White Robed Chief Chapter 460

Chapter 460 Exterminate

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Meng Jian was startled.

That sound was beautiful and charming, his memory of it was deep. He could tell who the sound belonged to in an instant. It was Lu Yurong!

Meng Jian’s expression darkened, his handsome face turning ferocious.

The woman he liked actually went to help Chu Li. It was not enough that she had betrayed him, what infuriated him was that he got his injury thanks to her. If Chu Li had not been helped, he would not have gotten stuck in this situation!

Fa Wu turned to look at Meng Jian and asked in a low voice, “Almsgiver Meng, who is this?”

“Lu Yurong!” Meng Jian said through gritted teeth.

“Lu Yurong Could it be the Lady of the Ren Public House?” Fa Wu frowned and pondered.

“That’s her! Her face is as beautiful as a flower, but her heart is like a snake!” Meng Jian laughed coldly.

“Has Almsgiver Meng seen her face before? I heard she does not reveal her face often, and not many people have seen what she really looks like. Is she really that beautiful?” asked Fa Wu.

“What do you care about how beautiful others are since you are a monk? What dharmic base are you practicing!” Meng Jian glared coldly at him.

“Amitabha Buddha Thank you for pointing me out, Almsgiver Meng. I have been deceived by her appearance!” Fa Wu hurriedly bowed.

“Hmph!” Meng Jian glared at him in disdain.

These monks were such nuisances. They went against human nature in every aspect. Liking a beautiful woman was a natural thing for a man to do, but these monks insisted on viewing beautiful women in a different way. They killed the dream people had towards beauty, forcing themselves to imagine beauty as impure and dirty. It made him feel sick and disgusted!

“Amitabha Buddha Welcome, Almsgiver Lu. Please forgive me for not receiving you!” Fa Yuan’s voice sounded.

“I heard that your Spear Finger Strike is exquisite, I have come here to learn it!” Lu Yurong’s cool voice floated in the air.

“That reputation is over exaggerated, Almsgiver Lu. If there is nothing else, I will go there immediately! Let us not disturb the morning classes of others,” Fa Yuan’s voice slowly said, calm and relaxed.

“That’s very good, let us move to a different place then!” Lu Yurong’s voice resounded.

“Amitabha Buddha” Fa Yuan’s voice became more distant.

Fa Wu’s face was filled with an expression of envy, he sighed. “This Almsgiver Lu has such a deep cultivation level for Brother Fa Yuan to regard her so importantly.”

“Hmph, it’s just a pair of male and female dogs!” Meng Jian said coldly.

“What male and female dogs?!” A voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

Fa Wu widened his eyes, seeing Chu Li appear out of thin air and landing behind Meng Jian.

The hairs on Meng Jian’s body stood at once. His sapphire blue robes swelled up, immediately sticking onto his body.

“Kaboom” The sound seemed like it came from the air.

“Good, you still have one more fist!” Chu Li laughed and slammed his fist down.

He never thought that Meng Jian still had a Shadow Thunder Palm saved up; he did take precautions.

“Bam!” the two exchanged blows.

Chu Li’s movements grew rigid, but he immediately recovered back to normal. Before Fa Wu had managed to rush over, he slammed his fist on Meng Jian’s chest.

“Tch!” Several spurts of blood burst out from Meng Jian’s body.

Blood spurted out from his mouth the same time he got hit by the flying blade as if he was a leaking kettle, Meng Jian was spraying fountains of blood everywhere.

After releasing this Shadow Thunder Palm, Meng Jian’s body became completely empty. Chu Li’s fist was a solid attack, and Meng Jian’s internal organs had immediately turned to mush. Only his skin still looked normal, he had truly become a sack of meat.

Chu Li looked at Fa Wu, smiled and said, “Sorry for the disturbance.”

He disappeared in a flash, his figure vanishing into the distance.

Fa Wu had wanted to act, but when he was only halfway through the action, everything had ended already, and Chu Li had disappeared.

“Almsgiver Meng!” Fa Wu hurriedly supported Meng Jian, urging his inner energy to try and heal him.

The moment the energy entered, Fa Wu gave up in dejection and looked at Meng Jian with grief.

Meng Jian’s complexion was green as if there was a layer of black air floating around him.

He glared viciously towards Fa Wu.” Let my brothers take revenge for me! Take revenge!”

Fa Wu sighed. “Almsgiver Meng, I will help your soul cross the underworld.”

“You you damn monk!” Meng Jian’s eyes widened fiercely, his body trembled. He stopped breathing and ceased to live.

“Amitabha Buddha” Fa Wu put Meng Jian down, bowed with pressed palms, lowered his head and muttered prayers.

Fa Xiang fluttered over, his expression changing.

“Fa Wu, Almsgiver Meng?”

“Brother Fa Xiang, Almsgiver Meng has passed away. Amitabha Buddha”

“Who did it?”

“Almsgiver Chu.”

“… Alright, alright, well played, Chu Li!” sighed Fa Xiang.

Even under their protection, Chu Li had managed to easily bypass them and kill his target. Moreover, he then disappeared without a trace, as if they were nothing to him at all. As expected of Chu Li!

Fa Wu finished reciting a Buddhist scripture and raised his head to look at Fa Xiang.” Brother Fa Xiang, Almsgiver Chu’s martial arts is incredibly powerful. I am no match for him.”

“Are you injured?” Fa Xiang asked hurriedly.

Fa Wu shook his head. “Chu Li seemed to have no vile intentions towards me, he even smiled at me. Before I even had a chance to reach out, he had already killed Almsgiver Meng. He really was incredibly quick, if he had wanted to kill me, I would have died together with Almsgiver Meng!”

Fa Xiang said, “It is good you were not injured.”

“Almsgiver Chu is not afraid of the Tempest Temple at all, is he?”

“Hm, his martial arts is outstanding, and he can rely on the High Duke’s Public House as well as the Imperial Residence. He has no respect towards our Tempest Temple.”

“Amitabha Buddha Brother Fa Xiang, I wish to go back to the temple for isolated cultivation.” sighed Fa Wu.

“Very well.” Fa Xiang slowly nodded his head.

He scanned through Meng Jian’s body and shook his head with a sigh. After that one blow, even if he were to be given a Spirit Blessing Pill, it would only be enough to let him take a breath. It would not be able to revive him.

“It is a shame about Almsgiver Meng, ” Fa Wu said while shaking his head.

His martial arts was similar to Meng Jian’s and had similar origins. He saw with his own eyes how Meng Jian’s life ended because he provoked a powerful opponent. Fa Wu’s grief also brought with it the urge to work hard. What happened to Meng Jian today could very well happen to himself tomorrow, so he wanted to cultivate immediately and make his martial arts grow stronger.

What Fa Wu cultivated was the dharmic base, but he was still not at the level of a Senior Monk. He was still unable to see past the realm of life and death. He wanted to live better and to pursue the subtleties of martial arts.

At this moment, a novice Buddhist monk ran over. “Master’s Junior Fa Xiang and Fa Wu, there is an Almsgiver Zhang outside wishing to meet you. He says he is from the Imperial House and is here to meet his brother.”

Fa Xiang slowly said, “Fa Wu, you stay guard here. I will go and welcome this Almsgiver Zhang.”

“Yes, Brother Fa Xiang,” replied Fa Wu.

A tall and thin middle-aged man stood outside the Mercy Temple. His face was like top-quality jade, abnormally handsome.

He was dressed in green robes with his hands clasped behind him. He had a naturally aloof air around him and was looking at the Mercy Temple as if deep in thought.

The gates of the Mercy Temple suddenly opened, and Fa Xiang bowed with clasped hands, his expression somber. “Welcome, Almsgiver Zhang. I am Fa Xiang, please follow me.”

“My greetings to you, Great Master Fa Xiang.” Zhang Ci closed fist saluted.

He saw Great Master Fa Xiang’s grim expression and felt puzzled. He asked while they were moving, “How are the injuries on that Brother of mine?”

“Almsgiver Zhang has arrived one step too late.” Fa Xiang sighed while shaking his head,

“Almsgiver Meng has passed away.”

“Brother Meng has died? Were his injuries that serious?” frowned Zhang Ci.

Fa Xiang shook his head. “Earlier, Almsgiver Chu infiltrated the temple, sigh Amitabha Buddha-!”

“Chu Li?!” Zhang Ci’s face darkened.

Fa Xiang slowly nodded his head.

The two reached the Buddhist hall in which Meng Jian laid while they conversed.