White Robed Chief Chapter 456

Chapter 456 Killing Intent

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Along with the darkening sky, Meng Jian became a shadow, slowly fluttering out of the courtyard soundlessly, without alerting or startling any of the Protectors outside.

With this secret technique, Meng Jian could go wherever he wanted. He could enter the Imperial Residence which Protectors so fiercely guarded as if it was his backyard. As long as he wished, Meng Jian could even appear outside anyone’s walls and find out hidden secret information.

It allowed him to learn matters of great importance in just one night, and find out what he wanted to know.

The Tianshu Courtyard was quiet, the full moon hung in the sky, exuding a hazy sort of glow as if blanketing the world below in a layer of thin sand.

Meng Jian became a shadow and slowly entered the courtyard. He saw a total of three Protectors in the immediate surroundings, and another four not far off, and all seven were Grandmasters. It seemed that the Protectors really guarded the area strictly; he would only have one chance to strike.

If Meng Jian failed that one strike, the Protectors would charge forward to protect Xiao Shi. Even if he managed to defeat them, he would have missed the chance to kill Xiao Shi.

As he entered the Tianshu Courtyard, Meng Jian’s breathing became softer and more obscure, he also suppressed his killing intent deep in his heart, not revealing anything.

The spiritual sense of Grandmasters was extremely sensitive. The moment there was killing intent, even if they were unable to see him, they would be able to feel him and take precautions.

It was good that the techniques of the Amethyst Mountain were exceptional, the secret skill which he cultivated was also delicate and subtle. Meng Jian managed to arrive at the courtyard without any trouble. Now all he had to do was charge into the house, kill Xiao Shi with one strike, and then kill Chu Li. Only then would things come to a successful end, the spirit of his little brother in heaven would surely finally be able to be at peace!

He emptied those thoughts slowly and calmed down, focusing on the bedchamber of the main house, and slowly approached along the shadow of the corner of the wall.

“Who’s there?!” a clear voice suddenly called out.

A graceful figure clad in white suddenly appeared in front of the house, blocking the entrance.

Xue Ling was dressed in a light blue underlining cloth, her bright eyes blazing and bright, her sharp and clear voice piercing the tranquility of the Tianshu Courtyard.

Meng Jian was just about to charge into the bedchamber. When he heard her sharp voice, he hesitated no longer and turned into a shadow, charging towards the bedchamber window.

Xue Ling had always been receiving deliberate training from Chu Li, and her spiritual force far surpassed that of normal humans’. Her perception was even better than a Grandmaster’s level.

Although she did not see anyone, she could feel a presence. Xue Ling moved horizontally towards the window and shot out her snow white right hand.

“Bam!” Meng Jian’s figure wavered like the rippling water of a lake.

Xue Ling flew out. She saw the shadow, disregarding the rolling feeling of her internal organs, and shouted, “There’s an assassin!”

Meng Jiang transformed back into a shadow again, growing incredibly furious. This little girl had ruined his plan!

His figure swayed, and he soundlessly approached Xue Ling, silently thrusting out a fist, determined to get rid of this mouthy little girl and ease the hate in his heart.

If he could not kill Xiao Shi tonight, then he would kill her tomorrow. She had nowhere to run anyway, and could only hide inside the Imperial Residence!

Xue Ling’s wrenched her delicate body to the side and managed to evade the attack.

“Hmph!” Meng Jian frowned, his killing intent surged.

This little girl could actually sense him, he had to kill her!

Meng Jian did not expect that such a small Innate Master would be able to see through his Phantom Craft. His anger bubbled and his killing intent rose. He definitely needed to kill her.

Xue Ling stepped to the side again, once again evading his strike.

When Meng Jian attacked, to others it would only seem like palm energy materialized out of thin air, sudden and bizarre. It was like watching a ghost, it caused people to be extremely terrified.

Liu Xing and two others had the fastest Light-body Technique, and they had already arrived in the courtyard.

They saw that Xue Ling was evading palm energy and knew that the opponent had many capabilities. Liu Xing hurriedly said, “You two go and guard the Princess’s door, I will help Lady Xue Ling!”

He immediately crouched down to pick up a few flower petals from the ground and tossed it in Xue Ling’s direction.

The flower petals shot towards Xue Ling like arrows.

Around a meter in front of Xue Ling, the petals suddenly met with an obstruction. Liu Xing’s body became like a stream of light, and he appeared in front of Xue Ling in an instant, his fist attacking Meng Jian like a meteor.

“Bam!” Liu Xing retreated a step.

Meng Jiang also staggered, frowning. For this young boy to already achieve this level of cultivation at his age, could he be from one of the four major sects? However, he did not look like one of them!

Liu Xing thought inwardly that this assassin would be hard to corner, the only other choice left would be to fight.

Xue Ling was the Princess’s maid after all, as well as the Head Chief’s maid, and he deeply adored her. If something really were to happen, he only feared that he would be of no help!

Meng Jian looked around at his surroundings but did not gain anything from his actions. He could not see anything at all.

Meng Jian’s spiritual sense as a Grandmaster was keen, but he was only sensitive towards dangers to himself, which worked as a warning. He could not extend the ability to others.

Xue Ling spat up a mouthful of blood with a cry, her face turning pale.

“Lady Xue Ling, are you alright?” Liu Xing hurriedly asked.

Xue Ling shook her head. “Protect the Lady!”

Liu Xing said, “With those two there, he will not be able to enter!”

Xue Ling suddenly turned sideways to evade, but a palm rubbed against her face. A long and large wound suddenly opened up on her white face, and blood gushed out from it as if it was water from a fountain.

She thrust out her palm, and with a ‘bam’, she was once again sent flying.

With her body midair, Xue Ling once again thrust out her palm.

“Bam!” Xue Ling’s body flew faster, drawing an arch of blood in the sky. She landed heavily on top of the wall as if embedded into the wall itself, unable to move.

Liu Xing grew furious and shouted, “Coward, you show your tail but hide your head. Show yourself if you dare, stop making sneak attacks!”

“Bam!” Xiang Feixue who was guarding the window of the bedchamber was sent flying.

Liu Xing hurriedly shouted, “Watch out, Princess!”

“Bam!” the sound reverberated, and a white shadow suddenly flashed past. The window looked like it had a shadow which shook and swayed two times, like rippling water.

Lu Yurong clad in a light blue gown appeared in front of the bedchamber window with a white veil concealing her face. Her gown and white tunic fluttered, her eyes clear like the autumn waters.

“So this is the Phantom Craft of the Amethyst Mountain?” Lu Yurong retracted her palm and stood with her hands folded across her chest, her white robe billowing like a fairy from the moon.

“Why are you here?! Isn’t Lady Lu their enemy?” Meng Jiang’s figure materialized and he frowned.

Lu Yurong lightly said, “Master Meng, you want to kill Xiao Shi, but have you considered the consequences?”

“I will kill her to avenge my brother, even if she is the Princess, she must die!” Meng Jiang sneered.

“As expected from a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain, you say big words! You cannot kill Xiao Shi. Even if you manage to kill her, will Chu Li let you get away with it?” Lu Yurong said while shaking her head.

“So what! I am not my little brother, if he dares to kill me, he will have to face all of the Amethyst Mountain’s relentless pursuit. I will forgive him for not having the guts to do that!” Meng Jian scoffed in disdain.

“… Since I am here, it would be better if you back off!” Lu Yurong sighed inwardly. This one was yet another idiot who thought that just because he was under the Amethyst Mountain, he could do whatever he wanted without interference and everything would be fine with the world.

This Meng Jian’s martial arts were quite good, his demeanor was also excellent, and he was capable of coming up with schemes. It was a shame that he was reckless by nature and had his actions easily influenced by his feelings. If he was a wiser person, he would not have tangled himself up with Xue Ling and prioritized on killing Xiao Shi first. However, he let his anger control him and went after Xue Ling instead.

More importantly, however, Meng Jian was bad at controlling his emotions. If he were to meet Chu Li like this, he would be finished!

“Lady Lu, are you helping Chu Li?” Meng Jian said coldly.

“Yes.” nodded Lu Yurong.

Meng Jiang’s handsome face contorted in fury.

He dismissed his Phantom Craft and materialized because of his adoration and admiration towards Lu Yurong.

Meng Jian had fallen in love at first sight. He did not fall in love with her appearance, but with her unique aura. It was like she was a magnet attracting him. He wanted to embrace her in his arms and make her his own.

Hearing that Lu Yurong wanted to help Chu Li, Meng Jian was filled with jealousy and resentment. His fury raged fiercely. “Why are you helping him?”

“No reason,” Lu Yurong said lightly.

She could not tell him that she wanted Chu Li to owe her a favor and be indebted to her.

Meng Jiang smiled coldly. “Very well. This is the road you chose, do not blame me for being merciless!”

His heart filled with adoration and love suddenly turned into hate and the desire to destroy. If he could not attain her, then Chu Li would not be allowed to either.

“Kaboom” the sound of thunder rumbling seemed to have been hidden in the night sky. The sound was faint and almost imperceptible, and if it was not for Lu Yurong’s keen senses, she would be unable to hear such a soft sound of rumbling thunder.

Meng Jian turned into a stream of light, shot towards Lu Yurong in an instant, and swiped his palm down.

The hairs on Lu Yurong’s body raised.