White Robed Chief Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Saving Cranes

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When they returned to the Symphony Island, Chu Li noticed that Xiao Shi was looking dispirited, so he smiled and said, “How about we take a look at the Shiwan Mountain?”

Going to the Shiwan Mountain for some fresh air would be most effective for Xiao Shi, he had proved it effective every time. Each time they paid a visit, even if they were chased after and they had to escape embarrassingly, Xiao Shi’s mood would be highly lifted up after.

“Shiwan Mountain? Aren’t you afraid of being chased after or killed by the Spirit Cranes?” Xiao Shi composed herself and hesitated.

Chu Li did not point her out, he smiled and said, “The Crane eggs have probably hatched by now.”

“Alright, let us go take a look!” Xiao Shi nodded as if it was out of unwillingness.

The two of them teleported for a few times before they appeared at the Spirit Cranes Peak at the Shiwan Mountain.

Once Chu Li appeared, his entire body tensed up and he was ready to escape at once.

The two white Cranes were too powerful, each time, they immediately sensed it when he appeared. They chased after him immediately like lightning, and since he had no strength to resist at all, Chu Li could only escape.

This time, Chu Li was prepared to match against the two Spirit Cranes, he wanted to know if his Heavenly Demonic Power would be able to hold the Spirit Cranes back.

With the shrouding of the Omniscient Mirror around Chu Li, he was shocked as he checked out his surroundings, the two Spirit Cranes should have been chasing after him by then.

The two Crane eggs had disappeared, instead, there were two baby Cranes of the size of chicks. One stood at the bottom of the tree with uplifted spirits and overflowing spiritual force, the imposing manner shown by it was astounding, it was restless as it pecked the ground.

The other one laid on the ground and did not move an inch, it looked somber and dismal. Its vitality seemed to be almost cut off as it looked like it was barely alive, it was unusually weak.

Chu Li frowned.

He had always thought that Spirit Cranes were favored by Heaven and Earth, they had overbearing physiques and were born to be far better than humans. Out of his expectations, that baby Crane had a congenital deficiency and was already on the brink of its life.

Chu Li shook his head and felt that it was such a pity.

When the two Spirit Cranes stared at the dying baby Crane, Chu Li could feel their pain and sadness, they were hopeless and helpless.

Spirit Cranes had a much higher intelligence than humans, they could not be treated like other birds or beasts.

One of the Spirit Cranes dashed into the sky abruptly, then disappeared as it turned into white light.

“Why is it so quiet today?” Xiao Shi lowered her tone as she asked.

Chu Li shook his head and sighed. “One of the baby Cranes is dying.”

“It’s dying? Are there predators?” Xiao Shi frowned.

Chu Li replied, “Congenitally deficient.”

Xiao Shi said, “Spirit Beasts are just like humans, many of them die at birth, it’s such a pity.”

Chu Li added, “It’s really such a pity.”

Chu Li could actually save the baby Crane, even if the Spirit Cranes tried to stop him, he could perform the God’s Limbs to appear before the baby Crane instantly, then he could escape right after snatching it away.

Nonetheless, it would agitate the two Spirit Cranes, once they were outraged, they would leave the Shiwan Mountain to chase after him. Should that happen, Chu Li would be a huge sinner as many people might die as a result.

The other healthy Crane touched the ill baby Crane gently with its long beak, but the baby Crane remained still as it laid on the ground, only its stomach was undulating gently while it stared at the Spirit Crane with its eyes. Even though it had only been born for a short period of time, its eyes were filled with spiritual force, as though it knew about life and death and could not bear to part with the world and its parents.

The other baby Crane cried softly aside, from time to time, it wanted to touch the unmoving baby Crane.

Xiao Shi asked softly, “How is it?”

Chu Li shook his head. “I’m afraid it won’t survive.”

“Can’t you do anything about it?”

“They won’t let me touch it! Life and death are decreed by fate, it all depends on its luck.” Chu Li scoffed.

“Can you hold it in?” Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him.

Chu Li smiled bitterly.

No matter what, he should try to save it, but Chu Li needed to wait for an opportunity, or he might ruin it if he moved at the wrong time.

After half an hour, a crying sound was heard, the other Spirit Crane descended from the sky and almost fell down as it staggered to its feet.

Its feathers were in a mess and stained with blood, and it looked extremely gloomy. It was clear that it was badly injured, such that its vitality was like a lighted candle in the wind, about to distinguish anytime.

From its long beak, a dark piece of meat was dangling, it was about the size of a fist, and was delivered to the baby Crane.

The baby Crane with a strenuous effort lifted its long beak, yet it had no strength to consume the meat at all.

The Spirit Crane cried out, it sounded like it was urging it to consume it.

The baby Crane tried its best to open its beak but no matter how hard it tried, it had insufficient strength to do so to consume the meat.

The two Spirit Cranes were crying out, they were exceedingly anxious.

The other baby Crane moved over there to take a look as it was curious, it opened its beak as it wanted to eat the meat, but it was blocked by the other Spirit Crane, which made it call out as it was impatient.

The baby Crane on the ground tried to lift its beak again, but it slumped back down. After this, its breathing became much weaker, as if it was about to lose its life at any time.

The injured Spirit Crane pecked a small piece of meat and brought it to the side of the baby Crane’s beak.

However, the baby Crane had no strength to open its beak anymore, it stared at the two Spirit Cranes with its shining eyes, and its stomach undulated slightly, but it could not make any sound.

Chu Li could feel the sorrow and despair of the two Spirit Cranes very clearly.

He teleported abruptly and appeared two hundred meters away from the two Cranes.

The two Spirit Cranes turned to take a look at him but did not bother, their focus was all on the baby Crane.

With the activation of the Life and Death Scripture, Chu Li split the spiritual force around him into two, one was sent to the severely injured Spirit Crane, the other was sent to the baby Crane to regain its vitality.

The Spirit Crane was suddenly revitalized, it turned to look at Chu Li.

It was much smarter than humans, it knew that it was Chu Li’s doing at once.

It could feel that its injuries were slowly recovering and its situation suddenly became much better, the shadow of death slowly fainted away.

The look from the eyes of the baby Crane became much more flourished, it was gradually regaining some strength, and it was able to open its meat to swallow the piece of meat.

The other Spirit Crane cried out with dissatisfaction.

The wounded Spirit Crane cried out as well, while the other Spirit Crane turned to look at Chu Li and Xiao Shi.

The spiritual force from all directions was pure yet abundant, it was not inferior to the energy of the Glory’s Will Tree at all, it brought excellent effects.

In less than ten minutes’ time, with the nourishment of the abundant spiritual force, the wounded Spirit Crane was already half healed. Although the baby Crane was not doing as well, it was strong enough to be able to consume the meat, it managed to swallow all the meat brought by the injured Spirit Crane.

Chu Li noticed that once the dark colored meat was completely consumed, it immediately transformed into a strong vitality and was transforming the baby Crane’s body such that it was quickly becoming stronger.

The piece of meat was clearly an uncommon item, he wondered where it came from.

Xiao Shi could also tell that the two Cranes had improved significantly.

After an hour, the Life and Death Scripture stopped, the two Cranes were already looking very energetic.

The baby Crane who was laying on the ground stood up suddenly, it stumbled forward and slowly reached before Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled as he reached his hand out, the baby Crane moved its long beak towards him and rubbed his hand with it, it was showing him affection.

It knew who its savior was, it was very fond of the breath on Chu Li.

Xiao Shi smiled. “You really saved it?!”

Chu Li said, “It’s the old Crane who actually saved it, the meat that it brought was very magical, it saved the baby Crane.”

“Sigh It risked injury to obtain the meat, just like humans, they would do anything and risk their lives just for their children.” Xiao Shi sighed.

Chu Li nodded. “Much stronger than humans.”

The other baby Crane wiggled towards them too, it looked at Chu Li and Xiao Shi with much curiosity.

Chu Li stared at the two Spirit Cranes instead.

They were looking at Chu Li eagerly as if it was their first time seeing them.

Chu Li smiled in response to that, he did not feel any killing intent from them.

Chu Li and Xiao Shi teleported suddenly and disappeared.

The two of them appeared on the Symphony Island.

Xiao Shi sat down. “It was a great chance to get close to the Spirit Cranes, and you gave it up just like that?”

Chu Li shook his head. “They’re very smart, it was enough.”

“Anyhow, you saved them. They won’t return kindness with ingratitude, will they?” Xiao Shi said.

“That won’t be the case.” Chu Li grinned.

Xiao Shi sat in the gazebo and said with excitement, “This time they didn’t chase after us or tried to kill us, we can retrieve more spirit medicine, the Spirit Crane Peak must be full of treasures!”

Chu Li stood opposite of her and fell into thought.

Xiao Shi could not contain her excitement, she pushed his shoulders and said, “What spirit medicine are you preparing to make?”

Chu Li waved his hand. “I don’t want to pick up any medicine, I’d like to plant medicine.”