White Robed Chief Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Dissuasion

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Meng Jian’s face sunk and he coldly glared at him.

Fa Wu’s grin was still brimming as ever. “Why is Almsgiver Meng in the Imperial Residence of King An?”

“To kill someone,” replied Meng Jian solemnly.

“Amitabha Blasphemy. There are many sufferings in the world, why must you fault such sins? You will not be able to find release in your next life.” Fa Wu chanted with his palms together. He had a look of compassion and shook his head,

“Cut the crap! He killed my brother. How can I not avenge him!?” Meng Jian impatiently flung his arms.

“If one wrong is avenged with another, how can it ever end? Why don’t you take a step back? He will have his karma for killing your brother. Wouldn’t it be better when you see his day of retribution arrive and you don’t suffer from this sin?” Fa Wu shook his head and sighed.

“I don’t have that kind of patience. Moreover, I do not believe in this. What retribution?… Anyhow, please do not bother me. Once I have gotten my revenge, we can have an exchange or two.” snorted Meng Jian.

“Who is Almsgiver Meng going to kill?” Fa Wu asked.

Meng Jian stared at him with alarm. “Why? Are you going to stop me?”

“I want to help bring that almsgiver’s soul to reincarnation. That he may return to transmigration and not face the suffering of a wandering soul,” answered Fa Wu.

“Humph! Such fake compassion! The most ruthless belongs to the Tempest Temple yet you chant and pray all day and night.” coldly blurted Meng Jian.

Fa Wu sighed. “You have a misunderstanding of our temple, Almsgiver Meng. We kill to slaughter demons, vanquish monsters and take a load of sins yet suffer the retribution of them. Who would end up in hell if I don’t?”

“Yeah, right.” Meng Jian curled his lips in disdain.

He was most comprehensive of the Tempest Temple’s ruthlessness. Out of the four major sects, the Tempest Temple was the most domineering and did not permit a hint of rebellion.

“Right, Almsgiver Meng has not mentioned who you’re going to kill.”

“Chu Li! The Head Chief of the Imperial Residence of King An. Have you heard of this name?” scoffed Meng Jian.

“Almsgiver Chu, Chu Li from the Yi Public House?” Fa Wu pressed his palms together.

Meng Jian slowly nodded.

Fa Wu looked at Meng Jian with surprise.

Meng Jian gazed at him with chills and coldly snorted. “What are you looking at?”

“Almsgiver Meng wishes to kill Almsgiver Chu, Chu Li of the Yi Public House?” Fa Wu gently asked with a precise enunciation of every word as if afraid Meng Jian might catch it wrong. His eyes were also staring at him with the utmost solemnity.

“That’s right! Is there anything wrong? So you have heard of him?” Meng Jian frowned.

“Almsgiver Meng, I would advise almsgiver to forgive and forget.” Fa Wu shook his head.

“He killed my brother! You’re kidding, right? Forget? I will be extremely sympathetic by killing him straight on,” rebutted Meng Jian.

Fa Wu sighed again. “Almsgiver Meng, you can’t kill Almsgiver Chu.”

“You know him too?” scoffed Meng Jian.

Fa Wu responded, “I have a senior brother who has incredible natural talent. He was the first to inherit the name ‘Fa’.”

“Do you mean, Fa Yuan? I heard that he’s really good,” Meng Jian asked.

“Yes, Senior Fa Yuan and I have a whale of a difference that’s too far for me to catch up.” Fa Wu pressed his palms together.

“I must experience this if there’s a chance,” said Meng Jian.

Fa Wu continued, “I cannot withstand a blow from Senior Fa Yuan, not even you can, Almsgiver Meng.”

“No way, is Fa Yuan that good? You can’t last a single blow? That’s impossible,” said Meng Jian in disbelief.

“We monks don’t play a guessing game. Almsgiver Meng wouldn’t be able to defeat my Senior Fa Yuan,” added Fa Wu.

“Humph, don’t be too certain! He is familiar with your martial arts but not necessarily with mine,” Meng Jian exclaimed.

“Senior Fa Yuan is blessed with natural endowments and wisdom, no matter how hard the study of martial arts, he can learn immediately and master it in a moment. He is really a heavenly being! We are geniuses of the mortal world, and can’t be compared to the Senior Fa Yuan.” Fa Wu shook his head.

This made Meng Jian even more unwilling to submit.

The fact that he could leave the Amethyst Mountain meant that he could march unhindered in the world without fear of danger.

No matter how powerful Fa Yuan may be, he simply could not be stronger than the seniors in the Amethyst Mountain.

Fa Wu continued, “Senior Fa Yuan has been after Almsgiver Chu several times and has come back empty-handed each time. The temple has now given up on the chase.”

“So you’re saying that the guy with the surname Chu is stronger than Fa Yuan?!” Meng Jian frowned and fixed his gaze on Fa Wu.

Fa Wu slowly nodded.

“Impossible! He’s cultivating the martial arts of the High Duke’s Public House.” snorted Meng Jian.

“Even if the martial arts he cultivates is not top notch, but the force he wields is indeed powerful. The difference between us and Almsgiver Chu is worldly. I would advise Almsgiver Meng to stop disgracing yourself,” added Fa Wu.

“I’ll know it when I have tried him,” coldly snapped Meng Jian.

He was starting to have doubts.

Fa Wu would not lie to him and of course, he had heard of Fa Yuan’s fame.

A genius that only came by in a hundred years. The first youngest master of the Tempest Temple. He had already cultivated countless studies of the Tempest Temple at a young age.

The fact that Fa Yuan could not beat Chu Li was blindsiding!

“Fa Wu, let’s team up to kill him! Wouldn’t your Tempest Temple want to kill him?” scoffed Meng Jian.

“Now we don’t.” Fa Wu shook his head.

Meng Jian frowned. “That’s just because you can’t kill him. If we were to team up, we will be able to.”

Fa Wu burst out into laughter and shook his head. “Almsgiver Meng, you are blinded by revenge. Senior Fa Yuan did not seek Almsgiver Chu alone. He brought along countless seniors from Exorcists. They couldn’t touch him, how could we? I would advise Almsgiver Meng to repent and be saved. Stop being willful.”

“And this couldn’t kill him, huh?” Meng Jian fell deep into thought.

Fa Wu thought that he had diminished his killing intent and smiled. “Put down your hatred and you can freely live. Almsgiver Meng, it’s better for you to let go.”

“Humph, let go! I’ll have to leave since I can’t kill him! … Fa Wu, I’m really not in the mood to fight with you. Perhaps another day,” Meng Jian remarked.

“Today is a great day! Come on!” answered Fa Wu.

Meng Jian replied, “If you really want to fight, I will run!”

“Where to?” Fa Wu pushed forth a palm and boundless energy came surging through like tidal waves.

Meng Jian transformed into an elusive shadow and vaporized in front of Fa Wu.

Fa Wu was on his tail.

Both of them were akin to a cat and mouse, disappearing in a blink of an eye in the Imperial Residence of King An.

It was evening when Meng Jian returned to the little courtyard in the Imperial Residence. His face was gloomy.

He had spent a full day to finally be rid of Fa Wu. This stinking monk was tough and had a high level of cultivation. How troublesome!

There were many a time when Meng Jian had a strong impulse to apply his killer move but he managed to restrain himself in the end.

This killer move was reserved for Xiao Shi. If Chu Li were to appear, then it would be for Chu Li. It should not be wasted on Fa Wu.

The night skies were slowly dwelling in as Meng Jian sat in the courtyard, staring at the sky growing darker. The calmer and reserved his heart was, the more raging killing intent completely submerged within him, without leaking out a trace.

His figure grew faint as the night sky darkened. Fading and fading, until, it seemed to be a shadow and his entire body disappeared. What was left was an indistinctive wavering of a black shadow. It was peculiar.

The Phantom Craft was a unique secret skill of the Amethyst Mountain. It was similar to the Light-body Technique yet surpassed it. One could transform into a shadow without seeing through one’s appearance. He who possessed such a technique was most proficient in the art of assassination.

So although he knew how powerful Chu Li could be and that he may not be able to handle him, Meng Jian was adamant on killing Xiao Shi and would be relying on this secret skill.

“Let’s leave quietly and now. I have some business to attend to there,” said Chu Li.

“You’re not going to see Hanyan? She has been nagging about you all day.” Su Ru smiled.

Chu Li shook his head, “We’ll talk next time. Let me first settle this matter.”

“Alright, let’s go then,” answered Su Ru.

Chu Li took a glance at her.

Su Ru returned to her senses. “Let me change into another outfit.”

She rushed into the house at the side and changed into a dark green active wear. It brought out the whiteness of her skin, emphasizing her elegance.

Chu Li wrapped around her waist and flash disappeared from the water pavilion, arriving at the bottom of the mountain. He then traveled to the direction described by Su Ru.