White Robed Chief Chapter 454

Chapter 454 Fa Wu

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“What plan?” Xiao Shi scoffed.

She immediately regretted once those words left her lips. There was no point in asking. Lu Yurong would not speak.

Lu Yurong smiled. “As far as I know, this Meng Jian is an enemy.”

Xiao Shi sized her up. “And you’re that kind?”

“Two! With just two, I will make Meng Jian go away.” Lu Yurong’s bright eyes glimmered.

“… You don’t have that many at your Residence! You have too high of an opinion on yourself!” Xiao Shi snorted.

Lu Yurong responded, “Even if it’s not the Holy Church of Light, others’ are fine too.”

“… Alright then, I agree to it. Find a way to rid of the person with the surname Meng so he doesn’t remain here buzzing around,” Xiao Shi said.

Lu Yurong remarked, “You should know that this is just a symptomatic relief, he will still look for Chu Li in the end.”

Xiao Shi replied, “Once he builds a foundation at the Secret Guardians Hall, Meng Jian will be nothing!”

“That’s true. I didn’t think that Second Young Lady Xiao would be this astute.” Lu Yurong light nodded and sighed.

Chu Li was in an awkward position at the Secret Guardians Hall, yet it posed an opportunity. If he could take a firm stand, he would have the aid of the House with redoubled efforts. If this was what Xiao Shi had stored in mind, then she must bow to her intellect.

“Likewise, likewise,” Xiao Shi dully answered.

She only seized the opportunity to attain her goal and for it to progress to this, His Majesty’s decision was out of her expectations.

Leng Ying took a few glances at Lu Yurong and then at Xiao Shi. She pouted.

Compared to them both, she had really become an idiot. Leng Ying could not understand a word of their conversation as if they were playing a guessing game.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yurong turned and left.

Xiao Shi waved her arm.

Xue Ling and Yang Xu nodded and sent them out of the Tianshu Courtyard up to the entrance of the Imperial Residence.

On their way back to the Tianshu Courtyard, Meng Jian suddenly appeared and blocked their pathway.

He closed fist saluted and gave a cheery smile as a gentleman would. “And young miss are maids of the Princess Consort?”

“Yes, and you are?” Yang Xu asked with gentleness.

Meng Jian smiled. “I am Meng Jian, I wish to see the Princess Consort, I hope you are able to fulfill my request.”

Yang Xu was stunned then proceeded to shake her head. “Young Master Meng, the Princess Consort does not see male guests. If Young Master Meng has any matter you wish to discuss, we can assist in passing on the message to the Princess Consort.”

“Okay, I wish to see Head Chief Chu,” Meng Jian replied.

“How untimely. The Head Chief is currently in seclusion at the Secret Guardians Hall. Young Master could try there.” Yang Xu smiled.

Meng Jian’s gaze was ablaze as he swept past these two women as if trying to see through their thoughts. “And when will Head Chief Chu be leaving seclusion?”

“We as maids wouldn’t know. The Head Chief is unclear himself. It could be a month, could be two. It depends on the situation of his cultivation,” said Yang Xu.

“Thank you then.” Meng Jian nodded and let out a courteous smile.

Yang Xu spoke softly, “You’re most welcome, Young Master Meng.”

Meng Jian watched as the two women disappeared through the Moon Gate. The smile was wiped off his face and he resumed his dull cold expression.

He had the secret skill of the Amethyst Mountain so he silently appeared outside the house of scribes and maids in the middle of the night to eavesdrop and gather intel.

Through various personal conversations, Meng Jian found out that before his brother left the Imperial Residence, he seemed to have poisoned the Princess Consort which almost drove her to the brink of death.

For his brother to do such a thing, he naturally would want to escape and leave the Imperial Residence quietly. It was too bad that he could not escape from the evil hands of the Princess Consort and was murdered by her!

Even if Princess Xiao was beautiful and the first beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty, she killed his brother so Meng Jian needed to kill her to avenge his brother’s death.

However, it was a shame that Chu Li had yet to return.

Meng Jian did not need to guess to know that if this kill was ordered by Princess Xiao, it must have been executed by Chu Li who was the most loyal dog. If he wished to comfort his brother in heaven, then he must kill both of them!

As for the rumors of how brilliant Chu Li’s martial arts was, Meng Jian did not take it to heart.

The way he saw it, the four major sects and martial arts world were not on the same playing level field.

The key was martial arts study.

The martial arts study between the four major sects and other factions were poles apart. Cultivating the martial arts of the four major sects would score a chance to advance to the Enlightened Master’s Boundary while the rest of the factions would be considered lucky to even become a Grandmaster.

As for the martial arts study of the four major sects, Grandmasters would only be the starting point, they live to become Enlightened Masters.

Chu Li was from the Yi Public House and cultivated the martial arts of the High Duke’s Public House.

No matter how brilliant the High Duke’s Public House may be, it could not match up to the four major sects. Even if one were to steal the martial arts study of the four major sects, they would not be able to master it.

For Chu Li to gain such fame was mostly through his wits and resources, his execution skills and added to that his youth. If the same cultivation was placed on an elderly, it would not seem that big of a deal.

Meng Jian strolled back to his little courtyard with his hands behind his back.

He had his scruples with the Secret Guardians Hall. Going there to kill Chu Li would not be a wise choice as offending the Secret Guardians Hall was seeking trouble for oneself.

Slowly sitting by the stone table, Meng Jian revealed a smile.

Seeing the two women, he now knew the location of the Tianshu Courtyard.

He was going to check out the pathway in the night to see if there would be an opportunity to assassinate Xiao Shi and lure Chu Li out.

Once he killed Chu Li, he could then leave the Fairy’s Capital and live freely.

King An was wary of Chu Li and had killing intent. If he were to kill Chu Li, he would be doing King An a favor. He may not really send men after him and it would only be just for show. He was from the Amethyst Mountain after all.

It would only be too bad for this Princess Xiao, the first beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty.

He wondered how was this Princess Xiao compared to Lu Yurong.

Although he could not see Lu Yurong’s face clearly, just by her sensuous figure and moving eyes, one could tell she was a rare beauty. She carried herself with an aura of an ice queen that exceptionally attached him. If she could be his, then his hardship of cultivating at the Amethyst Mountain for ten years would not be in vain.

Tonight he must take a look at the beauty of this Princess Xiao, to see to what extent this first beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty is like!

Just as his thoughts were lingering, the sound of footsteps suddenly came from the outside and Chief Zhu’s voice was heard, “Young Master Meng, a Great Master would like to see you.”

“Great Master?” Meng Jian frowned. Hearing that it was a monk, he immediately thought of the Tempest Temple. His voice deepened, “A monk from which faction?”

“The Tempest Temple,” answered Chief Zhu respectably.

“I’m not seeing him,” Meng Jian responded.

“Amitabha Almsgiver Meng, we finally meet again.” a chant was heard, peaceful and at a leisure pace similar to the lake waters’ rippling effect, ringing through the entire Imperial Residence.

“Fa Wu! I really can’t shake you off.” Meng Jian reacted coldly.

A grey robed Xiao Monk glided to the courtyard and pressed his palms together. “Almsgiver Meng really had me looking.”

This grey clothed monk was about twenty years old, with a towering build. He had average looks but his nose was high and straight, adding heroic features to the average looking face and making it memorable. His eyes were calm and gentle, and he carried a faint smile.

“Fa Wu, why do you have to be so difficult! I’m not stooping to your level because you’re from the Tempest Temple. You better know your place!” Meng Jian spoke with disdain.

“I am at a bottleneck of my cultivation and want to find an equal master to have an exchange. Almsgiver Meng’s cultivation is evenly matched to mine and appropriate too. This exchange would not only benefit me but Almsgiver Meng too. Why not then?” smiled Fa Wu.

“I have no interest in fighting you. If you don’t leave, I will have to bring out my killer move.” Meng Jian replied solemnly.

Fa Wu instantly laughed out loud. “Right on, I’d gladly be on the receiving end.”