White Robed Chief Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Survived

Su Ru smirked, "what are you looking at?"

Chu Li pointed at Protector Jang. Su Ru laughed, "You thought Uncle Jang was dying?"

He nodded. There was no doubt that if you were speared through the heart, even the Gods would not be capable of saving you.

Su Ru shook her head and explained, "Uncle Jang has been stabbed too many times, but because his heart is located on the right side, he has always survived!"

Chu Li burst out laughing, "I would never have thought"

"Well, I've met two persons like this before, it's nothing special," shrugged Su Ru.

Sizing Chu Li up, Siao Qi asked him, "was that the Blade of Eternity?" He nodded.

Siao Qi observed him with interest. The Blade of Eternity - powerful, formidable, yet risky. To use it, one needed to focus all of his energy for just one shot. Not many were able to learn and do so, what more master it. If Chu Li was able to strike ten powerful times continuously, he must have stimulated his maximum potential and reached his limits.

He smiled, "lucky everybody is safe."

"It was you who scared them away, boy," a deep, elderly voice answered.

Chu Li smiled in embarrassment. The assassins came for him, if anyone had died because of him, he would feel very guilty.

"They are probably from Ren Public House," noted Siao Qi.

"There is no need to feel guilty," Su Ru said to Chu Li. He looked at her.

Su Ru explained, "We have sworn enemies with them, especially with their Lady, Lu Yurong. She's the arch enemy to Lady Siao, the worst in fact!"

Chu Li nodded and sighed, "Ren Public House" Great, he just made himself a new enemy.

"Yes, we are rivals with them. No need to be polite with them when we meet. In fact, we should kill every single one of them when we do so!" Su Ru scoffed.

"Understood," Chu Li responded softly. This is not the time for questions.

Where you stand depends on where you sit. Being somebody from The Yi Public House, you could only be from their side regardless of personal morals and values. It was the same for The Ren Public House they will not rationalize good or evil with you, only bloodbath each time they met.

The Protectors cleaned up the mess quickly and regrouped, reporting their losses to Siao Qi. Three were seriously injured and four had minor injuries, whereas the rest were fine. They also picked up nine, sharp Emerald Tipped Swords.

They handed the swords to Chu Li, they were his spoils-of-war. The Emerald Tipped Swords were not just any sword -- each of them could be sold for up to a hundred taels, which was equivalent to buying a little house.

Chu Li declined to take the swords. The Protectors fought hard with their life, there was no way he should take the swords.

A middle-aged Protector pushed the swords towards him. "Young Chu, if it weren't for you, all of us would be seriously injured. We are not being polite with you because this is our custom!"

Su Ru added, "these are customs, Chu Li, don't be modest."

"alright then, I will treat you all to drinks." Chu Li stopped declining.

"Yes, that will be great!" chuckled the middle-aged Protector. "Don't worry, there will be no less of rounds of drinks, we are treating you!"

The group of Protectors laughed heartily, but looked at Chu Li strangely. They were terrified deep down in their hearts as they recalled how he killed with just a fling of his hand. Barking dogs seldom bite, who would have thought that Chu Li could possibly be ferocious!

Siao Qi warned, "do not share what happened just now with anybody, especially on Chu Li's martial arts skills."

Everybody nodded. They understood that Lady Siao would want to keep Chu Li as a human weapon, especially when he looks and behaves like a person who does not know martial arts. He is indeed suitable to be a secret weapon.

Siao Qi was deep in her thoughts. She noted that Chu Li was able to detect enemies ahead of time; it could be attributed to his practice of Buddhist Austerities which heightened his five sensory senses. If he was with her every time she went out, she would feel a lot less worried.

The ride back was smooth. The assailants from The Temple of Tempest and The Ren Public House seemed to be frightened off. The group reached The Yi Public House in the evening.

Chu Li immediately returned to the Guardian of Jade Island. Xue Ling readied a table full of good dishes and brought out some good wine. Chu Li enjoyed his meal to the fullest, considering that he had been eating bland for the past few days.

Late night in the courtyard, Chu Li was practicing his swordsmanship. Trying to recollect the Hunting Shadow skill, he wanted to learn and practice it and see how it would fare against Siao Qi's fast blade.

Wielding his sword faster and faster, lightning-like flashes emitted from each wield blanketing him in illumination. He shook his head as he continued practicing, as it was still not fast enough for him.

Xue Ling stood on the side, watching in awe and silently encouraged herself that she must work and practice harder.

Knock knock. Somebody was at the door.

Chu Li sheathed his sword while Xue Ling went to open the door.

It was Su Ru, looking lustrously beautiful under the moonlight. She looked into the courtyard and asked, "where is Chu Li?"

"Chief," greeted Chu Li as he gave her a fist salute.

Su Ru waved her hand in acknowledgment, "follow me!" She turned around and left, with Chu Li and Xue Ling both following her deep into the woods.

Two trees were placed on a thick pile of withered leaves. Chu Li took one look, and carried a tree into the courtyard. Su Ru pointed to the remaining tree and instructed Xue Ling, "plant this one here."

"Noted," Xue Ling answered.

She felt that one was getting more bizarre than the other, planting trees in the middle of the night? But the Chief has spoken and she should follow orders. She went back into the courtyard to get some tools, and observed that Chu Li had planted the tree and was backfilling and firming the soil surrounding it. Su Ru was helping him, and had no qualms in getting her hands dirty in the process.

Chu Li stood up and gently pat away the Spirit Land soil off his hands. He heaved a sigh of relief and gave a smile of satisfaction.

Su Ru asked happily, "will it survive?"

"Yes, it will!" Chu Li laughed answering. "Now that they are all here, we can start planting the Glory's Will Tree tomorrow!"

"Hopefully we can grow the Glory's Will Tree successfully!" Su Ru wished happily.

She researched on the Glory's Will Tree before, understanding that it is a challenge to grow one successfully. With only one of the tree's wilted branch, the chances of growing it was very slim.

Chu Li smiled, "You will just have to wait for good news, Chief."

"I will," said Su Ru, as she waved her hand and left.

By the time Xue Ling finished planting the remaining tree and watered it, Chu Li has already returned to his house. She pouted and looked up to the moon. It's midnight, time for practice!

She practiced an hour of Eight Forms of Crescent Cryptic, before returning to her house and continued to practice the Crescent Cryptic on her bed. Her inner energy swirled around internally, swirling her grievances away. She was doing it for the Crescent Cryptic, no matter how much she suffered, she will endure it!

The next morning, she woke up getting ready to cook. She spotted Chu Li squatting in front of a wilted branch, staring at it intensely without moving an inch.

She consciously moved around as quiet as she was able to so as to not disturb Chu Li. She shall make him a few great dishes to reward him.

Chu Li was staring at the Glory's Will Tree branch in delight. The world truly works in its mysterious way indeed. As soon as it was planted, the Glory's Will Tree immediately connected and absorbed the spiritual energy from the other three trees.

With the spiritual energies from the three trees, the Glory's Will Tree nourished itself back to its own vigor this was more effective than Chu Li channeling energy into it.