White Robed Chief Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Fallen In Love

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“Alright. Is the Princess Consort up?” Lu Yurong waved her arm and dully responded.

“The Princess Consort is taking a walk,” Chief Zhu replied.

Lu Yurong nodded and treaded in lithely and gracefully.

Leng Ying asked, “Where’s the Head Chief? Still not out of seclusion?”

Chief Zhu responded, “Not yet.”

“How long does he plan to be in seclusion!” Leng Ying curled her lips.

Chief Zhu bitterly smiled. “How would we know of the Head Chief’s thoughts.”

Leng Ying answered, “I think he’s just being lazy!”

Lu Yurong giggled. “Xiao Ying is right. He is just lazing around. He must think that the work at the Residence is too troublesome and interfering with his cultivation. How lucky is he to toss everything aside and find isolation. His cultivation must have advanced incredibly.”

Chief Zhu continued to smile. “That’s just because the Imperial Residence has been quiet lately with nothing much going on. If there’s really something a matter and without the Head Chief around, it would be chaos… Ah right, there’s a Young Master Meng Jian who came yesterday to see the Head Chief.”

“Meng Jian? He’s here?” Lu Yurong raised her brows.

“Yes, Young Master Meng wanted to see the Princess Consort. But the Princess Consort is not seeing Young Master Meng.” Chief Zhu lowered his voice.

“The temper she has! He’s still a disciple from the Amethyst Mountain, how could she not,” Lu Yurong said.

“That’s right.” Chief Zhu quickly nodded.

“Amethyst Mountain? The Amethyst Mountain of the four major sects?” Leng Ying was curious.

“Yes, that’s right.” Chief Zhu nodded forcefully again.

Leng Ying mentioned, “She should see him.”

Chief Zhu sighed. “The Princess Consort never goes back on her words. We as Scribes can’t override her decision. Why don’t Young Lady Lu and Miss Ying advise her.”

“I won’t bother with these matters. What did he give you?” Lu Yurong’s eyes glistened and peered at him.

“Oh no! I’m being wrongly accused. Young Lady Lu, I only felt that the Princess Consort doing this would offend people. Young Master Meng is not an ordinary person and can’t be brushed off like that.” Chief Zhu felt misjudged.

“You really have time on your hands. Xiao Shi is no dummy.” Lu Yurong chuckled.

Chief Zhu immediately responded, “Yes yes, I shouldn’t meddle.”

The five of them stepped on the stone pavement and right up front was a turning.

They were just about to make a turn when they saw a handsome young man in blue at the front. He had his hands behind his back as he took a stroll. His pace was slow and steady, his composure was sound.

“Young Master Meng!” called out Chief Zhu.

Meng Jian closed fist saluted. His quiet gaze focused on Lu Yurong’s face. He gently nodded.

“Young Lady Lu, this is Young Master Meng, Meng Jian, a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain,” introduced Chief Zhu.

Lu Yurong side glanced at Chief Zhu.

Chief Zhu chuckled apologetically.

“Young Lady Lu, Meng Jian at your service.” He closed fist saluted and smiled before saluting in Leng Ying’s direction.

Leng Yin curtseyed.

Lu Yurong said, “Young Master, what a coincidence.”

She saw through Meng Jian’s little trick and was disgusted.

Meng Jian smiled. “I have long heard of Young Lady Lu and intentionally waited here. Please forgive my abruptness.”

Seeing how honest he was, Lu Yurong gently nodded. “I’m not worth mentioning. I wonder the reason Young Master Meng is here?”

“I had wanted to visit my brother but who would have thought he is no longer around. We have not met for ten years and now we’re separated permanently.” Meng Jian sighed and looked sorrowful.

Lu Yurong added, “My condolences, Young Master Meng. Such is the life of a fellow from the martial arts world.”

“Indeed. I as the elder brother must avenge him that he may rest in peace,” Meng Jian responded.

“Uh huh. Then Young Master Meng should investigate. I’ll excuse myself first,” answered Lu Yurong.

She walked away with Leng Ying rushing to follow. As she was entering the Moon Gate, Leng Ying turned to take a look.

“Cousin Sister, he is still staring. I think he has fallen for you,” Leng Ying lowered her voice and chuckled.

Lu Yurong remarked, “I’m wearing a veil, he can’t see my face. What nonsense.”

“You didn’t see how he looked at you! He must have taken a fancy to you! … I think he is stronger than Chu Li.” laughed Leng Ying.

“Oh? In what?” Lu Yurong burst out into laughter.

“You see he’s gentle, refine and cultured. He’s nothing like an arrogant disciple. Unlike Chu Li who is a maniac.” Leng Ying wrinkled her nose and snorted.

Leng Ying had always had a grievance towards Chu Li. Once there was an opportunity, she could not shut her lid on it.

Lu Yurong shook her head and smiled. “Your eyes…”

“Then what you do think? Is he not better than Chu Li?” Leng Ying asked.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover. He may look cultured but his bones reek of arrogance and discourteousness,” Lu Yurong said.

“Oh really? But he’s a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain. Doesn’t he have the qualification to be proud?” Leng Ying was surprised.

“He is indeed a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain but does it mean that any disciple of the four major sects is number one in the world? Not necessarily.” Lu Yurong dully replied.

“That’s true. He must be here to cause trouble for Chu Li! … Two alphas in the same territory would definitely stir a fight, right?” Leng Ying continued.

She pursed her lips into a smile. “This will be interesting. Chu Li deserves a taste of his own medicine.”

Lu Yurong halted her footsteps. “Not necessarily.”

“No fight?” asked Leng Ying.

Lu Yurong answered, “Chu Li may not necessarily have a taste of his own medicine. Alright, we’re here.”

Chief Zhu pretended he was deaf and mute as he remained silent. He sighed once he saw the Tianshu Courtyard. He quickly closed fist saluted and left.

Xiao Shi was dressed in a blush white loose gown as she took a stroll within the courtyard compound. Her bright eyes stared at the skies, while deep in thought.

Xue Ling and Yang Xue were attending to her by the side, serving tea and snacks, unaware of Xiao Shi’s actions.

Seeing Lu Yurong and the rest entering, Xiao Shi dully asked, “What are you here again for?”

Lu Yurong was a straight shooter. “When is Chu Li returning?”

“How would I know?” Xiao Shi answered.

Lu Yurong waved her arm and gestured Xue Ling and Yang Xu from saluting.

She came to sit down by the stone table. “I want to get even with Chu Li.”

“Did he scheme against you? Or are you planning to plot against him?” Xiao Shi said.

“He borrowed my masters and one of them is so severely wounded that he has to rest for a month. I want to ask him how is he planning to compensate me for this.” Lu Yurong scoffed.

“What kind of compensation are you thinking of?” asked Xiao Shi.

Lu Yurong replied, “Follow me to the High Duke’s Public House.”

“One disciple of the Holy Church of Light. He has already agreed to that,” Xiao Shi said.

Lu Yurong shook his head. “Two!”

“Either one disciple or he’ll think of a way to heal that person’s wounds within three days. These will be the only two options for you to choose. No changing it,” mentioned Xiao Shi.

“So he can return!” scoffed Lu Yurong.

She knew that with Chu Li’s Light-body Technique, the House of Secret Guardian could not possibly hold him down.

Xiao Shi asserted her authority. “This does not concern you. Bye now, I’m not sending you off.”

“What about Meng Jian? This is a huge mess. It’s the Amethyst Mountain!” continued Lu Yurong.

“You have a way?” Xiao Shi frowned as she looked at her.

If this were to continue on, there would be more loss of protectors.

Lu Yurong responded, “The Young Master has made a good move to withdraw all the protectors to the House and lie quietly there. There’s no loss of men.”

“And only the Young Master is able to do something like this.” Su Ru let out a smile.

Lu Yurong nodded. “Without this move, we’ll lose more men off guard! … I want to go to Green Hill to confirm the validity of this news.”

“… Let me take you! I’ve once been to the Green Hill,” Su Ru exclaimed.