White Robed Chief Chapter 473

Chapter 473 Inner Scribe

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Xiao Tieying was watching as he sat on the horse and waved at Chu Li. Chu Li smiled and replied with a fist salute.

Everyone followed as Xiao Tieying moved forward.

Chu Li and Tian Shi were in the crowd. There were so many people around them that they found themselves being moved along by the crowd.

Chu Li felt like a fish in the sea, moving in and out of the crowd with ease. He tapped one person, got past them and then moved to tap another one again.

Tian Shi saw him tap three people in the crowd. The three of them were injured as they were tapped.

Chu Li was agile and strong. The three were Masters hiding in the crowd, but they were still detected by Chu Li and they were stopped one by one.

Tian Shi was really impressed with his skills!

To have such a great reputation, one must have the necessary skills to gain such a reputation. And that was the case for Chu Li, as his skills and ability were outstanding and deserving of such fame.

Chu Li moved through the crowd like a fish. As he looked into the big red palanquin, he shook his head and his smile disappeared.

The Eldest Master also knew to plan ahead of himself – there was no one in the palanquin. The bride most likely had already entered the residence or would enter after everything had settled down.

This would prevent any form of assassination toward the bride.

Chu Li continued and he proceeded to stop six more Masters. He followed the wedding team until they entered the residence. Once they were inside, they would be safe.

He could also relax and not worry too much anymore.

As he entered the public-house, Linquan walked towards him and said softly, “Head Chief Chu, the Forbidden Palace sent someone over!”

Chu Li raised his brows. “They sent someone over?”

“They sent some Scribes over. They also brought many gifts. I think it was the Emperor’s order,” Linquan continued softly.

Chu Li nodded softly. “Alright then, I will go and meet them.”

He was afraid that those who came had bad intentions. The Emperor would not be pleased with this arranged marriage.

Linquan added, “The Scribes from the Forbidden Palace have arrived outside the town. The Eldest Master was just entering the house and I don’t want to disturb him.”

Chu Li replied, “Okay, I will meet them first and see what they are up to. If everything is fine then we will send someone to inform the Eldest Master They really do know when to show up!”

“Yes, sir,” Linquan replied softly and backed off.

Chu Li brought some Protectors along with him and moved towards the outskirt of town through a remote road.

The town was still buzzing with people, and it was much noisier than earlier.

Chu Li arrived at the border of the town and saw a few teenagers on horses.

There were six of them, protecting two horse carts. It seemed like they were trying to enter the town.

“You guys must be the Scribes from the Forbidden Palace, right? I am Chu Li, the Head Chief of the Public House,” Chu Li greeted them and gave them a fist salute.

The man at the front of the group was a handsome teenager. He had a strong build and was a rare cross of brains and brawn.

He had an honest smile on his face. He jumped down from the horse and gave a fist salute. “Head Chief Chu, I am Lin Yuanshan. I’ve come here, as ordered by the Emperor, to bring some gifts for the wedding!”

The other Scribes got off their horses and gave fist salutes as well.

Chu Li smiled and replied, “Officer Lin, the Eldest Master cannot attend to you, so he has ordered me to greet you in his place. I hope you can forgive us!”

Chu Li knew his ranking in the Forbidden Palace.

Lin Yuanshan was a Fifth-Ranked Officer in the Palace. It was impressive to hold such a high rank at such a young age, and even more as he did it in the Forbidden Palace.

“Haha, don’t say such a thing! Master Xiao is bringing his wife into his house. We would be stupid to ask him to stop everything just to come and greet us!” Lin Yuanshan waved his hands and smiled.

Chu Li laughed along and said, “Officer Lin came as a representative of the Emperor, how can we delay you anymore? Let’s enter the house and let the Master treat everyone with some wine. Come on!”

“Then we shall accept this offer with an open heart.” Lin Yuanshan laughed.

Everyone entered the town guided by Chu Li.

As he looked at the crowd in the town, Lin Yuanshan laughed and said, “Seems like your Eldest Master really has a good reputation in the town. He is really loved by the villagers!”

Chu Li grinned. “Everyone just wants to be a part of the celebration. We don’t often have a wedding going on in town. If you were to say it was because of my Master, you are overpraising him.”

“Haha, Head Chief, you really are too humble. We have heard many great things about your Master in the Palace. Today we really get to see how great your Master really is.” Lin Yuanshan shook his head.

Chu Li replied, “It’s fine within the town, but once we exit the town, there aren’t many of them who have heard of my Eldest Master. Just now, I had just managed to catch a few assassins. There are many people who love him, but there are even more of them who hate him. Sigh this is the fate of the Public House. We cannot avoid this.”

“Yes, yes, the Public House has always been working hard to help the others.” Lin Yuanshan nodded.

Chu Li smiled. “It is really kind of you to have that thought. I would like to say thank you on behalf of all the Protectors from the Public House.”

“Haha, we all understand how hard the Public House works,” Lin Yuanshan replied.

Chu Li sighed. “We all know the work that was done by the house, but most people choose to ignore it. Many people take the house for granted and think it was all the responsibility of the Public House. We, the Protectors will need to carry those responsibilities as well.”

Lin Yuanshan asked, “Who would have that kind of thought?”

Chu Li responded, “There is a group of people in the Palace who oppose the idea of having Public Houses. They feel that the Public Houses are getting stronger and more threatening; that they need to be removed.”

Yuanshan nodded in agreement. “Yes. These people don’t understand the dangers posed by those in the martial world and feel that the Public Houses hold too much power. But most of them do understand the importance of the Public Houses.”

Chu Li sighed. “Luckily the Emperor always knows how to observe the situation and think for the future.”

“That is correct. The Emperor can see everything clearly and no one can hide from him!” Lin Yuanshan gave a fist salute towards the Fairy’s Capital.

Chu Li knew that they had come here not just to send some gifts, but also to observe the situation. They would report back to the Emperor about everything they had experienced throughout their visit. He could not allow them to think that the people loved the Eldest Master but not the Emperor.

As they arrived at the door of the Public House, there were already a group of people waiting for them outside. Xiao Tieying had received the news sent by Chu Li and was waiting for their arrival.

Lin Yuanshan saw him and immediately gave a fist salute. “Master Xiao, you are really too kind to us. I am here as ordered by the Emperor to congratulate you on your wedding. The Emperor has prepared some gifts and I shall name them for you!”

“Thank you, Officer Lin!” Xiao Tieying replied with a fist salute.

Lin Yuanshan took out a scroll from his sleeves and started to read it out loud, “Ten pearls, a pair of Jade Ru Yi, six pieces of high-quality silk”

Everyone was surprised by the gifts. The Emperor was generous and all the gifts were items of great quality.

As he finished speaking, Lin Yuanshan kept the scroll and waved his hand.

Both the horse carts moved towards the house. One of the Scribes climbed onto it and opened four boxes. In the boxes were an exorbitant amount of jewelry.

Xiao Tieying gave a fist salute with a smile. Chu Li took the cart with some other people and entered the house.

As everyone entered the house, Lin Yuanshan sat in the main visitor seat and Chu Li sat beside him.

Next came the whole wedding ceremony. Chu Li did not join in the fun. Instead, he started conversating with Lin Yuanshan.