White Robed Chief Chapter 466

Chapter 466 The Fourth Stage

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The Heavenly Demonic Energy suddenly shrunk. It went from a ball of water and turned into a pearl that was sparkling with lightning. It was about the size of a dragon’s eye, and dark blue in color. It looked really pure, even more so than the clear blue sky.

It seemed like the blue pearl that was the size of a dragon’s eye was filled with lightning, and every now and then, it would emit sparks. As the blue pearl circulated through his entire body in a short amount of time, all his internal organs, flesh, and bones went through drastic changes.

The two man could feel that something was off. They exchanged glances with each other and nodded. Immediately, they pressed their palms into Chu Li’s chest.

Chu Li was still in the air when he was suddenly hit by the two palms. His body, which was surging with energy immediately stopped moving as if he were pinned down.

“Bam!” The two men flew backwards.

The overbearing power coming from Chu Li shocked them, causing their blood to start surging desperately.

Their eyes widened, unable to believe what had just happened.

Chu Li, who had been beaten up by them all this while had not even retaliated. His body was now reflecting their own attacks onto them, and worse still, even they could not even block it!

“This young man here is peculiar!” The middle-aged man who was now bigger in size shook his head.

However, his body size quickly shrunk again and he went back to being short. His handsome face morphed into a vulgar and ugly expression. He looked completely different from before, even though it was just the effects of him halting his Heaven’s Thunder Palm.

“What should we do?” The skinny man furrowed his brows.

The vulgar man shook his head. “Elder Xu, I think we should just back off!”

“What nonsense!” The skinny man’s facial expression immediately changed as soon as he heard this. He coldly growled, “Are we really going to let him get off this easily? We must think of a way to destroy him!”

“Look at him, do you think we can destroy him?” The vulgar man pointed at Chu Li, who was floating in the air.

Chu Li’s clothes were fluttering, and his hair was floating lazily. One could easily tell that astonishing changes were happening to him – his martial arts were going to break through another boundary and ascend to a new level.

Once he was finished with his breakthrough, the situation would turn, and the two of them would be the ones who would end up getting beaten up.

“Even if two of us fought him together, we won’t be able to defeat him,” said the skinny man as he grit his teeth. “But the people are not going to believe us when we return to the hill. They will just think that we are slacking off. So I’m going to try again!”

“If you don’t make up your mind now, we won’t be able to leave later, even if we want to!” The vulgar man said venomously, “Elder Xu, trust me. Let’s go!”

“But this is too…” The skinny man shook his head. “If you are not going to try, then I am going to fight him by myself! I don’t believe that I can’t take him down!”

“Alright alright, I’ll listen to you. Let’s try again!” The vulgar man had no choice but to hold out his palms as the two of them struck Chu Li at the same time.

They did not carry any swords because they did not need one – the strength of their palms were levels above their swordsmanship.

“Bam bam bam bam” Their palm technique was like surging electricity as they continuously attacked Chu Li’s body.

Chu Li was furiously beaten upon as if he was a sandbag. However, he reveled in the experience.

He soon found that their palm energy could not hurt him anymore. Instead, they acted as fuel to the Heavenly Demonic Energy which would completely devour all of the energy from their strikes. It was perfectly content in doing so.

The dark blue pearl continued circulating throughout his body. It changed his body while it became more and more condensed and pure. The intensity of its color was overpowering, as if it was a real pearl and would break at the slightest touch.

“Bam!” Both of them flew backward.

Chu Li’s clothes draped back gently against his body, and his hair fell back in place. With this, all the changes halted. As he slowly landed on the floor, he felt the endless power coursing through his body.

When the dark blue pearl dropped into his precordium, his blood suddenly surged through his veins like a great river. He could now clearly hear the sound of gurgling water, and the subtle sound of thunder. It was as if every part of his body was filled with endless power.

He instantly turned into a shadow and attacked the vulgar man, who had no time to react.

“Bam!” The vulgar man flew backwards.

He could block the strength of Chu Li’s fist, but he could not defend himself from the raging force. It was as if an elephant had knocked him into the air. At the same time, his internal organs were twisted due to the force, making him feel dizzy and unpleasant. Furthermore, when he looked at Chu Li, he only saw afterimages.

Chu Li shot out another fist at the skinny man, followed by another two punches.

The skinny man flew up high into the air and instantly vanished from sight, disappearing into a forest far away.

While he did this, the vulgar man did not wait for Chu Li to make another move. He quickly rushed toward his comrade, grabbed onto him, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li let out a long sigh and put on a contented smile.

His plans did not go to waste. They had actually helped him enter the fourth stage of the Heavenly Demonic Power.

He narrowed his eyes and entered the void in his head. A huge Heavenly Demon and an incantation appeared before him once more. This was the cultivation incantation for the fourth layer.

Moments later, a new magical effect emerged from the fourth layer’s Heavenly Demonic Power.

The face of the Heavenly Demon in his head slowly morphed into something else. Moreover, its size had changed too. In a short while, it turned into that vulgar man from before.

Chu Li opened his eyes and used the Omniscient Mirror to look at himself. He had indeed turned into the vulgar man from before.

The Heavenly Demonic Power of Trayastrimsa was well deserving of it’s reputation, though Chu Li did not expect it to have such a mystical effect.

Although he could change his looks before this, he could not do so, so specifically. Now, he could change perfectly into someone else.

Chu Li was also operating the Phantom Craft. His body became lighter as if he had turned into a feather, so light that he could fly off if he wanted to. Furthermore, with the Omniscient Mirror, he could see himself turning into a shadow as he blended into the dim moonlight.

He stopped using the Phantom Craft and activated the Shadow Thunder Palm’s heart technique. The rushing spiritual force coursed through a special circuit before it rapidly turned into a refined inner energy. When this happened, his internal organs were tempered with and both of his palms emitted a layer of purple glow – it was the Shadow Thunder Palm.

After trying out the Shadow Thunder Palm for a while, he changed into another heart technique – the Heaven’s Thunder Palm.

The Heaven’s Thunder Palm was more overbearing than the Shadow Thunder Palm. It would take a bigger toll on his body. However, after being tempered by the Heavenly Demonic Power, his body had grown more powerful. Now, he could easily put the Heaven’s Thunder Palm to use.

He let out a long breath and smiled. He felt lamented. The wisdom of the seniors of the Amethyst Mountain was truly stunning to be able to come up with this kind of martial art!


King An sat in front of the campfire, smiling. He seemed to be imagining the amazing life he was going to enjoy after Chu Li was killed.

“Your Royal Highness, do we not need to send someone over to investigate?” Asked Xu Ning.

King An simply glanced at him. “What for? To live or to die, it is all predestined in one’s fate. Let’s see how lucky he is!”

Zheng Lide sighed. “Your Royal Highness, I feel that the Head Chief won’t fare well against the two men; they were too good. Are they from the Amethyst Mountain?”

Everyone knew about how Chu Li had offended the Amethyst Mountain, and everyone was already expecting the Amethyst Mountain to retaliate. However, were they daring enough to kill the Head Chief and pit themselves against the Imperial Residence?

They had never expected these people to so brave as to actually come out to assassinate him. They also sent their top-ranking masters, which gave the Head Chief zero hopes of living.

His Royal Highness’s way of doing things made them feel bitterly disappointed.

The first thing in that the Head Chief had thought about when enemies appeared was to protect His Royal Highness. He only cared about His Royal Highness safety, yet when the Head Chief was in trouble, the Royal Highness only made it worse. He had struck him with a palm instead of saving him.

At the end of the day, he was still the Head Chief of the Imperial Residence. Even if the Royal Highness wanted to take him down, it should be kept as an internal affair within the Imperial Residence. When it came to fighting outsiders, they should’ve at least been on the same page.

The Imperial Residence’s actions were truly heartless.

There was no sense of security fighting alongside someone like this. They did not know if they were going to be next on the chopping block.

“Hmph, he deserves it. Who told him to be so arrogant, with no respect for anyone? This time, he will finally reap what he sowed!” King An said plainly as he tossed a log into the flames. “Shouldn’t the meat be cooked by now?”

“Yes, it is,” Zheng Lide quickly removed the meat from the rack.

The chicken was roasted to a golden-brown, glistening in oil. An aromatic smell drifted in the air, but he had no appetite. All he was thinking about was Chu Li.

He admired Chu Li for not dealing with His Royal Highness even when they were rivals. Regardless of his personal vendettas, he still carried out his duties. Chu Li was truly a character worthy of respect.

He glanced at the Protectors around him. Their faces were sunken, and the atmosphere was heavy. He knew that they probably thinking of the same thing.

Because they were outmatched by the Head Chief, they felt even more pity for the Head Chief than he did.