White Robed Chief Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Assistance

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Fa Yuan bowed with pressed palms, watching Chu Li slowly disappear.

His cowl fluttered a little, and he let out a long sigh.

Fa Xiang smiled and said, “Junior Fa Yuan, are you that afraid of him?”

Fa Yuan smiled slightly without saying anything.

Fa Xiang said, “Almsgiver Chu’s name is renowned. Many people have tried to kill him and failed. He truly is a dragon among humans. However, your martial arts is exceptional, Junior Fa Yuan. You should not be afraid of him.”

Fa Yuan smiled and said, “Brother Fa Xiang, I have not experienced his prowess first hand, but it is indescribable. Let us first save this Almsgiver Meng.”

“Very well. For Almsgiver Meng to go up against two masters and escape with his life, he truly is fortunate. If we had been one step later, he might not even be in the land of the living anymore. His luck truly runs deep.” laughed Fa Xiang.

Fa Yuan shook his head without saying anything.

It was still too early to say that Meng Jian had managed to escape with his life. He might have been saved this time, but he would not be able to be saved next time.

From what Fa Yuan understood of Chu Li, he definitely would not just forget about this.

No matter who wanted to kill Chu Li, Chu Li would act first to kill them instead. Meng Jian had a grudge on Chu Li for killing his brother, and he was proficient in assassination techniques. He was a huge threat to Xiao Shi, so Chu Li would definitely not allow him to go even if he was a disciple of the Amethyst Mountain.

Chu Li had never been afraid of the four major sects even during his time in the High Duke’s Public House. His audacity was as large as the heavens, or he would not have dared to provoke the Tempest Temple causing them to chase after him. Chu Li would definitely kill Meng Jian.

“Junior Fa Yuan, what is wrong? Did you really get frightened by Almsgiver Chu?” Fa Xiang saw the concerns weighing on his heart, and he let out a chuckle.

Fa Yuan said, “Brother Fa Xiang if we wish to save Almsgiver Meng, he must follow us at all times.”

“That might not be the case. Let the Amethyst Mountain send someone down. If two people from the Amethyst Mountain come, Almsgiver Chu will really be unable to kill Almsgiver Meng. Alternatively, we can send him back to the Amethyst Mountain first!” laughed Fa Xiang.

“That is a splendid idea! If we are to help someone, we should help them all the way. Since we have already saved Almsgiver Meng, we should send him back to the Amethyst Mountain! I only fear that Almsgiver Meng will be unwilling and insist on having his revenge!” Fa Yuan slowly nodded his head.

Meng Jian had been listening from the side, and he opened his mouth to speak, “Thank you, two Great Masters!”

Fa Yuan turned to look at him in surprise.

Meng Jian said, “I will not play the fool. If I am unable to take my revenge, then I’ll just ask someone to help me!”

“So will Almsgiver Meng be summoning your faction, or will we be sending you back to the Amethyst Mountain?” asked Fa Yuan.

“I will ask for the help of my brothers!” Meng Jian replied viciously.

Fa Yuan bowed with pressed palms. “That is a good idea.”

However, his opinion of Meng Jian did lower a little.

If Meng Jian had returned straight away to the Amethyst Mountain and practiced diligently, and then took revenge on behalf of his brother with his own hands, Fa Yuan would have respected him even if he did not approve. However, he never would have thought that Meng Jian would immediately seek his fellow disciples for help, his heart was certainly not pure enough.

Although these kind of people were extremely talented, their achievements would be very limited, and they would have many difficulties trying to make it big. Even if they became Grandmasters, it would be very hard for them to become top-notch masters.

Without a brave heart dedicated to progress, they would start to slack after becoming Grandmasters.

To those who were truly chasing the boundaries of martial arts, becoming a Grandmaster was only the starting point. The distance to the God’s Boundary was far off. Compared to that, becoming a Grandmaster from scratch was but a small step. Only after becoming a Grandmaster does the path truly begin.

Obviously, Meng Jiang was the type to only pursue the comforts of life. He was not one of those who pursued the boundaries of martial arts. The path Meng Jian walked was different from himself and Chu Li.

Fa Xiang smiled. “Which faction are you planning to approach?”

“My Brother Zhang is a High Official of the Imperial House. Killing Chu Li would be child’s play!” Meng Jian lightly said.

“A High Official of the Imperial House It is very good that his position is high. However, revenge is an endless cycle. If you can free yourself of it, then you should do so, letting go is liberation. Or else the sin of killing is too heavy, there will be retribution.” nodded Fa Xiang.

“Yes, thank you for the advice, Great Master.” smiled Meng Jian while bowing.

However, he did not agree with them. He did not believe in Buddhist concepts such as karma at all.

Chu Li returned to the Tianshu Courtyard.

Xiao Shi was standing in the middle of the courtyard in a daze. Inside the house, Yang Xu tended to Xue Ling.

Seeing that he was back, Xiao Shi let out a sigh of relief. “Did you kill him?”

Chu Li shook his head.

Xiao Shi shook her head. “A disciple of the Amethyst Mountain is not easy to kill. Did he have any secret skills?”

“Fa Yuan and Fa Xiang saved him. The Tempest Temple, as well as the Amethyst Mountain, has gathered together, it is becoming more interesting,” Chu Li said.

Xiao Shi muttered, “Logically, it should not be.”

She knew very well about the grudges between the four major factions, they did not get along because of their conflicting philosophies. Even if the Titanium Temple and the Tempest Temple both practiced Buddhism, the dharmic base they held were of different kinds.

Chu Li said, “It should be a private friendship.”

“It doesn’t matter if you kill them or not.”

“They plan to get High Official Zhang Ci from the Imperial House to kill me. A High Official from the Imperial House” Chu Li added.

“They are quite brazen.”

“Meng Jian made a wise choice. He knows his own capabilities and limitations. Even if he were to return to the Mountain to cultivate, he will never be able to catch up to me. As such, he could just ask someone to help him now!

“So you want to kill him before he finds the High Official from the Imperial House?”


“The people from the Tempest Temple are protecting him. Can you do it?”

“That’ll depend on my abilities, as well as the help of someone else.” smiled Chu Li.

“Lu Yurong?”

“Only her, when she lures away Fa Yuan’s attention, I will act.” Chu Li nodded his head.

Xiao Shi shook her head. “Will she agree? I suspect she will not want to get involved in this annoyance!”

“You are underestimating her nerve.” laughed Chu Li

Since Lu Yurong had already gotten herself involved with this matter, there was no need to be afraid of the Amethyst Mountain. She would prove to be very reliable.

Besides, as long as the conditions were enough, she would agree to help them. In addition, Lu Yurong only had to lure away the attention of two monks. Even if Meng Jian was killed, it would not have anything to do with her.

If Lu Yurong were an ordinary person, the Amethyst Mountain would just kill her. However, her identity was not insignificant at all, most of the Amethyst Mountain would feign ignorance. The Amethyst Mountain would not want to go against the two Great Dukes or even the Imperial Residence.

The Mercy Temple outside of the Fairy’s Capital sparkled a golden light, grand and magnificent.

In the early hours of the morning, the entire Mercy Temple was bathed in an aroma.

The morning bells rang three times, and following it was the sounds of chanting. The sounds traveled far, and the entire Mercy Temple was shrouded in a solemn holiness.

In a Buddhist hall behind the Mercy Temple, Meng Jian was slowly exercising his stiff body. The feeling of weakness haunted his mind and heart even now, his body could not handle any strenuous activities. Since he used the Shadow Thunder Palm thrice, the spirit in his body had become empty. He would need a month’s time to fully recover.

Meng Jian was inside the Mercy Temple, and even though he did not believe in the dharmic base, the ringing of the morning bells, as well as the sound of prayers being chanted, calmed his heart.

He had already sent a letter to the High Official Zhang Ci in the Imperial House, and now he only needed to wait for further news. Once his Brother received the news, he would definitely rush over here, then he could be truly safe.

“Meng Jian, is your body feeling a little better?” the little monk Fa Wu entered the courtyard and smiled.

“I am doing well. I never thought you would be the one to save me, Fa Wu!” laughed Meng Jian.

“We have similar martial arts, we gain the most progress by learning from each other, of course, I cannot let you die! If you die, where am I going to find another opponent such as you?” said Fa Wu.

“That is true.” chuckled Meng Jian.

Fa Wu said, “You have witnessed Almsgiver Chu’s martial prowess; what do you think?”

Meng Jian’s smile faded away and his face darkened.

Fa Wu said, “So it really is that amazing?”

Meng Jian slowly nodded his head.

“I want to cultivate more and one day catch up to him! I want to completely defeat him!” scoffed Fa Wu.

Meng Jian glanced at him and chuckled.

He felt that Fa Wu would not be able to defeat that Chu Li even after training his entire life. That Chu person was too amazing!

“Fa Yuan,” the cold voice of a girl suddenly resounded, drowning out the sounds of chanting.