White Robed Chief Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Night Ambush

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As the sky darkened, the group of men were unable to find rooms at the lodge for the night. So, they opted to rest in the woods.

They set up a campfire and caught some wild animals to roast, causing the fragrance of cooked meat to permeate through the air. They even took out some pre-prepared marinated meat and rations, making their meal more than satisfactory.

The night soon grew darker, and Chu Li sat silently in front of the bonfire as the light from the flames illuminated his face.

King An sat across from him. His handsome face glimmered in front of the flickering fire. From time to time, he would observe Chu Li.

Meanwhile, Xu Ning sat with his legs crossed under a pine tree, motionless as if he were one with the large tree.

However, Zheng Lide felt goosebumps all over his body, even struggling to breathe.

The intense conflicting auras of Chu Li and King An were unbearable. The two of them obviously wanted to kill each other, but now as they sat opposite each other, neither wanted to make the first move.

Zheng Lide knew what was going on in King An’s heart. When ten of his Grandmasters were destroyed, his grip over the lands was instantly loosened. It almost ruined all the hard work that King An had built for over the past ten years. How could he not hate Chu Li’s guts?

Chu Li, on the other hand, was just working for his own Master, there was nothing he could do. It was just unfortunate that his actions were so severe. This was another reason why King An could not let go – he would only feel satisfied after he takes Chu Li down.

If he had not killed the ten Grandmasters, then King An would definitely treat him differently. He would definitely consider him an important talent. Moreover, he would modestly accept him and rope him in; they would by no means be enemies.

Unfortunately, life was such that there were no second chances.

He was skeptical as well. Even if they went back in time, he was certain that Chu Li would act in the same manner. He would not allow the Imperial Residence of King An to threaten the Yi Public House in any way. His loyalty was admirable, but it was a pity that no matter how much the Royal Highness admired him, he could never forgive him.

Chu Li raised his head and looked at King An. “Your Royal Highness, how is your martial arts cultivation going?”

King An tossed a log into the fire and lightly replied, “It’s still at a basic level, not enough to kill you yet.”

Chu Li faintly smiled. “If Your Royal Highness wants to kill me, why would you need to do it yourself? You would only have to tell Revered Sir Xu Ning and Commander Zheng. Together they would fight me!”

King An shook his head. “I want to kill you with my own hands!”

“Does Your Royal Highness really think that he can kill me?” Chu Li smiled. “When Your Royal Highness was in Isolated Cultivation, I did not waste away my time idly either. I actually think I am more gifted than Your Royal Highness.”

“… What do you mean?” King An furrowed his brows. “You think that I will never beat you in a fight?”

Chu Li nodded. “You were lying to yourself all this time, Your Royal Highness. You just do not want to face the truth. You should understand that well.”

“I won’t believe such nonsense.” King An said plainly, “I believe that I can kill you!”

Chu Li sighed. “If Your Royal Highness has such high confidence, then by all means, please continue to pour all your efforts into your Isolated Cultivation.”

“I am just afraid that you’re going to get killed by someone else before I make a move,” said King An lightly.

He glanced at the two shadows next to the bonfire.

With a sharp ‘chi’ sound, the two shadows darted towards Chu Li.

The log in Chu Li’s hand quickly turned into two flashes of dark lights, which he used to strike the two shadows.

However, the two pieces of log did not hit anything, it merely passed through thin air.

There was no stopping the two shadow as they continued to rush towards Chu Li.

The illumination of the fire was bright. Because of this, Zheng Lide could clearly see the two shadows pouncing onto Chu Li, like two big nets thrown onto him. It all happened incredibly fast.

However, King An did not plan to help. He was eager to watch the two assassins kill Chu Li.

“Bam bam!” Chu Li pushed each of his palms out towards one of the shadows.

Suddenly, his body suddenly froze, and the hairs on his body stood on end.

The two shadows revealed themselves. One was short and vulgar while the other was so thin that he seemed like he could be blown away by the wind.

The two figures were momentarily stunned too. Then, they clapped their palms as the faint sound of thunder was heard.

Chu Li immediately called out, “Protect His Royal Highness!”

Zheng Lide and Xu Ning swiftly stood before King An.

The short and vulgar middle-aged man pressed his palm down as fast as lightning. He did this so fast that the average person would not be able to react to it.

However, Chu Li struck outward at the same time, causing the two hands to clash against each other. Chu Li’s robe fluttered once more, but his body stayed motionless. It seemed like the cultivation level of this person was above that of Zhang Ci and Meng Jian.

The other skinny middle-aged man seized the opportunity to attack him.

Chu Li lay on the ground like one of the logs, he did not react to the skinny man’s strike, whose right palm was circulating with a purple glow. It swiftly slammed into Chu Li’s left chest.

“Bam!” Chu Li was tossed like a rock through the air right in the direction of King An.

King An pushed Zheng Lide and Xu Ning aside as he hit Chu Li with his palm. His right palm that was glittering with golden light landed hard against Chu Li.

With a loud ‘bam’, Chu Li went flying again. As he was in the air, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

“Hehe” The two man let out a weird laugh. Not retreating, they then rushed towards Chu Li again like two flashes of lightning.

Chu Li spat out another spurt of blood as he continued to fly through the air, but deep down, he was actually very happy.

The Shadow Thunder Palm of the two opponents was really powerful. However, his Heavenly Demonic Energy progressed even more after consuming it, and the fourth stage of the Heavenly Demonic Power was fast approaching.

“Bam bam bam bam” The two of them took turns hitting Chu Li, as if he were a volleyball. They attacked him relentlessly by keeping him in the air, not allowing him to fall to the ground and recover.

The movements of the two men were blindingly fast as well. Both of their palms were circulating with purple light whilst their bodies emitted the subtle sound of distant thunder. Although they looked funny, their abilities were quite alarming.

Everyone was trembling in fear, yet they did not dare divert their attention away from Chu Li. They could only watch silently as Chu Li flew further away from them.

King An started to laugh.

Xu Ning glanced at him.

Zheng Lide took a peek at him too.

King An was trembling with excitement to the point where he did not realize that they were looking at him.

He could only revel in a sense of great delight as he watched Chu Li get hit by every strike without the energy to retaliate. He was like a broken ragdoll flying around. It felt as though he were hitting him with his own hands.

Both of them took turns striking him. They moved rhythmically and swiftly, all the while thinking to themselves that all the rumors about Chu Li were exaggerated. What did they mean by youth champion? He wasn’t even that good.

After about twenty strikes, the two had sent Chu Li flying more than a hundred meters away, deep into the forest, leaving King An and the others far away.

At this point, they had the feeling that something was off.

If it was someone else, they would probably be dead after they were hit twice, but Chu Li seemed indifferent even after enduring twenty hits. His breathing did not get heaver, rather, he appeared to be getting stronger.

The recoil from their blows after striking him was getting increasingly powerful, and they could clearly feel that he was growing stronger. It was as though the two of them were not even beating him up at all; they were helping him instead!

He might have been seizing this opportunity to surpass his boundary!

The two of them looked at each other and tacitly agreed that they should stop.

Suddenly, the size of the vulgar man grew. In the process, the deep sound of thunder could be heard emanating from his body. His right palm started to emit a red light that contrasted the skinny man’s purple light. Both of them emitted an aura of destruction that would make one quiver in fear. They looked as though they could destroy anything they wanted.

“Bam!” Chu Li took a solid hit.

A roar as loud as the thunder sounded out and Chu Li was shot through the air like an arrow from a bow. This time, he flew even faster than before.

“Wa!” Chu Li spit out an arc of blood. The quack had wounded his internal organs.

This palm that was emitting red light was in extreme-Just and extreme-Yang, but even more overbearing and ferocious.

He could see from the Omniscient Mirror that the power of his palm was very concentrated. As if the energy were lightning, it did not stop blasting outward after it had entered his body. More so, the pain was spreading through every part of his body, destroying everything.

During this crucial moment, the Heavenly Demonic Energy came out and consumed the inner, lightning-like energy.

That single hit was equivalent to ten Shadow Thunder Palms.

“I’ll be, young man!” Both of them looked at each other. They realized that even Heaven’s Thunder Palm could not do anything to Chu Li in, making them a little surprised.

Was this man a monster? They had never met someone who could endure a solid hit from the Heaven’s Thunder Palm yet still remained unharmed. Chu Li spat out a mouthful of blood, but his breathing was still steady. It was as if there was no way to beat him to death.

“I don’t believe this!” The vulgar man’s heroic spirit flared. His whole body, which had been like a deflated balloon, seemed to become pumped up again. He cried out and slammed another palm onto Chu Li.

Chu Li took another hit from his opponent’s palm, this time right to his heart.

“Bam!” Chu Li went flying again.

Only this time, his eyes lit up while in he was in mid-air.