ever be very well-organized. A great harvest can only be achieved with great risk, both of them cannot be reconciled. Let us just take a gamble this time, if we succeed, the Green Hill will be the top-notch faction in the martial arts world, if we don’t, we’ll just lie low for a few years, it’s not a big deal.”

“Sigh” the round-faced elder nodded slowly.

Chu Li stood beside the basilica as he listened to the conversation between the three men, he shook his head then disappeared again.

Chu Li appeared in the East Room of the courtyard at the Secret Guardians Hall, he pushed the door open and entered.

Xu Huande was practicing his palm technique in the courtyard, his movements were smooth and slow, such that the sound of blood circulation from his body could be vaguely heard. He had an extremely profound cultivation level.

Chu Li stood across from him and slowly started practicing his fist technique as well.

“Commander Xu, the people from the Secret Guardians Hall sold the information from the High Duke’s Public Houses to the Green Hill, didn’t they?” Chu Li sounded so casual about it.

Xu Huande paused for a moment before continuing his movements again, he replied as if nothing had happened, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Chu Li continued, “Who did it?”

Xu Huande scoffed and said, “Why, you want to take revenge?”

Chu LI shook his head. “I only want to remind you, Commander Xu, ask them to return as soon as possible before they get beaten up by the High Duke’s Public Houses don’t underestimate the High Duke’s Public Houses, they have eyes and ears everywhere. Moreover, the Glory’s Will Courtyard is in charge of intelligence information too, the two Secret Guardians won’t be able to hide from the High Duke’s Public Houses!”

Xu Huande took a glance at him but remained silent.

Chu Li closed his eyes slowly, he continued practicing.

The atmosphere in the courtyard became sulky immediately.

After some time, Chu Li stopped practicing. “Commander Xu, I’d like to meditate and continue with my training, don’t disturb me, you don’t have to call me for meals too!”

“Yes, got it,” Xu Huande replied faintly.

Chu Li did a fist salute then turned around and returned to the East Room.

Chu Li laid on the bed sideways and did not move an inch, soon enough, he activated the Life and Death Scripture. His entire body became breathless as if he had completely disappeared from the world.

After a quarter of an hour, Xu Huande casually went to the window of Chu Li’s room and paused for a moment as he listened closely, but he could not hear anything at all, and he could not sense Chu Li’s existence.

He frowned and thought for a while, then he gently pulled the door open and fluttered into Chu Li’s bedroom silently.

Chu Li was laying sideways on the bed with a peaceful look on his face, he remained still and his breathing seemed to have stopped. His whole body looked so breathless that he appeared to be like a shadow to Xu Huande.

Xu Huande’s dark face had a shocking expression on it.

Initially, he thought that Chu Li had sneaked out, he did not think that he was actually cultivating. This martial arts was exceedingly strange, it was no wonder that Chu Li did not respond to his calls, with his condition, it looked like he was feigning death, or even isolated from the outside world.

Should Xu Huande hit Chu Li with a palm at that time, he could probably end his life.

When he thought about that, Xu Huande was somehow aroused.

Soon after, he restrained his killing intent, Chu Li was an indispensable figure in the Secret Guardians Hall.

They were relying on him to capture the disciples of the Holy Church of Light, or else, the Commander and himself would not even tolerate his savagery, they would have shown him the true powers of the Secret Guardians Hall from the start!

Xu Huande left the East room soundlessly, then returned to his house to meditate.

Sure enough, it was embarrassing for him since his cultivation level was unlike Chu Li’s, so he wanted to take the time to calm himself down for cultivation so that he could surpass him!

Xiao Tieying and Xiao Baihe were speaking in the main hall, the atmosphere was very sulky.

With six Protectors from the High Duke’s Public Houses dead, all the other Protectors had retreated back to the High Duke’s Public Houses, which was a huge blow to the entire morale of the High Duke’s Public Houses.

The Protectors felt oppressed since they were killed obscurely and yet the murderer had not been found. To add on to that, they were not looking for the murderer but staying in the Public House, allowing the murderer to roam around freely!

If it was not for the eminent prestige of the Eldest Master, with just one order, everyone had to obey him even if they were dissatisfied. If it was someone else’s order, they would have questioned it from the start.

Xiao Tieying bore an enormous responsibility such that Xiao Baihe could not bear to even watch.

“Eldest Brother, stop imagining things, they’re definitely targeting us because of your marriage, as long as the marriage is carried out smoothly, everything will quiet down!”

“It’s all my fault! I should’ve known that they will send people to murder our men, I should’ve called them back earlier!” Xiao Tieying sighed.

Xiao Baihe smiled. “Eldest Brother, how can you have such thoughts?!”