White Robed Chief Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Secret Scheme

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Meng Jian kept his eyes firmly on Xu Ning.

As a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain, he naturally knew of the Titanium Temple.

Every disciple of the Titanium Temple could disconnect themselves with the mortal world and live with carefreeness. They lived only for one sole purpose in this world and that was to cultivate to achieve Nirvana.

Everything they possessed was to cultivate. The X Buddha Law would have them achieve Nirvana sooner or later and entered the Titanium Temple at Thirty Days.

The disciples of the Titanium Temple usually would not interfere with mortal affairs. Even when they stepped in the mortal world, it would only be to strengthen their mind and for cultivation. They would not long for wealth and honor.

Who would have thought that this Xu Ning would work for an Imperial Residence.

Xu Ning suddenly opened his eyes and spoke, “Almsgiver Meng, allow me to report to His Royal Highness.”

“Please,” replied Meng Jian.

Xu Ning pushed open the door of the Cultivation Courtyard and entered. A brief moment later, he pressed his palms together at the door. “Almsgiver Meng, His Royal Highness has summoned you.”

Meng Jian stepped into the Cultivation Courtyard.

King An was dressed in a purple robe, standing at the center of the courtyard with his hands behind his back, sizing up Meng Jian.

King An’s handsome face hung a smile. His gaze was calm and monotonous and his body breathed a scent of peace. Meng Jian was doubtful that the person before him was a Prince but rather a practicing monk.

Meng Jian closed fist saluted. “Your Royal Highness.”

“Young Master Meng, please don’t be overly courteous. You’re not an outsider. Please be seated,” King An pointed by the stone table.

“Yes,” answered Meng Jian.

The two of them sat by the stone table with Xu Ning standing not far away. He was as unwavering as a tree.

Meng Jian swept his gaze at Xu Ning. He was curious. Xu Ning was a disciple of the Titanium Temple. He was no ordinary man yet he willingly humbled himself and stood as a Scribe?

“Your Royal Highness, I wish to ask how my brother died,” Meng Jian began.

King An frowned. “You’re able to deduce that he’s dead?”

Meng Jian nodded.

King An continued, “He actually left the Residence on his own accord. I did not allow him out. We lost contact soon after and I’ve sent someone to investigate but he came up with nothing. I really have no idea what has happened to him. We assumed the worst.”

He sighed and shook his head. “Meng Zhi is a rare talent and he has helped me a lot. It’s such a shame.”

Meng Jian added, “Did my brother have any enemies?”

“As the Deputy Commander of the Imperial Residence, it would be usual to step on a few toes. Talking about enemies, it would not lead up to murder.” King An scowled.

“My brother has enemies, I reckon?” asked Meng Jian.

King An fell deep into thought and finally spoke, “He doesn’t really have any enemies. They are all small matters that wouldn’t appeal to death.”

Meng Jian mentioned, “There must be something. Why won’t Your Royal Highness be honest?”

“He did have some conflict with the Head Chief here. However, these are all work affairs. He received my orders to suppress the Head Chief but was taught a lesson by the Head Chief instead.” King An shook his head.

“Head Chief? I wish to meet with this Head Chief.” Meng Jian sneered.

King An looked at Xu Ning.

Xu Ning pressed his palms together. “Your Royal Highness, the Head Chief is currently in seclusion at the Secret Guardians Hall. It has been half a month.”

“Oh, he is now a Secret Guardian of the Imperial House. Young Master Meng should refrain from offending him.” King An smiled.

“… I was thinking of waiting for this Head Chief in the Imperial Residence.”

“We would definitely welcome you. With a master such as yourself, I can focus on cultivating. As for the Head Chief, Xu Ning, please send someone to investigate when the Head Chief will return to the Residence,” King An replied.

“Your Royal Highness. It’s said that the Head Chief is in seclusion and will see no one.” Xu Ning pressed his palms together.

“Sounds about right. The Head Chief will not see anyone when he’s cultivating.” King An nodded.

Xu Ning slowly offered, “The Secret Guardians Hall has communicated that the Head Chief is being held captive in the Secret Guardians Hall. Although it is mentioned that he is in seclusion, in actuality, he is being held captive.”

King An frowned. “Has he offended the Secret Guardians Hall?”

“Princess Consort has killed two of the Secret Guardians. How could the House of Secret Guardians be nice to the Head Chief?” explained Xu Ning.

“Oh, this guy What a reckless showoff. With a character such as his, how could he survive the Secret Guardians Hall?” King An scoffed.

Meng Jian could tell that King An was dissatisfied with this Head Chief.

He was struck by a thought internally but bore no gesture. He calmly responded, “No worries. As there’s nothing to do since I have left the mountain, I can walk around the Fairy’s Capital.”

“You need not be uncomfortable at the Residence. Do as you please. If you have any request, please look for Elder Zhu.” King An gestured.

“Thank you, Your Royal Highness,” said Meng Jian.

“It’s not easy for disciples of the Amethyst Mountain to leave the mountain. For Young Master to leave, you must be quite the talent. I wonder of your future plans, Young Master Meng,” said King An.

“The original plan was to meet with my brother. Who knew that he would meet with an accident. I will avenge him first before I consider anything,” answered Meng Jian.

King An eagerly responded, “What about coming over to the Imperial Residence?… Although it will not be that free will in execution, it will be easier to cultivate. You’ll meet with masters from all walks of life in the Fairy’s Capital. Broadening your knowledge is advantageous to your cultivation.”

“Thank you for your hospitality,” Meng Jian was surprised. He did not think that he would so openly solicit him. He closed fist saluted and smiled. “We’ll talk once I have avenged my brother. For now, I have no thoughts on other matters.”

“Alright then. The Amethyst Mountain has always been a mysterious presence. Once Young Master Meng’s identity is leaked, a lot of people will come to pay a visit.” King An nodded.

“I will keep my identity a secret,” added Meng Jian.

King An let out a smile.

Meng Jian closed fist saluted. “I will excuse myself and will not bother Your Royal Highness with your cultivation.”

“Yes, yes. Once I am out of seclusion, we should find a time to chit chat.” King An closed fist saluted and smiled.

“Alright.” Meng Jian got up and left.

Xu Ning sent him off the courtyard. Upon returning, he saw King An in a pleasant mood.

King An grinned. “Revered Sir, he should be suspicious of Chu Li, right?”

“Yes, this person is stubborn and conceited. He will not let go of Head Chief Chu.” Xu Ning nodded.

“Hehe. No matter how smart Chu Li may be, he would never think of this! … He should work on his killing on behalf scheme. My technique is the true embodiment of killing by someone else’s hand. No hint, no trace.” chuckled King An.

Xu Ning smiled and did not comment.

He would not believe that Chu Li was completely oblivious about it but what was the point of knowing, he couldn’t possibly kill King AnKing An with his hands anyway.

The key was not on King An but rather His Majesty. As long as His Majesty was around, Chu Li would not lay a finger on King An.

He found it interesting. Would King An eliminate Chu Li or the other way round?

It seemed to be worthwhile for him to come over to the Imperial Residence to witness this.

In a courtyard in the Secret Guardians Hall, Chu Li and Xu Huande were having a heated exchange.

Xu Huande dully spoke. “Chu Li, I have some news to share with you ahead of time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Oh, thank you then, Commander Xu. What is it?” asked Chu Li.

“Meng Jian from the Amethyst Mountain has arrived at the Fairy’s Capital. He should be going into the Imperial Residence of King An by today. You should know how powerful a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain is, right?” continued Xu Huande.

Chu Li raised his eyebrow.

It finally happened!

“There can never be two suns in the sky. You’re a Head Chief with a high position and authority but your cultivation level may not surpass that of Meng Jian’s,” said Xu Huande.

“How would you know? We would have to exchange blows before we know that, right?” Chu Li rebutted.

“If a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain wishes to leave the mountain, similar to the Titanium Temple, they must achieve high cultivation levels. For Meng Jian to leave the mountain, he must possess some ultimate techniques. You’re not on good terms with King An, so he will probably use him to defeat you,” added Xu Huande.

Chu Li smiled.

Xu Huande spoke, “And during then, the Secret Guardians Hall will be your backing.”

Chu Li raised his brows and smiled. “So Commander Xu is planning to profit from this misfortune, huh?”