White Robed Chief Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Yin Lightning

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Lu Yurong lightly fluttered backward. A stream of light hung onto her, falling on her body.

Her face suddenly changed into white jade, her body emitting and glowing like the luster of gems. The air of someone who had gone through hardships in life instantly disappeared, Lu Yurong’s white clothes fluttered as if she was a fairy from Gu She.

Meng Jian caught up to her, his palm flashing with a faint purple hue.

Lu Yurong’s glistening eyes turned expressionless, calm and cold. She looked at him as if she was looking at a dead object, her small white jade-like hand slightly reaching for him.

“Kaboom!” the sound reverberated like a peal of lightning exploding.

Everyone jolted in surprise.

Lu Yurong calmly stood where she was. Her white clothes billowed fiercely as if she was standing in a tempest.

However, Meng Jian slammed into the wall, and blood trailed down his mouth.

He looked at Lu Yurong in disbelief, his eyes wide and blood dribbling down the corner of his mouth.

He would never have thought that Lu Yurong would be able to block this attack of his.

This was the Shadow Thunder Palm, it was an interaction between the Heavens and mankind. It used the human body as both the Heaven and Earth, accumulating the thunder from the Heaven and earth, and refining it.

The thunder was extreme-Yang, firm, fierce and large, it could destroy anything. With the palm energy, Meng Jian used, a human body would certainly stand no chance.

Lu Yurong glanced at Meng Jian calmly and suddenly appeared before him in a flash, her small white jade hand once again shooting forward.

Meng Jian suddenly flashed and disappeared from the wall. This time Lu Yurong’s attack missed.

She glanced and him and scoffed lightly. “You bring disgrace upon yourself!”

“Crack!” A bolt of electric light suddenly struck the wall as if it had come from a meteor from outer space.

Meng Jian’s figure immediately materialized.

He cradled his left chest, where a flying blade had lodged itself.

He glared hatefully at Chu Li slowly fluttering down.

Chu Li’s white robe billowed, and he nodded towards Lu Yurong. He turned towards the wall, where Xue Ling lay unconscious and unmoving, embedded in the wall.

There was a large wound on Xue Ling’s face, she was already disfigured.

Her face was pale like paper. Her forehead was creased as if she was still in pain even after fainting.

Seeing this, Chu Li’s killing intent surged. He lightly said, “Meng Jian?”

“You are Chu Li?!” Meng Jian glared coldly at him and then looked towards Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong was looking straight at Chu Li.

In Meng Jian’s eyes, Lu Yurong was looking at Chu Li with eyes full of adoration and tender feelings. Jealousy and hatred burned in his heart, and he scoffed with gritted teeth. “I am Meng Zhi’s big brother, Meng Jian!”

Chu Li looked at him calmly. “I do not care who you are. If you came to the Tianshu Courtyard as an assassin, then you must die.”

He swept his hand out, and immediately a flash of light shot out again.

“Bam!” Meng Jian was unable to evade the attack at such a short distance. His figure swayed, becoming vague, and he turned into a shadow.

The flying blade brought with it a trail of blood and shot through the shadow.

Meng Jian once again disappeared, merging with his shadow.

Chu Li sighed inwardly, that secret skill of his was really bizarre. The fact that Meng Jian could transform his body like this was legendary and surpassed the imaginations of ordinary people.

Two more flying blades appeared in his hands again, and Chu Li swept his arms out and shot them.

“Thud! Thud!” The two flying blades hit Meng Jian.

Meng Jian grit his teeth without releasing a sound and escaped from the courtyard, disappearing into the dark of night.

Chu Li ignored him and helped Xue Ling down, feeding her an elixir.

Spiritual force from every direction rushed into Xue Ling’s body, healing her wounds. Xue Ling slowly stirred to consciousness.

Xiao Shi opened her room door. A look of cold indifference hung on her beautiful face, and her glistening eyes swept the courtyard once. “What’s all the commotion about?”

She woke up long ago and had been moved by Chu Li to his courtyard.She had only just returned.

Chu Li said, “My Lady, you should go back first, there is nothing happening here.”

Xiao Shi glanced at him, then looked towards Xue Ling. “Will Xue Ling be alright?”

Chu Li said, “It is not serious. She will recover in a few days.”

Xiao Shi furrowed her eyebrows.

She knew how amazing Chu Li’s healing capabilities were, but for him to take a few days to be able to heal her, it seemed like Xue Ling’s injuries were quite serious.

Xiao Shi looked towards Lu Yurong. “You’re here too!”

Lu Yurong said, “Who would have thought that this Meng Jian would be so capable!”

“You should hurry and get your wounds treated soon. That fist of his was no joke at all!” said Chu Li.

“Hm, I shall leave then.” nodded Lu Yurong.

She fluttered up, and under the moonlight, she looked like a fairy returning to the palace of the moon.

“Head Chief, should we go after him?” asked Liu Xing.

Chu Li shook his head. “No need, everyone can get back to your posts.”

“Yes.” Liu Xing and the two others withdrew tactfully, returning to their positions.

Chu Li carried Xue Ling back into the house and placed her on a couch.

Xiao Shi frowned and said, “Is she really alright? …This wound on her face might end up disfiguring her!”

Chu Li took out a porcelain bottle from his bosom. “Apply this ointment on her, and the scars will fade in two days Let her rest for now; she will be fine in two days. I will leave now.”

“Are you going to kill Meng Jian?” asked Xiao Shi.

Chu Li nodded his head and said, “This bastard is a menace and needs to be disposed of, or he will come back anytime to try and assassinate again. We might not be able to defend against him!”

If Xue Ling and he was not around this time, Meng Jian really would have been able to get away with his plot!

Thinking about this caused shivers to run down Chu Li’s spine.

This secret skill of the Amethyst Mountain was truly astonishing, and was a secret technique of no superior in regards to assassinating; it could assassinate even Grandmasters without much difficulty at all. Liu Xing and the others were not pushovers either. If it were not for this secret skill, how could they not have sensed it?

It was also no wonder why Meng Jiang was so arrogant.

“He is a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain! If you really were to kill him, there will be no end to the troubles!” Xiao Shi lightly frowned, her beautiful face contorting in slight concern.

Chu Li smiled. “This kind of secret skill is only suitable to be used at night, it is useless in the daytime. Don’t worry, they cannot kill me!”

“You really First, it was the Holy Church of Light, now it is the Amethyst Mountain!” Xiao Shi shook her head.

His ability to get into trouble really was unparalleled. Chu Li must have already provoked most of the four major sects. If he really were to kill Meng Jian, the Amethyst Mountain would definitely not let him get away!

Chu Li laughed. “If they are not disposed of, we will never know peace in our lives. There is no other choice but to kill them. I will go now!”

“Do as you wish.” Xiao Shi knew whatever she said would be useless anyway.

His words had logic to them. If this Meng Jian was really allowed to escape, he would not feel gratitude, but instead become an even more capable assassin. If he managed to sneak in once, he would definitely be able to sneak in twice, or even three times.

They would definitely avenge the deaths of their brothers. It was a grudge that would never be settled until one dies, and it was kill or be killed. In this case, Chu Li must die instead of them.

Lu Yurong fluttered like a fairy, lightly stepping on the rooftops. The moonlight shined on her, and the luster of her glow grew brighter and clearer until her entire body started to resemble a statue made of white jade.

She suddenly stopped on a roof, stood on a green tiled house, and looked forward.

Meng Jian’s entire body was soaked in blood and his face was pale white, but his expression was completely peaceful. He stood ten meters away silently looking at her.

Lu Yurong frowned. “You want to kill me?”

“Yes, Lady Lu, I like you very much,” Meng Jian said slowly.

Lu Yurong laughed.

She felt only disgust towards Meng Jian. She felt not a shred of fondness towards him. She did not like men after all.

“But you like Chu Li. So I have no choice but to destroy you!” Meng Jian heaved a sigh.

“I like Chu Li?” laughed Lu Yurong. Her face immediately darkened, and she said coldly, “Destroy me? With that palm technique of yours?”

“Shadow Thunder Palm. It accumulates the power of a thunderbolt and tempers the body, manifesting as palm energy. I have not cultivated enough, so I can only use this three times a day. However, I still have two Shadow Thunder Palms, it is enough to kill you! It is only a shame as I originally prepared this for Chu Li!” said Meng Jian.

“It was prepared for me?” Chu Li figure suddenly appeared beside Lu Yurong.