White Robed Chief Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Infertility

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With the campfire as the center, they slowly circled the area to look for Chu Li. Gradually, the search gradually expanded their radius to cover more ground.

After a mile or so, someone finally spotted him.

Chu Li was sitting under a pine tree. His legs were crossed, and he was very still. Curiously, white steam was fuming out from the top of his head.

The Protector that found him did not say anything at first, he merely lowered his head and walked towards him. Once he got closer to Chu Li, he lowered his voice and said, “Head Chief, please leave now!”

Chu Li slowly opened his eyes.

The Protector was a Grandmaster known as Song Chengping. He was a conspicuous master from the Public House. He possessed handsome features, but had a dull personality. He was usually one of the quiet ones in the group, and disliked conversations with others. Thus, people would often dislike him after hanging out with him for some time.

At the moment, Song Chengping eyes were focused on Chu Li. “If his Royal Highness finds you, he will definitely take the opportunity to kill you. Please Head Chief.”

Chu Li revealed a smile. “I’m okay with that, I can always flee if I can’t fight back.”

“If so, you shouldn’t reveal that you’ve been injured.” Song Chengping hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and continued, “His Royal Highness would definitely not let such a chance slip by.”

When he heard this, Chu Li broke into an even wider smile. “His Royal Highness has seen me injured before.”

“Ugh That’s true. I’m so anxious, I can’t think straight!” Exclaimed Song Chengping. He slapped his own forehead out of frustration.

Chu Li said, “It’s okay. How is his Royal Highness now?”

“His Royal Highness has had his martial arts crippled while everyone else sustained injuries from the attack,” said Song Chengping helplessly. “The masters from the Amethyst Mountain are truly amazing. Nobody could fight against them. If they truly wanted to kill his Royal Highness, he would not be alive right now.”

Chu Li gasped. “Who would dare kill his Royal Highness?”

“That’s true.” Song Chengping smiled. “Head Chief, you need to be careful. His Royal Highness is in a foul mood now. If he sees you, he’ll definitely act up and blame everything on you!”

Chu Li nodded. “It’s true that I’ve caused everyone trouble.”

“Head Chief, are your injuries serious?” Changing the subject, Song Chengping asked.

Chu Li smiled. “It’s not that bad.”

“I think that Head Chief should return to the residence first,” said Song Chengping. “You should only show yourself after his Royal Highness calms down, so that his anger isn’t incited again.”

Chu Li sighed. “His Royal Highness really is pitiful. How were his martial arts crippled?”

“Nobody said he wasn’t.” Song Chengping forced a smile. “Without martial arts, most people would lose their minds, let alone his Royal Highness!”

“We can’t forgive this lot from the Amethyst Mountain!” Scoffed Chu Li.

“Chief, about that” said Song Chengping

His real wish was to never provoke the Amethyst Mountain again. They were like demons – truly horrifying.

Chu Li knew what he was thinking and cut him off. “I will have to go against Brother Song’s good intentions. Ultimately, I need to meet his Royal Highness.”

“But” said Song Chengping hastily.

Chu Li smiled. “Don’t worry, if his Royal Highness really wants to kill me, I will be able to escape.”

“Ugh Alright then.” Muttered Song Chengping with a helpless look.

He thought that Head Chief truly had a death wish to want to meet his Royal Highness under such circumstances. The palm from his Royal Highness earlier was truly frightening, but the Head Chief made it seem as though nothing had happened. He did not seem to mind at all. Sigh, he was too loyal!

Chu Li beckoned at him. “Let’s go. I will return with you.”

“…Head Chief, do you really want to return?” Asked Song Chengping one last time.

Chu Li nodded.

“Alright then.” Song Chengping did not say any more. Thus, the two of them returned together.

King An was sitting in front of the campfire, dispirited. His face was solemn as he thought of the five years he would need to recover his cultivation. He could feel a burning hate in his heart and wanted to hack Geng Huarong into pieces; leaving him dead, and without a body.

However, he knew that he was helpless against this man.

Geng Huarong was a disciple of the previous generation from the Amethyst Mountain, hidden deep within the mountain. Even the masters from the Imperial Court dared not scale it. This was due to an agreement that the Imperial Court had with the Major Four Sects. If anyone broke the agreement, then there could be hell to pay.

Even if the Emperor knew that his martial arts were crippled by the Amethyst Mountain, he would not move a muscle. Rather, he would blame the Prince for being incompetent.

In the eyes of the Emperor, the situation was fine as long as he did not die.

“Your Royal Highness, the Head Chief has returned,” said Xu Ning.

King An widened his eyes in fury. He glared coldly as Chu Li’s figure approached.

Chu Li’s face was pale as he made a closed fist salute. “Your Royal Highness, I have returned.”

“Why did you come back?” Asked King An coldly. “You didn’t escape while you had the chance, but instead jumped straight back into the fishing net?”

Chu Li smiled. “Protecting your Royal Highness is my duty. How could I ever run away?”

“You truly are dutiful!” Growled King An through grit teeth. He stared daggers at Chu Li as he replied, “If not for you, the people from Amethyst Mountain wouldn’t have come. In order to force you out of hiding, Geng Huarong injured me. You were deliberately hiding in a corner as you watched me get attacked, weren’t you?”

Chu Li shook his head. “I was afraid of causing trouble for everyone, so I had run far away. What does your Royal Highness mean by that? Did they return to deal with you?”

“Hmph!” King An scoffed loudly. “You ran away? If you really did run far away, why did he come back and look for us!”

Chu Li shook his head. “Perhaps they thought there were a number of us, and I would therefore return to seek protection here.”

“You didn’t come back though.”

“Your Royal Highness, their Light-body Technique was too powerful, it would useless for me to return.” Chu Li shook his head. “Is your Royal Highness badly injured?”

“I am not!” Denied King An with a venomous tone.

Chu Li let out a long sigh. “That’s good.”

Suddenly, Xu Ning said, “Your Royal Highness, your martial arts had been crippled, therefore the injuries on your body are grave as well.”

“Crippled martial arts?” Chu Li was astonished and he expressed his shock. “That’s not true, right? Why would the people from Amethyst Mountain cripple your Royal Highness’ martial arts?”

Xu Ning sighed. “Perhaps they were afraid of his Royal Highness wanting revenge.”

The world revolved around the mastery of Martial arts. Having strong martial art skills was one of the fundamentals of the world. This was no exception for a Prince, as the one’s proficiency in martial arts was an important factor in succeeding the Emperor’s throne. If one’s martial arts was too weak, then he would be unable to become an Enlightened Master a prerequisite for succeeding the throne.

Chu Li furrowed his brows. “Such a vile way of thinking! When will his Royal Highness be able to recover his martial arts?”

“In three years,” said Xu Ning. “Head Chief, what’s important now is the Royal Highness’ body.”

Chu Li looked at King An

It seemed as if there were flames shooting out of King An’s eyes as he glared back at Chu Li as he yelled, “Someone, come!”

A withered and sickly Zheng Lide hastily replied, “Your Royal Highness!”

The Protectors felt their stomachs tighten. They feared that His Royal Highness was about to call for the execution of the Head Chief.

Instead, King An glared at Chu Li as he slowly said, “The Head Chief has been through a lot, prepare some food for him!”

“…Yes.” Zheng Lide was astonished, but he hurriedly agreed.

Chu Li made a closed fist salute. “Thank you, your Royal Highness.”

“Enjoy your meal.” Said King An coldly, “The Imperial Residence still needs you!”

“Yes, absolutely!” Said Chu Li enthusiastically.

Xu Ning let out a slight smile.

A hero would reveal his true colors in times of danger. As petty and as rash as he was, during key moments, King An could still do what other people could not. He swallowed his pride and took the best course of action to succeed the Emperor’s throne.

Chu Li sat across King An as he ate the wild game that Zheng Lide had prepared. As he ate, he asked, “How was your Royal Highness injured?”

King An’s face darkened once again.

Xu Ning quickly spoke up, “His internal organs are all battered. I’m afraid that he won’t recover anytime soon.”

The most serious damage was to King An’s kidneys. Not only were his meridians damaged, his kidneys were completely destroyed. If his internal organs were not as strong as they were, and without the help of the spirit medicine, he would have perished.

Geng Huarong’s palms were ruthless. King An’s kidneys were destroyed, which means his reproductive organs are gone too. King An did not have an heir, and it seemed that there was now no one to succeed his position.

If his means of reproduction was not destroyed, then there would be a chance of someone succeeding him. If that were to happen, then the shame that took place today would not be forgotten. Geng Huarong’s palm took away any chance of this happening.

As an observer, Xu Ning admired Geng Huarong’s methods. Although it was ruthless, it dealt with all possible problems.


Chu Li dashed around and managed to cover over ten feet in one step. He was moving as fast as lightning.

The moon hung over the night sky as it shined brilliantly. The surroundings were strangely still, and they could faintly here the chirping of insects. The moonlight that shone over the fields draped across Su Ru’s body like water. She was somewhat entranced by such scenery. However, Chu Li was not in the mood to appreciate it as he dashed between the mountains.

He suddenly stopped on the treetop of a peach blossom. “We can’t make it. Besides, I have to return immediately. Head to the base on Green Hill and wait for me there, I shall be there by tomorrow!”

“Alright.” Su Ru nodded.

On the way to their destination, Chu Li had explained the situation to her, and Su Ru learnt of Chu Li’s situation. He could not arouse the suspicion of the Deputy Commander of the Secret Guardians Hall, Xu Huande

After this, Chu Li plucked two strands of hair from Su Ru and a split second later, he appeared in the courtyard of the Secret Guardians Hall.

At this moment, the voice of Xu Huande could be heard calling out from outside, “Chu Li! Chu Li!”

Chu Li replied in a deep voice, “What is it!”

He pushed the window open and said in an unhappy tone, “I am cultivating my martial arts, please do not bother me!”

Xu Huande sized him for a moment, “You are too unalert!”

Chu Li’s expression was foul. He glared at him and barked, “Quick, speak what’s on your mind!”

“Are you not going to have dinner?”


“Alright, I will eat myself.” Xu Huande shook his head. “You have quite the temper.”

“Bam!” Chu Li closed the window and went back to laying on his bed.

He closed his eyes and the Golden Buddha appeared in his mind as his consciousness slowly entered into a meditative state. His body was well adjusted to this position and he slowly replicated the pose of the Golden Buddha in his mind.

Similarly, breathing gradually slowed down and synchronized with the breathing of the Golden Buddha. In and out, each breath was drawn as thin as a strand of silk, a long and endless cycle.

When he woke up the next morning, his entire body felt warm. It was as if he had soaked in the hot springs overnight. He felt full of energy and was in high spirits. He could not express how delighted he felt it was as if the whole world had become more vivid.

His breath steadied for a while as the ball of water from the Heavenly Demonic Energy turned and rapidly circulated throughout his body once. It consumed his breath and returned to the precordium soon after.

Chu Li’s body felt light and empty. His bones were tough, and he was brimming with energy. The power of the Golden Buddha Technique was truly extraordinary. However, he wanted to try to stop the Heavenly Demonic Energy from consuming it next time.