White Robed Chief Chapter 476

Chapter 476 Visit

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Lin Yuanshan was frightened.

Chu Li laughed and said, “They won’t catch up.”

As Lin Yuanshan watched the two men in black close in on them, he was secretly worried.

Chu Li asked, “I’m very curious as to why they’re after you, Brother Lin.”

“Confidential information in the Imperial House What secrets are there in the Imperial House?” Lin Yuanshan frowned.

“There must be something. Unfortunately, they’re just here to capture you without knowing what is actually happening,” Chu Li continued.

He had always questioned the reason for the Holy Church of Light to be in the Fairy’s Capital since it did not look like they were specifically there to assassinate, so it seemed like their target was in the Imperial House.

“Are they really from the Holy Church of Light? The Holy Church of Light should never set foot in the Great Ji Dynasty!” Lin Yuanshan said.

“The Holy Church of Light has become different from before. I’m guessing that they have a new Bishop, and many troubles have arisen since then, why don’t we return to the Fairy’s Capital first?” Chu Li replied.

“How about those Protectors?”

“We’ll just pass a message on to them.”

“Of course that’ll be the best,” Lin Yuanshan said.

Since he had become a target for the Holy Church of Light, Lin Yuanshan was the root of the trouble, so it would benefit the Imperial House Protectors if he left first.

Chu Li hastened, once again, he pulled the distance between them apart just when it was drawing closer.

The two men in black looked gloomy, their eyes burnt with anger.

They already realized that Chu Li was making fun of them, he was faster than them even with Lin Yuanshan, yet he did not escape at once so that he could chafe them no matter what, it was very detestable of him!

Even after activating their secret skill, they still could not catch up to Chu Li, it was hopeless for them.

When they thought about that, they halted and turned around, returning to where they came from.

Chu Li shook his head and sighed. “They’re not fools after all!”

Lin Yuanshan asked, “Are they going back to go against those Protectors?”

Chu Li nodded and said, “They’re just digging their own graves, we can only fulfil their wishes then!”

He sped up at once, in a flash, he caught up to the two men in black and attacked them with his right hand.

“Tss!” A flashing light swept past them.

The tall, skinny man in black went sideways suddenly, but right after he narrowly dodged the sword, Chu Li attacked him with another hit.

The tall, skinny man in black continued to dodge the attacks sideways.

Chu Li pulled closer to him and caused another flashing light as he wielded his sword again.

The tall, skinny man in black lowered his head abruptly as such that he was almost lying flat on the ground, he managed to dodge the sword again by a hair’s breadth.

Chu Li shook his head and chased up even closer to him, this time he was only ten steps away.

He wielded his sword once more, the gleam of his sword flashed in the sky.

“Tss!” It sounded like the flying blade had cut through his clothing, it was at a much quicker speed.

The other short man in black realized that something was off. Just when he was alerted, he could not react in time, so the flying blade cut through his chest, causing his blood to be splashed onto the pine tree behind him.

“Elder Jing!” the tall, skinny man in black yelled.

Chu Li’s flying blade appeared again.

The tall, skinny man in black had glowing eyes, his physique suddenly shrunk and he became the same height as his partner. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before Chu Li, his fist was already at his chest, it was so quick that it could not be seen by the naked eye.

Chu Li placed his right palm before his chest.

“Bam!” Both he and Lin Yuanshan flew ten over meters away.

“Bam!” the man in black was hotly pursuing them, one punch after another, he attacked Chu Li such that he could only parry his blows without being able to hit back.

Lin Yuanshan was utterly terrified by his fists that were within an arm’s length. He could not clearly see the movements of the man in black but only felt that he was amidst a tossing sea and a raging tide. It felt like he was on a small boat that was about to overturn and drown at any time, that he would lose his life.

At once, over twenty punches were launched, the man in black pushed Chu Li and Lin Yuanshan a hundred over meters away.

Chu Li knew what was on his mind, so after the next punch, he suddenly disappeared from the sight of the man in black and appeared behind the other man who was healing, then attacked him with his palm.

“Bam!” the man in black who took the hit from the flying blade flew up suddenly, then spat out a stream of blood.

Chu Li laughed out loud and flew away with Lin Yuanshan.

When Lin Yuanshan saw that the man in black was no longer after them, he sighed a long breath of relief. “We finally managed to get rid of them! Aren’t they afraid to die?”

Chu Li laughed and said, “It’s different for some people, some of them are not afraid of death, but they don’t want to die.”

“Very well, this is good. As long as they don’t want to die.” Lin Yuanshan smiled.

The two of them fluttered away. They were as quick as lightning, in a flash, they met the Protectors from the Imperial House.

Therefore, they decided not to take anymore breaks and continued with their journey through the night, in case they encountered anymore twists or obstacles. It was fortunate that there were only two men, if there were two more, they could have really met their ends.

In the evening of the day after, everyone was already exhausted when they finally arrived at the Fairy’s Capital.

Outside of the Fairy’s Capital, Chu Li had bid them farewell. He did not want to return to the Fairy’s Capital just yet, as he wanted to spend some time at the High Duke’s Public House.

“Brother Chu, if there’s anything you need, you can ask someone to send a message to the palace. I’ll help you with anything as long as I’m able to,” Lin Yuanshan said reluctantly.

Chu Li smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll definitely look for you if I need help, Brother Lin.”

“Don’t be a stranger to me. Or I’ll really be upset,” Lin Yuanshan added.

Chu Li was his saving grace, if it was not for his escort, he could have really lost his life. Those Imperial House Protectors were not reliable at all, they were not even able to help themselves.

Furthermore, Chu Li had a congenial temperament with him, they were like close confidants.

Chu Li said, “Alright, I won’t treat you like a stranger, Brother Lin. However, please send me a message too if you need help, or to the Secret Guardians Hall, or the Imperial House of King An, I’ll be at one of those places for sure, I reckon that I will be staying at the High Duke’s Public Houses for more than ten days before I return.”

“Brother Chu, I’ll look for you for sure if I’m in trouble.” Lin Yuanshan grinned.

Chu Li asked, “Brother Lin, are you usually allowed to leave the Palace?”

Lin Yunshan shook his head and said, “I’m not allowed to leave the Palace.”

“That’s such a pity, next time when you leave the Palace for duties, we shall meet again. We shall drink to our heart’s content!” Chu Li waved his hand.

“Alright!” Lin Yuanshan smiled and replied.

Chu Li did a fist salute then turned and flew away after a fine horse sent Lin Yuanshan to the Imperial Residence of King An, he immediately activated his Light-body Technique and returned.

Chu Li made his way into the woods. In a few moments, he appeared at the Symphony Island at the High Duke’s Public Houses.

The sunset painted the gazebo red where Xiao Shi played the harp. Once he appeared, the sound of the harp halted.

She was dressed in white clothing, her beautiful face was as white as jade. “Let us go take a long walk at the Titanium Temple.”

Chu Li raised his brows. “You miss Xu An already?”

“Yes. I wonder how that little guy is doing.” Xiao Shi nodded gently.

“Let us go then,” Chu Li said.

The two of them flashed for a couple of times before they arrived outside of the Titanium Temple.

The setting sun showered the ruined and devastated Titanium Temple in golden light.

Under the contemplation of Chu Li’s Omniscient Mirror, the golden light from the stupa was seen to be shrouding over the entire Titanium Temple, which prevented him from prying on the inside of the temple.

An outsider would not be able to see the golden light, the place only looked like an old, ruined temple.

Chu Li went forward and knocked on the door.

After a long time, with a “squeak”, an infirm monk pulled the door open. When he saw that it was the both of them, he sighed and said, “Almsgivers, you’re back again?”

Chu Li smiled and said, “Revered sir, we’d like to meet Xu An.”

“Please hold on.” the old monk closed the door.

It was clear that he had no intention of letting the both of them into the temple.

Xiao Shi stared at him fiercely. “He’s turning his back on old associates, there’s not a good monk in the world!”

Chu Li said, “Buddhists are very particular about their principles and secondary causes. Once a fateful encounter has ended, that person would not be allowed to enter the temple, it would be impersonal.”

After some time, the old monk walked out slowly. “Xu An is performing isolated cultivation now, he won’t be able to meet guests.”

Chu Li frowned. “Xu An has started to train?”