White Robed Chief Chapter 475

Chapter 475 An Intention To Capture

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Chu Li already knew whatever Lin Yuanshan said.

Instead, he had already made modest gains, especially when Lin Yuanshan spoke about how the Emperor was like on a daily basis.

The Emperor was described as if he had no martial art skills, which was an odd condition.

While the other martial art masters could not do it, he was able to do it.

Normally, one’s inner energy would be dissipated, leaving just a small trace for the cinnabar field. With a switch of thought, spiritual force would gush into one’s body from all directions, transforming into tempestuous inner energy, which was the way of using the void of the universe as the cinnabar field.

For the Emperor to achieve that, his approach might be different from Chu Li’s own. Usually, without using inner energy and with just a switch of the mind, he would be able to be possessed by God. Nevertheless, he could achieve peak condition instantly.

By the sound of it, the possession of God was a burden to the Emperor as he could not retain it all the time.

Chu Li had seen the conditions of being possessed by God from the disciples at the Tempest Temple and the Titanium Temple. It was truly terrifying.

When Chu Li achieved the fourth stage of the Heavenly Demonic Power and had the Heavenly Demonic Energy bound to his heart, he too achieved a similar condition that made his strength very much stronger. However, it is the possession of God for others, but he was possessed by the Heavenly Demon.

He vaguely speculated one small trick.

Those martial arts that allowed the possession of God or the Heavenly Demon were most likely martial arts for the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary. In order for one to achieve the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary, they needed to be cultivated to the extreme.

The Titanium Sarira Skills utilized sarira. With a certain level of cultivation of that skill, one would be able to form sariras to call upon the possession of the Buddha, which had endless powers. That was the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary.

As for his Heavenly Demonic Power?

Chu Li did not know about the extremity of the Heavenly Demonic Power. As of now, he had not encountered any troubles after the possession of the Heavenly Demon. But Chu Li could not last for very long and he would feel extremely famished after it, so he had to take in heavy meals.

What powers would it bring if he continued cultivating it? Presumably, Chu Li would be one step closer to being an Enlightened Master.

Those thoughts lingered in his mind for some time. Chu Li finally had a brief outline of an Enlightened Master, instead of drawing conclusions from a partial understanding.

They rushed from early morning till night time, and they found a ruined temple in the evening. There were no doors or windows, yet it was much better than bivouacking in the outskirts.

A fire was set up in the center of the house, where the Protectors sat around it and chattered to kill time.

“Head Chief Chu, what martial arts do you practice? You improved very quickly,” a Protector from the imperial house asked.

Chu Li laughed and replied, “The Infinite Azure Sea.”

“The Infinite Azure Sea” Everyone pondered for a while then shook their heads. None of them were familiar with it.

The Protectors from the Imperial House had grown up there since they were young. Even the heart technique they cultivated was just the cream of the crop, so they had never heard of the Infinite Azure Sea.

The Infinite Azure Sea was considered to be a top-notch martial art skill in the High Duke’s Public House, even in the martial arts world. Whereas in the Imperial House, it was an ordinary thing. The Protectors from the Imperial House would not practice it at all as few to none knew about it.

“I think I’ve seen it before. Back when I was choosing a martial art, I think I’ve seen that heart technique,” a Protector from the Imperial House smiled and said.

“Seems like it’s not too bad after all,” someone beside him added.

Chu Li laughed and said, “A good heart technique is one that is suitable for oneself; the Infinite Azure Sea is very suitable for me. After that, I’ve practiced a few torso tuning techniques such as the Art of White Tiger, which complemented the Infinite Azure Sea.”

“The Infinite Azure Sea I know about this heart technique, your inner energy will overlay one another, am I right?” Lin Yuanshan said.

Chu Li nodded.

“No wonder you’re so powerful, Brother Chu. When you perform the Infinite Azure Sea, you must practice the Art of White Tiger as well, or you won’t be able to withstand it for sure.” Lin Yuanshan smiled.

Chu Li replied, “Brother Lin, you have a wide range of experience.”

Lin Yuanshan smiled and asked, “Brother Chu, I wonder, how many layers can you do?”

“Five layers. Six layers will be a little tough, and I will get injured after using the skill,” Chu Li answered.

“No wonder” Lin Yuanshan gasped in admiration.

Suddenly, Chu Li frowned and looked towards the outside of the temple.

Lin Yuanshan immediately looked as well but he did not notice anything strange.

Chu Li said, “There are Masters approaching. Everyone, be careful!”

Right after he said that two shadows dashed into the temple and pounced towards Lin Yuanshan.

Chu Li moved his body sideways to shield Lin Yuanshan, then he punched his fists separately.

With two muffled ‘bam’ sounds, the attack from the two shadows was blocked off; their physiques were revealed.

One of them was tall, while the other one was short. They looked ordinary, such that they would not be noticeable if they stood in a crowd. It seemed as if a light was shooting out from their eyes as they stared at Lin Yuanshan tightly, who was behind Chu Li. It was as if they had a profound hatred towards him and would pounce on him at any time.

Lin Yuanshan frowned and looked at them.

Chu Li asked, “Brother Lin, do you recognize them?”

“I’ve never seen them before. I rarely leave the Imperial House, so I don’t have enemies.” Lin Yuanshan shook his head.

The two men leaped towards them again.

The eight Protectors from the Imperial House around them finally reacted and stood in front of Chu Li and Lin Yuanshan, blocking them both. Then, they pounced towards the two men in black. Among the eight Imperial House Protectors, one of them was a Grandmaster, and the rest were all Innate Masters.

Strong winds flowed in from all directions. Chu Li and Lin Yuanshan took a few steps back and watched as the eight men encircled both of the attackers.

The body technique of the two men was surprisingly fast, they had a profound cultivation level. They were skillful; they moved with ease and still prevailed even after being encircled by the eight Protectors.

“Grandmasters?” Lin Yuanshan frowned and said.

He felt that this was even more unbelievable. “I’ve never provoked any Grandmasters.”

If they were at the Fairy’s Capital, it would not be peculiar to come across Grandmasters, especially at the Imperial Residence or the Imperial House. However, bumping into Grandmasters in the wilderness on the outskirts was abnormal. An ordinary person would not be able to manipulate Grandmasters.

“Who are you?” Chu Li asked in a hoarse voice.

The two men pursed their lips and gave mocking looks.

(Chu Li was not an eminently wise man after all. How could he have asked such a silly question? Who would actually answer to that?) they thought to themselves.

Chu Li continued, “What are your motives?”

The two men sneered.

Chu Li shook his head and looked at Lin Yuanshan. “Brother Lin, they’re here for you.”

“I didn’t infuriate anyone, did I?” Lin Yuanshan was puzzled.

Chu Li said, “They’re here because of who you are. They want to know about confidential information in the Imperial House.”

“Then who are they?” Lin Yuanshan frowned.

Chu Li chuckled. “People who want to know about confidential information from the Imperial House should be none other than those people. I suppose that they’re from the Holy Church of Light?”

The faces of the two men in black who attacked them turned dark instantly. They finally knew that Chu Li had a well-deserved reputation.

They scoffed, and immediately, they had an intent to kill. Their physiques changed abruptly and showed a strong, imposing manner. It was as if they had become someone else, and had transformed from a rabbit into a ferocious tiger.

Chu Li laughed out loud. Then, he grabbed Lin Yuanshan and disappeared out of the temple at once.

The two men were stunned for a moment before they chased after the both of them.

They could not even be bothered with those Protectors from the Imperial House since they were completely worthless. They only wanted to capture Lin Yuanshan, who had now been taken away.

Although the Imperial House Protectors chased behind them, in just a blink of an eye, the two men disappeared from their sight.

As Chu Li flew away with Lin Yuanshan, the two men in black gradually got closer to them.

Lin Yuanshan said, “Brother Chu, you should leave first.”

Chu Li broke into a laugh and said, “Brother Lin, you’re overthinking it!”

Right after he said that Chu Li sped up abruptly. They were separated from the two men in black once again.

Lin Yuanshan said, “They’re too powerful. I’m afraid that you’re no match for them, Brother Chu.”

“They won’t be able to chase after us. Those men from the Holy Church of Light are quite interesting though. They actually want to find out about confidential information of the Imperial House, could it be that they’re planning to kill the Emperor?” Chu Li laughed.

“That’s impossible. The Emperor is an Enlightened Master, they’ll be courting death if they do that.” Lin Yuanshan shook his head.

“Then it’s just strange,” Chu Li said.

The two of them flew in the wind like a trail of smoke, and looked like they were moving slowly. However, the two men in black pushed themselves with their utmost strength, and gradually shortened the distance between them.