White Robed Chief Chapter 474

Chapter 474 Making Friends

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Chu Li served Lin Yuanshan a glass of wine. Officer Lin, didnt you bring any Protectors?

Only these few, they are all Protectors disguised as Scribes to prevent any attention. Luckily it is safe inside the area under the Public House. I was just being paranoid. Lin Yuanshan pointed at the few Scribes, who were sitting not far away.

Chu Li grinned. If those gifts were to be snatched, that would be

Lin Yuanshan smiled awkwardly. I was so worried throughout the trip. I couldnt relax at all and I didnt get any quality sleep!

Chu Li said, They know that this is the wedding period and they wouldnt dare to cause any trouble near here. If not, I cannot be sure that the two carts of riches wont be snatched away!

This is all because of the Eldest Master; he made this place so peaceful. Lin Yuanshan smiled.

Chu Li shook his head and sighed. I believe you have heard about the issue which happened not long ago. It was just settled recently, and that is why everyone is so honest now. It is not so peaceful on other days, so you still have to be careful about your safety here.

I see. Lin Yuanshan nodded.

The wedding ceremony was completed and the Eldest Master started to drink along with the group. The hall was getting crowded and noisy.

Chu Li stood up and walked around the house from time to time to see if there was anyone suspicious around.

After one round, he would sit down again and talk to Lin Yuanshan.

As they talked and drank more wine, Lin Yuanshan started to relax and open up. He was being very friendly with Chu Li, even though he was supposed to be more cautious.

After the crowd left, the house somehow felt even more empty than usual.

Chu Li said goodbye to Xiao Shi and Xiao Tieying as he left the Public House, and returned to the Fairys Capital with Lin Yuanshan.

The Public House was not ready to let Lin Yuanshan and the group leave by themselves yet. If something were to happen to them, they would be in deep trouble. Chu Li was the best option to send them off safely.

As dawn arrived, Chu Li and the group left the house and moved towards the capital.

It would only take two days to complete the trip on their horses.

The air at dawn was refreshing and it made everyone felt energetic.

Chu Li and Lin Yuanshan moved together.

Brother Chu, you dont have to send us personally, this area is really peaceful, so nothing will happen. Besides, we are not carrying any more treasures. There will be less trouble for us, Lin Yuanshan said.

They were calling each other brothers. After yesterday, Lin Yuanshan now considered Chu Li a great friend and had a good relationship with him.

Chu Li shook his head.

Lin Yuanshan smiled and asked, What are you worried about Brother Chu?

Chu Li replied, Those in the martial arts world are never afraid of death. If they want revenge, they will take it even if it costs them their lives. I have managed to catch around ten such people during the wedding ceremony. All of them are greatly trained, but none of them wanted to live as they tried to kill the Eldest Master!

Sigh, these people are full of rage. I am impressed, but they didnt use it the right way. If they used it to help us in our fight against our enemy, how good would that be? Lin Yuanshan shook his head.

That is why. They are all very stubborn. I respect them but I cant change their mind. Chu Li nodded.

Then what did you do to them?

I make them powerless.

Lin Yuanshan felt pity. I think removing their powers is quite serious. They are finished, done without their martial art skills!

If I dont do that then I would need to kill them. I dont want to kill them. But if I dont, their powers can cause massive destruction. The Protectors from the Public House may also lose their lives. Chu Li felt helpless.

That is reasonable. Lin Yuanshan nodded.

Chu Li continued, Making them powerless is the best option. If they want to recover, they can retrain their power. Even if they fail to get back to 100%, at least they can still be a normal martial arts master.

Most of them are elderly. It will be hard for them to reach their peaks again.

By the way, Brother Lin has stayed in the Forbidden Palace so you must have broad knowledge. Do you know any methods that can help to recover lost skills?

Let me see I dont think so. Everyone knows that saving someone is easier than salvaging lost skills. Lin Yuanshan thought for a moment before shaking his head.

Can the Emperor do it? The Emperor is an Enlightened Master anyway, Chu Li asked.

Lin Yuanshan laughed. An Enlightened Master is still a martial art master, not a God.

Chu Li felt happy to hear that, and replied, I heard that the Enlightened Masters can do incredible things. They can see through everything and reveal their true nature!

No one understands the real power of the Enlightened Master and created rumors instead. Actually, it is not that powerful. I am always working side by side the Emperor but I have never noticed any differences. Lin Yuanshan shook his head.

Then he must be scarily influential? Chu Li asked.

Lin Yuanshan responded, The Emperor acts the same way as normal people. He is very kind, but no one dares to make any mistakes. He is friendly but if someone screws up, he can be very cruel.

It is as if you are staying with a tiger. Chu Li chuckled.

Lin Yuanshan shook his head but remained silent.

Chu Li said, I am very curious about the Enlightened Masters but I dont have the chance to work for the Emperor closely.

Lin Yuanshan laughed. In my opinion, the Emperor looks more like a normal person than a martial artist.

He is an Enlightened Master, not just a martial artist, Chu Li replied.

Lin Yuanshan continued, The Emperor has never really used his skills over the years. From what I have heard, the Enlightened Masters can fuse with the Gods, and not God themselves!

Chu Li was shocked to hear that. Fuse with the Gods?

He was trying his best to become friends with Lin Yuanshan in order to know the secrets of the Enlightened Masters. Besides, having a friend from the Forbidden Palace could be an advantage when the time comes.

This Lin Yuanshan worked in a cautious manner. That was why Chu Li needed to use alcohol on him. Along with the Omniscient Mirror, great timing, and environment, Chu Li made him open up and he was able to befriend Lin Yuanshan.

The most important thing was that Lin Yuanshan had a good heart. He was not someone cunning. He was trustworthy and great to work with.

Lin Yuanshan replied, The four major sects have their own secret techniques, but those are just fake Enlightened Masters. Once they try to fuse with the Gods, they will be controlled by the Gods. After that, their body will receive heavy damage. Most of these techniques have huge drawbacks, and one cannot perform it for too many times in their life. But the real Enlightened Masters can control the Gods in them, and they will have no drawbacks from it.

That is all the Enlightened Masters can do? Chu Li was surprised.

Lin Yuanshan laughed. Isnt this enough? Once you fuse with the Gods, you will be invincible. Moreover, some of the Gods are magical. One of them is enough to fight a country of men. That is what we call the Enlightened Masters!

Lin Yuanshan looked at the Fairys Capital.

Chu Li grinned. Brother Lin, do you want to become an Enlightened Master?

It is impossible for me to reach that state. Not everyone can become an Enlightened Master. Brother Chu, you seem to be very interested in this. Are you hoping to become one? Lin Yuanshan asked.

Yes, I do, Chu Li answered honestly.

He understood that Lin Yuanshan hated people who lied to him. So, the best way to treat him was with honesty.

Lin Yuanshan raised his eyebrows. Hard! Very hard!

Chu Li smiled. Brother Lin, do you know how?

If you are trained with the special techniques from all of the four major sects, you can become an Enlightened Master yourself. But that is getting extremely difficult nowadays. Other than that, I dont think there is any other possible way, Lin Yuanshan replied.

Chu Li nodded.