White Robed Chief Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Sent Back

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The Symphony Island of the Yi Public House.

As dawn approached, the island was covered with a layer of mist. It looked as if a soft veil had enveloped around the isle. The air was fresh and it invigorated the senses.

Xiao Shi and Xiao Qi were sitting in a gazebo. They were having some tea while enjoying a conversation.

Both ladies wore a white gown for the occasion. Their complexions were as fair as white jades and they shared a similar beauty.

“Sister, aren’t you going to leave after Elder Brother’s wedding ceremony ends?”

“There are too many people around and I don’t enjoy their company. I will be leaving today.”

“Don’t tell me you plan to leave right now?”

“I will after I am finished with this tea.”

“You’re not waiting for Chu Li’s return?” Xiao Shi placed her teacup down.

Xiao Qi shook her head.

Xiao Shi stared blankly at her.

Xiao Qi said, “Sister, I have chosen this path and I am ready to be independent for the rest of my life. I will be unaccompanied but happy. Now, why should I give Chu Li something to worry about?”

Xiao Shi was shocked. “Is your Regal Sword Scripture really that strong? Can you really forget about Chu Li?”

“Will this be an issue about whether I can or cannot let him go? Let us take it as the way of the Buddha, and just let it go. I have seen enough and I have decided to put everything down. My heart no longer has the ability to feel excited and I will no longer try my hardest to remember everything.” Xiao Qi shook her head.

“What will you feel if you see Chu Li now?” Xiao Shi was curious about Xiao Qi’s opinion.

Xiao Shi had heard Xiao Qi talking about their past and that was the main reason Chu Li was always wearing a white robe. She understood that Chu Li was the one who had initiated the breakup, but she felt that he was both stupid. Xiao Shi pitied him. To fall for someone who treated the world so coldly like Xiao Qi and then proceeded to force oneself to break everything up unwillingly and not to be together was such a cruel act.

Xiao Qi calmly replied, “It’s like meeting an old friend. A warm and friendly feeling.”

“Not excited?”

“There is nothing to be excited about.”

“This Regal Sword Scripture is really powerful, you have to stop this training because it’s torturous!” Xiao Shi sighed.

“I don’t feel tortured, but Chu Li does. Try to convince him when you have the time. Ask him to stop wasting his time with me,” Xiao Qi replied.

“It will be a miracle if he listened. You’vereally decided to train that scripture?” Xiao Shi asked.

“Yes. It will be my only chance to become an Enlightened Master.” Xiao Qi lifted her teacup and took a sip.

“Ai Why must you become an Enlightened Master when your current level is sufficient?” Xiao Shi shook her head.

“Our fate has long been controlled by the whims of other people. Have we siblings not suffered enough in our lives?” Xiao Qi responded.

When their father passed away, the responsibility of the whole public house was passed on to his children. Everyone could see clearly the enormous burden they carried.

“Arranging marriage with the Huay Public House and partnering with the An Imperial Residence is enough to threaten anyone.”

“What about the Emperor?”

“I don’t think the Emperor will hurt us. I hope?”

“People are sharp knives while I feel like a fish ready to be gutted. I despise this feeling. Sister, you should know better about the pride of the Emperor as you stayed in the Fairy’s Capital. All our lives are under his control,” Xiao Qi said.

“ Alright then. Let’s say you do have a point. But what if you trained tirelessly for the rest of your life and only to find that you have failed?” Xiao Shi nodded.

“If I am still unsuccessful in my thirties, I will give up this up immediately,” Xiao Qi replied.

Xiao Shi smiled. “Chu Li then finally has a chance!”

Xiao Qi glared at her.

Xiao Shi continued, “Did I say anything wrong? Why are you staring at me?!”

“Sister, do you actually think someone like Chu Li will end up with me?” Xiao Qi calmly asked.

“Both of you have feelings for each other. Why can’t you two be together? Stop torturing him!” Xiao Shi said.

Xiao Qi shook her head. “If a mirror has cracked, putting it back together will still reveal its marks.”

“So what if there are cracks, nothing is perfect in this world! Just be content with what you have. When you are thirty, you have to grab onto him with your life even if he dislikes you!” Xiao Shi said angrily.

Xiao Qi smiled.

The difference between Xiao Qi and Xiao Shi is that one was more concerned about feasibility while the other was in the spirit of their partner.

Chu Li suddenly appeared at the gazebo and interrupted their conversation.

Xiao Shi waved her hands. “Chu Li you are right on time, she is leaving soon.”

Chu Li looked at Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi calmly nodded. “I am not planning to attend my Brother’s wedding. I don’t want to be seen by the public, and I need to leave quietly.”

“Let me send you back,” Chu Li said.

Xiao Qi looked at him and nodded.

Xiao Shi smiled. “Then go on and send her back. Quickly!”

“About King An ?” Xiao Qi asked.

Chu Li smiled and replied, “It has all been settled. He has returned to his residence and won’t be coming here anymore to cause any havoc.”

“How did you manage that? He would never leave without a reasonable cause!” Xiao Shi asked.

“I completely annihilated his martial art skills from the shadows.” Chu Li smiled.

“So cruel but I like the fact that he is completely powerless now! He will be furious.” Xiao Shi covered her mouth and laughed.

Chu Li continued, “Lady Xiao, you should stay here for a little while longer. The Emperor looks to me as the personal trainer of King An. If he truly wanted me to train him, he will allow me to teach him a hard lesson. Moreover, it is not hard to retrain his martial art skills since it was not that impressive, to begin with.”

“You need to be careful. The Emperor himself is an Enlightened Master. He never follows the rules and does anything he pleases. He might not even allow you to conduct what you have already planned,” Xiao Qi warned him.

“Alright then, I will be cautious of him,” Chu Li replied.

Xiao Shi smiled. “You two should leave now and stop dawdling in front of me!”

Xiao Qi looked at her and then turned towards Chu Li. “Send me home.”

Chu Li lifted his hand and grabbed her wrist. Moments later they disappeared.

After a while, they reappeared at the Snow Lunar Pavilion; a waterside pavilion on the lake.

Xiao Qi looked at Chu Li. “Are you hurt?”

Chu Li said, “Nothing serious.”

“The Fairy’s Capital is a dangerous place. You need to take care of yourself. You can leave now,” Xiao Qi said.

Chu Li asked, “Are you going to start your isolated cultivation now?”


“When will it finish?”

Xiao Qi said, “I am not prepared to stop until I have become an Enlightened Master!”

Chu Li sighed and nodded. “Alright then, I will take my leave now.”

With that, he disappeared from Xiao Qi’s sight.

Xiao Qi stared at the spot Chu Li had just stood in. She felt his presence lingering in the pavilion.

It was something she was both familiar with yet felt strange about.

Xiao Qi quickly removed those distractive thoughts and focused on training the scripture. To improve her skills, she needed to understand the scripture thoroughly.

Chu Li returned to Symphony Island. Xiao Shi stared at him with a smile.

Chu Li had already prepared for this.

He decided he would no longer think about Xiao Qi anymore. He would leave everything to the future since she had decided to train in isolation. Chu Li was not in a hurry too. Once Xiao Qi had reached her goal, their love would rekindle as they interacted more.

Xiao Shi shook her head and questioned Chu Li, “Back so soon. You really are hopeless!”

Chu Li replied, “Lady Xiao if you really have the time, try worrying about your Brother.”

“My Brother has already left so there’s nothing to worry about. King An is not around and I guess no one will have the guts to do something crazy in the meantime,” Xiao Shi said.

Chu Li was worried. “Why don’t you wait for me. What if there are assassins on the way there?”

“They can handle it. You are always worrying about things. Just act like you never came back in the first place!” Xiao Shi said.

Chu Li realized that was the only option he had.

Once he left the public-house his fate would change for the better. He should not worry about everything anymore.