White Robed Chief Chapter 470

Chapter 470 Inner Fights

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“What serious injuries.” Chu Li stared at him in shock before suggesting, “I have a special kind of treatment with me. How about I help you King An?”

King An waved his hands. “There’s no need for that, I’ll let the doctor take a look at me when I head back.”

“ Very well,” Chu Li sighed. “In any case, it like we need to depart immediately. To avoid delaying your treatment, let me bring you back first so the doctor can take a quick look at you!”

“No, Xu Ning will be bringing me,” King An said. “Head chief, you have also suffered some injuries. Why don’t you treat yourself first?!”

Chu Li looked at him with a helpless expression.

King An returned a cold stare.

If he were to kill Chu Li right now, the whole An imperial residence would1 be considered dead by default. However, his brothers would not have let this opportunity to slip by. He was badly injured and he would not be able to stop them thus, he would be forced to quit the fight for the crown.

In order for him to become Emperor, he had to hold back the urge to act. Instead, he decided to use Chu Li’s abilities to hold the house together.

In King An’s mind, Chu Li was still rather useful, even if he were currently a pain in the *ss. One of King An’s main goals right now was to be able to make full use of him feel King An.

Xu Ning nodded. “Head chief, you have suffered some injuries. You are not in a suitable condition to be rush back right now. I will bring King An back tonight so that you guys can take your time.”

Chu Li replied, “Are you not going to the Public House? There is a doctor residing there who is rather skilled in treating injuries. His technique is similar to that of an imperial doctor. He might even be better!”

“There’s no need for that!” King An snapped.

He wished he could just seal Chu Li’s mouth and mute him.

However, as much as King An wished for him to shut up, Chu Li continued. He wouldn’t stop talking and kept trying to show concern towards him. He was acting as the perfect example of a loyal head chief, and all the Protectors admired his acting skills. They did not expect someone like him to act that way!

Chu Li was familiar with King An’s injuries. From now onward, King An would not have any lustful thoughts toward the second lady. He would not even go near her.

If it had been someone other’s palm, King An could have depended on the skills of the imperial doctor to treat his injuries. Moreover, his Golden Lohan’s Power was strong anyways.

But the Heaven’s Thunder Palm was a special technique. It combined the Yang energy from the Heaven and Earth. resulting in the most destructive power in nature. King An’s kidneys were completely destroyed, as if they were both were both removed from his body. It would be impossible to recover from this injury.

The cause of such destructive injuries was made possible all thanks to Chu Li’s initial move. It destroyed King An’s cinnabar field, rendering him to nothing more than a normal person. Thus, he was unable to block his palm attack.

The power from the Heaven’s Thunder Palm was already strong enough when the receiver had some inner energy to absorb some of the strength, but if that person had no such energy, losing his kidneys was only logical when faced with such a strong palm attack.

Chu Li was hiding his grin as best as he could. On the surface, he maintained a serious expression while he ate his food. He then began to treat his injuries.

Xu Ning and King An left without a trace. They didn’t even alert any of the Protectors during their departure.

Chu Li closed his eyes and acted like he did not realize. He felt relieved after they left.

Chu Li counted this event as successful retribution. He managed to trick everyone into thinking that it was Geng Huarong who had injured King An, while he had, in fact, managed to get his own revenge. It was killing two birds with one stone.

He wondered if the people from the Amethyst Mountain would stop, or continue their pursuit by sending more masters.

With his level four Heavenly Demon Power, he secretly hoped they would return. He wanted to push his limits to the next level.

The Yin Lightning Fist and the Heaven’s Thunder Palm were great ways to enhance the Heavenly Demon Power. This would be the best chance to train his ability. Even the martial arts from the Tempest Temple didn’t aid him this well when it came to training. It seems like it really was fate that brought him and the Amethyst Mountain together!

After King An left, Chu Li similarly prepared to leave.

He sent all the Protectors back to the An imperial residence while he returned to the Public House.

As dawn arrived and the Protectors departed, Chu Li relaxed. All in all, he had benefitted greatly from the event.

“Good job! Really good job!” Someone said from behind him, calling out with a crisp voice.

Chu Li turned around and looked.

Lu Yurong stood on a pine tree branch, her white gown was fluttering in the wind.

“Did you see everything?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong was full of admiration. “The way you shifted the responsibility to someone else was really masterful. I am still far from being so skilled!”

Chu Li laughed. “You would have done the same if you were in my position.”

“Turning the whole situation around to your advantage,” Lu Yurong shook her head and said, “I am a newbie compared to you. Besides, King An is someone of high status, yet, you managed to take everything away from him without even saying a word!”

She thought King An would have ordered the Protectors to kill Chu Li. She didn’t expect King An to manage his anger so well.

These princes were not too be underestimated. They possessed something far greater than the average person.

If the Amethyst Mountain had not sent anyone, Chu Li initially planned to allow Yurong to execute her plan. She would maim King An from the shadows and prevent him from reaching the public-house.

Luckily, they arrived just in time to eliminate him, making Yurong nothing more than a bystander in the situation. Thus, she ended up watching the show from afar.

Before Chu Li asked for her help he had mentioned that, King An would probably label her as one of the perpetrators regardless of if Yurong did it or not.

Chu Li sighed and said, “You need to be wary of him!”

“What for,” Yurong flew toward him whilst covered with a sweet aroma and said, “his martial skill has been completely removed, and it will take him at least three to five years to recover completely. Relax, he won’t try to kill you now.”

Chu Li shook his head. “That might not be the case, he might want to kill me anyway.”

“If he does, the An imperial residence will be done for,” Lu Yurong smiled. “He isn’t that dumb besides, is your injury fine?”

Chu Li looked at her. “Wow what a surprise, Miss Lu is worried about me.”

“Of course I am concerned about you,” Yurong grinned at him and replied, “if you are injured, I can help you recover.”

Chu Li waved his hand. “Thanks, but I am alright.”

“Are you sure?” Yurong asked.

Chu Li nodded. “You can’t kill me yet, even if you try!”

Yurong smirked back at him. “Nonsense, I don’t intend to kill you.”

Chu Li sighed and shook his head.

Yurong continued, “Alright since you are alright, I will take my leave for now!”

Even if she had the chance to, she wouldn’t kill him, but she would like to remove his martial art skills. With only his intelligence as an asset, he would be less of a threat. Both the Ren public house and the Jing imperial residence would greatly benefit from this development.

Chu Li smiled, “Want to try?”

He suddenly appeared behind Lu Yurong and tried to land a palm attack.

‘Bang!’ A loud sound rang out as their arms collided. Yurong’s right palm looked like it was made of white jade with her fair and silky smooth skin. Their palms met and the two of them flew away and landed on a tree branch parallel from each other.

Chu Li said, “You really do have the intention to kill!”

Yurong calmly replied, “You too.”

“Well, try again!” Chu Li appeared in front of Yurong and slapped her with his right palm.

This time Yurong’s defenses turned as hard as white jade. She turned and took the palm directly to the body.

‘Bam!’ Both of them flew away from each other again.

Lu Yurong raised an eyebrow. She felt that Chu Li had grown stronger since their previous encounter; he has now become a greater nuisance.

Chu Li replied, “Miss Lu, you have to keep training harder. If not, you will soon become weaker than me!”

“Hmph! Don’t forget about what you have promised!” Yurong stared at him before gliding away.

Chu Li looked at her with a smile as her beautiful figure disappeared from his sight.