White Robed Chief Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Rescue

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Very well, I shall kill the both of you together! Meng Jian slowly nodded his head.

His aura gradually increased, like the peak of a mountain building up, taller and taller. His might and force became stronger as well.

Chu Li laughed. You talk big. You want to kill both of us, but shouldnt you think about whether you are able to escape with that little life of yours?

You dare to kill me? If you kill me, all of the Amethyst Mountains disciples will come and kill you! Meng Jian said lightly.

You need not worry about that, replied Chu Li.

Meng Jian slowly said, Chu Li, it was you who implicated Lady Lu! I initially did not plan on killing her. I only wanted to kill Princess Xiao, but its a shame. Its a shame that fate does not favor me. The person I like favors another person, so I have no choice but to kill you two!

Immediately after Meng Jian spoke, his figure wavered and he turned into a shadow again, melting into the surroundings, like a drop of water falling into a lake, disappearing without a trace.

Chu Li turned to look at Lu Yurong. How can we not kill a person like him?

Looks like we have to. sighed Lu Yurong.

Chu Li smiled and said, I have much to be thankful to you for this time.

Lu Yurong rolled her eyes at him. Hmph, well call it quits!

She originally wanted to save Xiao Shi to get Chu Li to owe her. However, now that favor had been completely written off in one stroke. Chu Li had saved her life again.

Meng Jians Shadow Thunder Palm was indeed amazing, they had no way of dispelling it as of yet. If they had to endure two more fists, it might bode more ill rather than good.

Bam! Chu Lis fist suddenly hit the air, and a deep sound reverberated.

Meng Jians body materialized and he was sent flying by the attack. He spat out a stream of blood in the air.

Meng Jians body movement technique was useless against Chu Li. In his eyes, Meng Jian who had demonstrated his secret technique was just a formless aura. He was just blending in with the air, but he was still perfectly clear.

Chu Li understood things about the void the most. Although Meng Jians technique was exquisite, it would be better if his level of attainment was deeper.

Meng Jian cradled his chest when he landed and hacked out a few coughs, frowning at him.

Chu Li said, You have not cultivated this secret skill to perfection yet. You should switch techniques. The Amethyst Mountain martial arts are amazing, surely this is not the only one right?

Alright, Chu Li, you really are quite capable. In that case, have a taste of my Shadow Thunder Palm! Meng Jian slowly breathed in.

The soft sound of thunder traveled in the air. Meng Jian raised his right palm, which abruptly flashed as if a bolt of lightning had appeared in front of Chu Li in the form of a fist.

Bam! Chu Li met the attack with the palm technique from the Lu High Duke.

A strange force entered Chu Li, and his body immediately felt numb and stiff, as if he had really got struck by lightning.

The fist hit, and Meng Jian laughed to the heavens.

Seeing Chu Li frozen rigid and unable to move, Meng Zhi laughed loudly. No matter how strong you are, you must be extremely unlucky to get hit by the Shadow Thunder Palm. Hah, you already know the power of the Shadow Thunder Palm, but you still decided to take it on. I can only say that you are a fool. Arrogant people are always fools. How amusing! Haha, how amusing!

Chu Li let out a smile.

The Heavenly Demonic Energy suddenly appeared and swept away that strange force, once again returning to his precordium.

Meng Jiang looked towards Lu Yurong and stared into her bright eyes, sighing. Lady Lu, can you take off that veil and allow me to see your true face?

Lu Yurong responded coldly, No.

Why?! Even if I dont see it now when I kill you later, I will see it anyway. Meng Jian sighed while shaking his head.

Lu Yurong chuckled. You really think the Shadow Thunder Palm is able to kill him?

Killing him is as easy as flipping my hand! I dont know what mystical arts or secret techniques Lady Lu possesses, but the Shadow Thunder Palm cannot be diffused by anyone. This is the secret antique study of the Amethyst Mountain! Today I will send the both of you to the underworld together, arent I helping you fulfill your wish? Haha! Meng Jian said gleefully.

Lu Yurong shook her head, sympathy showing on her face.

Sigh that truly was a great palm technique! Chu Li opened his mouth to speak.

He managed to see clearly through Meng Zhis route of channeling, it was indeed strange.

If Chu Li had not seen it with his own eyes, he definitely would not have been able to create such a mystical art. His predecessors were surely wise and knowledgeable. Every time Chu Li saw the martial arts of the four major sects, he would be unable to resist sighing in praise and bemoan that he was not like them.

However, Chu Li had received numerous lightning attacks before. His body was no stranger to electricity. The level of attainment of Meng Jians Shadow Thunder Palm was not deep enough. It was completely unable to finish him.

You Meng Zhis laughter stopped abruptly.

Chu Li said, You have one more, right? Bring it on then!

Bam! Meng Jian turned into a bout of electricity, charging towards Chu Li with speeds far surpassing any ordinary persons.

Chu Li did not stumble back at all. He shook his shoulder lightly, and Meng Jian immediately was sent flying.

Chu Li appeared behind Meng Jian and imprinted his palm on his vest.

Bang! As if he was stone launched by a catapult, Meng Jian was sent flying.

Chu Li once again appeared in the air and waited at the direction Meng Jian was flying towards, preparing another fist to finish him off.

Amitabha Buddha A chant sounded from far away in the dark night.

Fa Yuan and Fa Xiang rushed over from the distance, their cowls fluttering as if they were soaring along. In one breath, they were still very far off, but in the next breath, they were suddenly near, blocking the path between Chu Li and Meng Jian.

Fa Xiang intercepted Meng Jian and neutralized Chu Lis palm energy, but Meng Jian still ended up spitting up a stream of blood.

Fa Yuan bowed with pressed palms and said, Almsgiver Chu, I greet you courteously!

Chu Li looked at Meng Jian and laughed, shaking his head. Fa Yuan, since when did the Tempest Temple get on such harmonious terms with the Amethyst Mountain!

Almsgiver Meng and my Junior share a friendship. As entrusted by my Junior, I can only come forth to try and save him. Almsgiver Chu, I wish for you to stay your hand! smiled Fa Yuan.

Chu Li said, Fa Yuan, you can save him this time, but you cannot save him for the rest of his life. He will come back here to die again anyway!

Fa Yuan calmly looked towards Meng Jian.

Meng Jian gnashed his teeth and said slowly, Thank you, Great Master Fa Yuan, but he killed my little brother. I must take revenge on his behalf!

Amitabha Buddha Almsgiver Meng, you are no match for Almsgiver Chu. Fa Yuan uttered a chant, sighing.

I will not let him go! scoffed Meng Jian.

Chu Li laughed. Look, how arrogant this person is. He is well trained in assassination techniques. I am not afraid, but the Lady is precious, how can she be exposed to such danger This person almost managed to accomplish his goal tonight!

Since I have already promised my Junior, I must carry out my actions. Almsgiver Chu, could you stay your hand tonight and only carry out your revenge another day? Fa Yuan bowed with pressed palms.

Chu Li laughed and said, Fa Yuan, after tonight, he will definitely run back to the Amethyst Mountain. Am I to go all the way to the Amethyst Mountain to kill him? In the future when his martial arts excels, he will come back to assassinate the Lady. If something were to happen to the Lady, can you take responsibility for that?

Fa Yuan let out a sigh. It seems I have no choice but to ask for Almsgiver Chus wise ideas!

You should have said that sooner! However, if its just the both of you, you might not be able to stop us from killing him. Dont forget Lady Lu is here too! chuckled Chu Li.

Lu Yurongs bright eyes sparkled with mirth. Forget about me. Since even Great Masters Fa Yuan and Fa Xiang have come, I need to save them some face as well. I shall take my leave now!

She fluttered away with the moonlight shining on her and disappeared into the dark of night in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li shook his head with a smile. Even if he could not see through Lu Yurongs thoughts with the Omniscient Mirror, he would still guess that this would be the outcome.

He glanced over at Meng Jian. Forget it, it seems that I cannot kill you now. For a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain to be rescued by a disciple of the Tempest Temple, if news of this were to spread, the reputation of the Amethyst Mountain will be completely destroyed by you!

Meng Jians face flushed in anger, his eyes blazing with hatred, wishing nothing more than to immediately kill Chu Li.

Chu Li said, Fa Yuan, you have good tactics. You took care of His Highnesss Asura Power Technique and even managed to pass on the Buddhism secret arts. I salute you!

Fa Yuan bowed with pressed palms. Please forgive me, Almsgiver Chu.

Chu Li waved his hand. I wish you all the best. Farewell!

He directed a smile at Meng Zhi and flew away, his white robe fluttering behind him.