White Robed Chief Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Investigation

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Chu Li finally managed to stop worrying for once. He eliminated all thoughts about the wedding of the Prince. He believed that the team in place would handle the situation with ease; that which included the assassinations.

Six days later the wedding group returned to Chong Ming Town.

At dawn, the whole town celebrated.

The streets were decorated with huge red lanterns, while everyone hanged decorated red cloths in front of their houses. The whole town was in festive cheer.

The Yi Public House name had always been looked up to by the villagers of the town. Their eldest son, Xiao Tieying, had a good reputation among the people and was loved by the residents.

Everyone had already gathered on the streets or on top of buildings even before the wedding group arrived in town. Everyone was anxious to spot the bride and groom.

Chu Li and Tian Shi walked on the streets while two Grandmasters followed behind them.

“Head Chief Chu, everything seems fine. All the spies in the town have already taken their position. No suspicious people have entered the town. We stopped any outsiders from entering the night before,” said Tian Shi. He wore a light blue robe and walked in a calm demeanor. His looks were striking and he was quite handsome.

Chu Li continued to walk slowly and nodded.

The other two Grandmasters observed their surroundings. They had really sharp instincts. If someone were to conduct an assassination, they would be able to sense it beforehand and take care of him without causing chaos in public.

Chu Li suddenly stopped.

Tian Shi and the Grandmasters stopped too.

“Head Chief Chu, is there any problem?” Tian Shi asked.

Chu Li pointed at the Sky Inn. “The one wearing the embroidered uniform.”

Tian Shi looked at the inn.

Chu Li said, “The one with the yellow face. He also doesn’t know any martial arts. Do you see him?”

“Is this guy going to cause us any problems? You sure he doesn’t know any martial arts?” Tian Shi was curious.

Chu Li nodded. “Yes, he is not a threat, but the one behind him is.”

“Behind him” Tian Shi tried to spot the perpetrator but could not seem to find anyone behind the old man.

Chu Li continued, “He’s going to be hard to deal with.”

“Then shall we go up and look into it?” Tian Shi asked.

Once Tian Shi entered the public-house only then did he realize how highly ranked Chu Li was. Even when he had left the public-house, his influence was still undeniable. If he were to request anything, no one in the house would disobey him.

This was his pride and power. If it were not for Xiao Tieying, everyone in the house would have hated him.

Although Tian Shi was smarter than the average person, he never had the courage to fight his masters. He only tried to show his capabilities bit by bit to prevent Xiao Tieying from worrying about him. He knew he was different compared to Chu Li.

Chu Li started as a servant in the public-house. He climbed the ranks bit by bit all by himself, and never took a step away that strayed from reaching his goal. Besides that, Chu Li had never asked for the assistance of any kind in the process. However, his achievements came to him too quickly and were too admirable for his age, thus it made it him seem as if he had taken the shortcut to reach the top.

Tian Shi himself had managed to start at a higher rank thanks to Chu Li’s recommendation. His first duty was to plan strategies with Xiao Tieying like a tactician. Unlike how Chu Li used to be, he never started from the ground up, thus he was aware he would not be able to reach the top where Chu Li currently resided. He would never be able to command everyone in the house with his orders.

Chu Li and the rest reached the third floor of the Sky Inn.

Tian Shi looked at the middle-aged man behind the old man.

He had a normal body and a good-looking face. He looked honest and friendly.

When the four of them entered, the man looked at them for a moment before turning around to admire the view. He had a calm manner and Tian Shi did not sense any killing motive from him. He was full of tranquility.

Chu Li walked towards the man and asked, “I am sorry to disturb you, but why are you throwing away your youth?”

“What do you mean?” the middle-aged man asked. He looked confused.

Chu Li continued, “You’re from the Returning Sword Sect, right?”

The man shook his head.

Chu Li smiled. “You are not afraid to die since you refused to let us know where you are from. If you were to die without others knowing where you are from then won’t it be a waste?”

“What are you saying, I don’t understand this at all! What do you mean Returning Sword Sect? Whose death? I am just here to partake in the celebration, who are you guys?!” the man yelled.

Chu Li said, “You are Xu Quan from the Returning Sword Sect. Am I right?”

The man raised his eyebrows. He knew his cover had been blown.

As a Secret Master from the Returning Sword Sect, no one should have known who he was. Was there a traitor nearby?

But only he knew about this. He had never mentioned it to anyone else!

Chu Li sighed. “Brother Xu, I am impressed with your bravery. I am sorry to say this but the Returning Sword Sect has asked for its own demise. Why must you risk your life for it?”

“I was born in the Returning Sword Sect, and I will die proudly as its disciple! Who are you?” Xu Quan asked.

Chu Li replied, “I am Chu Li, Head Chief of the Glory’s Will Courtyard.”

“So, it is you!” Xu Quan was surprised.

He had heard rumors about Chu Li for a very long time. He heard that Chu Li had great intelligence and today he had finally seen it for himself!

Chu Li sighed. “Are you really expecting to bring me along with you when you die?”

“That’s right!” Xu Quan replied.

The crowd around them had already started moving away and left space for them.

Chu Li said, “If that is the case, then I am sorry for what I am about to do now.”

As he finished his words he reappeared behind Xu Quan and landed a soft palm on his back.

Xu Quan immediately stopped moving. Chu Li continued and landed another three palms. One on each shoulder and one on his back which completely blocked his acupuncture points.

Tian Shi was amazed.

Chu Li’s actions were swift. No one had the time to react nor defend against it.

Chu Li sighed and waved his hand. “Bring Brother Xu back to the public-house and try to convince him to stop his nonsense.”

“I will bring him back,” said one of the Grandmasters.

Chu Li smiled. “Thank you, Elder Chen.”

The Grandmaster smiled and disappeared with Xu Quan.

Chu Li gave everyone a fist salute and said, “Sorry for the disturbance everyone!”

“It is alright Head Chief Chu,” someone replied. Frankly, no one was bothered with what Chu Li had done.

Chu Li’s reputation had grown as time went by. He had become a legend in this town.

Ever since he left the town and became the Head Chief in the Imperial Residence, the position had added even more respect to his legendary status than he already had.

Chu Li along with the other two left the inn and continued to walk the streets.

Tian Shi was amazed by his actions and asked, “Head Chief Chu, how did you notice him?”

Chu Li replied with a smile, “Just by feeling it. Maybe I have more sensitive senses compared to the others.”

“Amazing!” Tian Shi shook his head and replied.

That Xu Quan was an experienced assassin. He hid his cover very well and escaped right under Tian Shi’s observation. He had also managed to remain calm and avoid being sensed by the Grandmasters.

But no matter how good he was, he was still sniffed out by Chu Li from a fair distance. Chu Li’s sensory ability was beyond imagination and could be considered divine-like.

Chu Li laughed. “This is nothing. Once you get more experiences, you will know how to do it. Our mission here is important. We need to patrol the town two more times.”

“If we walk at this pace, we can complete it.” Tian Shi grinned.

Chu Li nodded.

Three of them continued to patrol the streets.

Chu Li knew that it would be impossible to remove all the possible threats surrounding the village. But to be able to eliminate as many as possible would certainly be an advantage especially if things started to get out of their control.

A crowd had started to gather from a distance which was followed by the sound of musical instruments being played. Onlookers started to move towards the source of the sound.

Tian Shi smiled. “The Eldest Master has entered the town!”

Chu Li said, “Let us go there then!”

It was the time to truly test the protectors; no one knew how many people were there to cause trouble on that day.

Three of them immediately moved closer and saw Xiao Tieying sitting on a white horse. He was dashing as always.

Next to him were eight red palanquins.