White Robed Chief Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Completed Isolated Cultivation

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However, it would truly be aggravating if King An really did something like this. He would completely ruin the joyous mood of the marriage.

Brother Xiao Tieying might only experience one grand marriage during his lifetime, so how could he feel delighted to see King An. He would have to force himself to keep his temper in check and host him with a smiling face. She felt gloomy for her brother just thinking about it.She was also afraid that it would make them mad if they were reminded of it.

Chu Li said, “If he really acts in this way, you as his wife would have to follow his lead in front of everyone. He might even stay over for the night. What will you do then?”

Xiao Shi growled in anger, “What do you think I can do?”

“We can try to stop him. We need him to learn his lesson,” Chu Li said.

Xiao Shi scoffed. “Can you kill him? If anything happens, the Public House will be held accountable. He’s expecting this, which is exactly why he would dare to act like this. How despicable!”

Chu Li smiled.

“You can still smile? Hurry and think of something!” Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him.

Chu Li replied, “I will bring the Royal Highness here by myself. In case there’s any trouble on the way.”

“You will escort him here?” Xiao Shi furrowed her brows as she looked at him, trying to guess what kind of plan he had in mind. Then, she muttered, “Do you plan to ambush him in the middle of the journey?”

Chu Li shook his head.

Xiao Shi scoffed. “Then what’s the big plan? We can’t possibly let him come here and mess the marriage up unopposed, right? Worse comes to worst, we can injure him badly so that he has to rest. Then, he won’t be able to do anything stupid.”

Chu Li smiled. “We will see what the Amethyst Mountain is going to do!”

“What does this have to do with the Amethyst Mountain?” Xiao Shi muttered, “The Amethyst Mountain is not going to forgive you Are you really going to try to use the Amethyst Mountain to kill King An? It won’t be that easy! The Amethyst Mountain isn’t that dumb, they don’t have an Enlightened Master, so they will not dare kill King An!”

“Either way, we’ll have to try,” said Chu Li.

“Alright then,” Xiao Shi sighed. “Just don’t allow him to arrive here successfully!”

Chu Li smiled. “We will need the help of Lu Yurong again.”

Xiao Shi furrowed her beautiful brows.

She did not like it when Chu Li and Lu Yurong were together. She did not feel comfortable watching them interact.

However, she knew that Lu Yurong and Chu Li were birds of a feather. Both of them had a tacit understanding of each other when they worked together, and they could rely on each other. Although they were rivals and would try to scheme against each other when a chance presented itself, they had never betrayed each other thus far.


King An had found out from Xu Ning that Chu Li and Xiao Shi had already left the Imperial Residence and returned to the Public House. When he heard this, King An felt a sudden surge of relief, and his entire body relaxed. It was as if a huge rock had been lifted off his shoulders.

In the morning, King An stepped out from the Cultivation Courtyard. He smiled at Xu Ning who was guarding the main door. “Revered sir, we should be on our way.”

Xu Ning pressed his palms together in front of his chest.

King An’s handsome face was glowing with excitement. “Let’s not bring too many Protectors. It will grab attention if there are too many people. Just the two of us, and Zheng Lide will be enough. Also, let’s change into our commoner clothes to conceal ourselves from the Public House. Then, we will surprise them with my arrival. What do you think?”

“I am afraid that the Public House may have many spies.” Xu Ning slowly said, “They might discover us beforehand.”

“We will just have to change our attire then,” King An laughed. “How would the Public House notice us if we are dressed roughly?”

“Understood,” nodded Xu Ning.

King An continued, “It is the Yi Public House’s grand marriage, there will definitely be many people attending. No matter how many pairs of eyes the Public House has prepared, it will be impossible for them to investigate everyone. We will just have to sneak in and appear out of the blue when the open ceremony is about to start. Hehe, it will be very interesting!”

He felt delighted when he thought of this. Chu Li’s weakness was the Public House. If he could create trouble in the Public House, it would definitely enrage Chu Li.

Xu Ning remained silent.

King An scoffed. “Since Chu Li denies me any form joy, I will deny his as well. Xiao Tieying is going to be insanely mad, but he can do nothing about it!”

“Your Royal Highness, you have to be careful about enraging the Public House,” said Xu Ning. “It is still better to bring a few more Protectors in case your Royal Highness gets into trouble!”

“There is no need for that,” King An waved his hand dismissively. “It will be too obvious if there are too many people. This is fine.”

He was very sure that the Public House would not do anything to him.

“Understood.” Xu Ning stopped trying to convince him.

The two of them walked to King An’s study room as they were talking.

When they arrived at the courtyard outside the study room, King An’s face sank. His eyes focused coldly on Chu Li who was standing outside of the courtyard, smiling brightly.

Chu Li made a closed fist salute. “Greetings, Your Royal Highness and Revered Sir.”

“Why are you here?” King An furrowed his brows angrily.

Chu Li smiled. “I knew that Your Royal Highness has just completed your Isolated Cultivation, so I purposely came here to congratulate you!”

“Hmph, didn’t you already return to the Public House?” scoffed King An.

He was really mad, who was it that leaked the information?

He glared at Xu Ning.

Other than Revered Sir Xu Ning, no one else knew about him finishing his isolated cultivation. Were Chu Li and Xu Ning connected? Were they secretly contacting each other?

Xu Ning pressed his palms together in front of his chest and asked, “Head Chief, how did you know that the Royal Highness had finished his Isolated Cultivation?”

“I guessed,” Chu Li smiled. “Based on the Royal Highness’s temperament, how could he miss out on the grand marriage of the Public House? I intentionally came here to wait for him.”

King An stared coldly at him.

It did not feel good to have someone see through you, especially someone like Chu Li, who schemed so much.

“I’m honored that you thought of me!” King An said in a deep voice as he folded his hands behind his back and proceeded to walk inside.

Chu Li followed him. “As the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence, how could I ignore his Royal Highness! Your Royal Highness had planned to put on common attire and go to the Public House in secret, am I right?”

“No, I will walk in openly and proudly,” said King An lightly.

If the Public House knew about his plans, it would be a joke if he still decided to enter whilst dressed like a commoner.

Chu Li nodded. “I will prepare the Protectors well. The residence will require a few Grandmasters in case the Princesses fall in danger.”

“…That’s good,” King An continued to say lightly, “but why don’t you stay here too?”

Chu Li broke into a smile. “Your Royal Highness, I am the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence, how could I not stay with Your Royal Highness? I will escort you to the Public House in case anything happens during the journey. There are quite a lot of incidents happening recently on Chong Ming Road, a few Protectors from the Public House had even died as a result.”

“Oh–?” King An raised his brows and looked towards Xu Ning.

Xu Ning sighed. “The Five Major Factions teamed up to assassinate the Protectors from the Public House, six of them died.”

“There are quite brave,” King An let out a faint smile. “How did the Public House deal with this?”

Chu Li lazily replied, “We destroyed three of the factions as a warning.”

“Hehe, that’s merciless. You truly are the Public House,” King An’s smile grew even wider. “I guess there isn’t anyone else who would dare create any trouble, then?”

Chu Li shook his head. “The Imperial Residence is well-aware of the temperament of the martial arts world. The more you try to suppress them, the more willing they are to challenge you. Therefore, it is better if Your Royal Highness not go to the Public House. The son of the honorable and the riches has no reason to sit under an overhanging eave, so why should Your Royal Highness put himself in danger?”

“I prefer to live an interesting life and want to join the fun,” King An waved his hand and smiled. “I must go and have a look if you really want to follow me, then you shall be in charge of the Protectors. If anything bad happens to me, the blame is on you!”

“Understood,” Chu Li made a closed fist salute and nodded.

Very quickly, he assigned the Protectors. Ying Wuqiu and Liu Xing were to stay in the residence while Zheng Lide led the other Protectors to protect King An. There was a total of six Grandmasters, which was more than enough for self-insurance.

With so many Grandmasters, everyone would understand the situation and not dare look for trouble.

In the mid-afternoon, the left the Imperial Residence of King An. They rode on their horses as they left the Fairy’s Capital and headed towards the Public House.