White Robed Chief Chapter 452

Chapter 452 Refusal To Meet

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Xu Huande snorted. “This is not profiting from a misfortune. You’ll see loyalty in times of hardship, then you’ll know who are your people. The Imperial Residence cannot be trusted and the Secret Guardians Hall is whom you can rely on!”

Chu Li smiled. “The Imperial Residence can’t be trusted but the Secret Guardians Hall can’t necessarily be relied on.”

“As long as you’re worthy towards the House, the Secret Guardians Hall will be worthy to you! Accompanying the sovereign is like accompanying a tiger. How could the Secret Guardians Hall exist until today? We depend upon unity!” Xu Huande coldly added.

Chu Li shook his head in disapproval.

Xu Huande saw that he was not budging, he impatiently continued, “You’re really unappreciative! … If it weren’t for your capabilities, our Secret Guardians Hall would not bear with you. We would have long gotten rid of you.”

Chu Li grinned. “Commander Xu, I want to know, within the Fairy’s Capital, apart from Meng Jian from the Amethyst Mountain, there’s someone else, right?”

“There’s one more disciple from the Amethyst Mountain in the Fairy’s Capital. Zhang Ci, a High Official in the Imperial House,” Xu Huande answered.

“How’s his cultivation?”

“Can’t tell. I’ve never seen him take on anyone.”

“… It seems that the martial arts of the Amethyst Mountain is indeed unique. If there’s a chance, I must experience it.”

“Humph! It’s better you don’t have that opportunity. Or else the question lies on whether you’re alive or dead.” Xu Huande shook his head.

“The Secret Guardians Hall doesn’t have the martial arts of the Amethyst Mountain?”

Xu Huande replied, “No, and even if we do, it would be in the secret storage of the Imperial House. We’re not worthy to take a look.”

“What a shame! I will be cautious when dealing with this Meng Jian,” exclaimed Chu Li.

“Did you really kill Meng Zhi?” Xu Huande suddenly posed the question.

Chu Li was stunned but shortly burst into laughter. “And Commander Xu is concerned about this?”

“If it is really by your hands, then this will be troublesome. If it isn’t you, you better make it clear with Meng Jian or you’ll really have to go up against them. The four major sects apart from the Titanium Temple are really one of a kind. They can’t stand to see their own disciples taken advantage of. You hit the young and out comes the old. Endless trouble!” added Xu Huande.

Chu Li nodded.

“Alright then, you can come out of seclusion.”

“I’ll wait a little longer. Meng Jian might leave himself.”smiled Chu Li.

“You really are manipulative. You’re planning to use the Secret Guardians Hall to go up against him, right!?” Xu Huande unpleasantly rebutted.

If Meng Jian ran out of patience at the Imperial Residence, he might shoot straight to the Secret Guardians Hall to look for Chu Li. And during then, the House would have to face him to protect its own face.

Chu Li sneered. “Let’s see if he dares to take on the Secret Guardians Hall.”

“Chu Li, how about this? If you can search for the two disciples of the Holy Church of Light, then the Secret Guardians Hall will take care of this Meng Jian, and find a way to brush him off, what about it?” Xu Huande continued.

Chu Li shook his head. “I have no guarantee.”

This was obviously a trap. If Chu Li were to really agree to it, it meant that he had confidence in seeking out the disciples of Holy Church of Light.

With such an assurance yet refusing to do so, this naturally meant that Chu Li had a hidden agenda. Fu Mengshan then could find an excuse to force him into finding the disciples of Holy Church of Light to prove his innocence.

Compared to the Amethyst Mountain, Chu Li was more wary of the Holy Church of Light.

This was a group of lunatics to the point of defying reason. No matter what, he would have to wait until after the Young Master’s wedding before taking them on. If he were to start now, it could likely be the end of the Young Master’s wedding.

“Sigh, you Alright, it’s up to you. Stay as long as you like.” Xu Huande pointed at him and shook his head.

Chu Li cleared his throat, “So you’re saying that the House has a way to brush Meng Jian off?”

Xu Huande said, “We’ll just help him to find the killer of Meng Zhi.”

“That’s a good idea.” smiled Chu Li.

“If you’re unwilling, there’s really no way to go about it. If you can’t defeat Meng Jian, you can come back for aid. Our Secret Guardians Hall will not leave our people to die.” Xu Huande stood up.

Chu Li smiled and nodded.

He could sense the sincerity of Xu Huande.

It was a shame that the plan of the Secret Guardians Hall would not be much help. He himself could not not agree as well. He could only silently apologize.

Xu Huande’s expression was stone cold but his heart was filled with gold. He was just, unlike Commander Fu Mengshan who carried a gentle smile and was kind like a summer’s wind yet he was a cold-blooded man that spoke only of profits and disregarded feelings.

Meng Jian was dressed in white, quietly sitting by the stone table in the courtyard, sampling tea. Beside him was a maid brewing tea.

He took a sip of the tea and fell deep into thought.

Chief Zhu hurriedly entered the courtyard and smiled as he closed fist saluted. “Young Master Meng, how was your rest yesterday? Are you well taken care of?”

Meng Jian put down the tea and closed fist saluted with a smile. “All good. Any news from the Princess Consort?”

“About this Do be understanding, Young Master Meng but the Princess Consort does not see guests, especially male guests,” Chief Zhu awkwardly replied.

“His Royal Highness is in seclusion and the Princess Consort does not meet with guests?” Meng Jian smiled.

Chief Zhu added, “If it’s a valued guest, the Head Chief will personally meet with them. Young Master Meng is a valued guest but the Head Chief is in seclusion at the moment. I’m really sorry… The Princess Consort is the sort to neglecting. Please forgive me, Young Master Meng. You are a male guest. It is not convenient for her to meet with you.”

“Hehe, how interesting. I heard that the Princess Consort is the Second Young Lady of the Yi Public House, she is also a daughter of the martial arts world yet she’s keeping the virtue of gender avoidance.” Meng Jian’s grin was brimming. It was a smile yet sarcastic.

Chief Zhu explained, “The Princess Consort is unfamiliar with martial arts. Even at the High Duke’s Public House, she does not show herself just as a lady.”

“I see. I spoke too rashly,” Meng Jian replied.

“Once the Head Chief is out of seclusion, he will meet with Young Master Meng.” Chief Zhu smiled.

“Then I shall wait. Please do not see me as intruding,” Meng Jian responded.

“No no, for Young Master Meng to stay in the Imperial Residence, I am quite happy. WIthout the Head Chief around, the protectors in the Residence is enough for security. With Young Master Meng around, it’ll be even better.” Chief Zhu chuckled.

“No peace around the Imperial Residence?’ Meng Jian slowly picked up his cup and took a sip.

“Yes, there were some people who tried to assassinate the Princess Consort. The Princess Consort is so gentle and beautiful yet these people dared to do this to her,” Chief Zhu mentioned spitefully.

“Gentle and beautiful” Meng Jian laughed.

“Chief Zhu, Young Lady Lu has arrived and wants to see the Princess Consort,” someone announced from the outside.

“Alright, I will be there,” answered Chief Zhu.

Meng Jian joined in, “Young Lady Lu? She must be some big shot, being able to see the Princess Consort.”

“She’s the Young Lady of the Ren Public House. Young Master Meng. I shall excuse myself as duty calls, despite oneself.” Chief Zhu closed fist saluted.

“Oh, Young Lady Lu from the Ren Public House. I wish to see this Young Lady Lu, I’ll follow you there.” Meng Jian grinned.

“That That may be inappropriate.” Chief Zhu was hesitant.

“Think of it as bumping into her. I heard that Young Lady Lu is quite the looker, not inferior to the Princess Consort,” Meng Jian said.

“… Alright then,” Chief Zhu helplessly agreed.

Meng Jian responded, “You head on first. I will join in in a moment.”

“… Okay, okay,” Chief Zhu bitterly smiled and nodded. He left in a hurry.

He quickly ran out but Lu Yurong had already entered the main door with a white gauze over her face. She was dressed in a bluish white gown and it looked as if she glided on water when walking, elegant and alluring.

Leng Ying and two other maids followed beside her.

Lu Yurong saw him rushing over. “Elder Zhu, what’s the rush?”

“Young Lady Lu, please pardon me for the lack of manners.” Chief Zhu closed fist saluted.