White Robed Chief Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Mystery

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At the Thousand Flower Domain in the Town of Clouds.

On the third floor, beside a table against the window, Chu Li and Han Fei sat opposite of each other.

Han Fei was still dressed in blue clothes, he looked natural and elegant, he held a silver glass up and took a sip from it. “I’ve inquired about this, Imperial Inspector Hu has really gone missing for three days.”

Chu Li held a glass of wine up and took a gentle sip too. “What else?”

“It seems like he suddenly disappeared from home. No one saw who took him away, only that in the early morning of the day after, the Imperial Inspector’s wife realized that no one was beside her, she slept very soundly and did not hear any movements at all.” Han Fei frowned.

“Was it Mayor Guo who did it?”

“I don’t think so. Everyone in the Town of Clouds knows that Mayor Guo and Imperial Inspector Hu do not get along well, the two of them fight all the time. Mayor Guo advocates law above all and that nobody should go against it, whereas Imperial Inspector Hu advocates law has to do with none other than human feelings, he’s tolerant and kind at doing things,” Han Fei continued.

“Tolerant and kind? I heard that he’s an upright man.” Chu Li smiled.

“He’s upright with his colleagues, but is tolerant and kind to the commoners in their town.” Han Fei pursed his lips and said, “I don’t trust that man, they say that he loves his subjects as if they’re his own children, I think that he’s doing it all to buy over people’s opinions to gain support!”

“Buying support” Chu Li nodded.

Han Fei added, “Logically, a man like him wouldn’t be murdered, at least I know that people from the martial arts world won’t do anything to him. As for Mayor Guo, I don’t think it’s possible as well after all the conflict between the both of them is known to the public, if anything goes wrong, he will be the first suspect!”

“What if it’s out of a rash decision?”

“Then they’ll only have a fight at most. Mayor Guo has solid support, he’s not afraid of Imperial Inspector Hu, there’s no need for him to murder him.” Han Fei shook his head.

Chu Li said, “Seems like nobody knows for sure.”

“I invited Mayor Guo over. You can just ask him about it,” Han Fei said as he smiled.

“Looks like your Jiang Chuan Alliance has a certain relationship with Mayor Guo.” Chu Li frowned.

Han Fei laughed and said, “Brother Chu, what are you thinking, I won’t collude with the officials, it’s just common intercourse Although Mayor Guo is a harsh man, he abides by the rules, unlike Imperial Inspector Hu, who only looks like he’s a tolerant and kind man but doesn’t abide by them.”

Chu Li frowned and looked at him. “Brother Han, you’re not the one who did it, are you?”

“Look at what you’re saying! I know what can be done and what can’t be done, moreover, I won’t put you into trouble, Brother Chu!” Han Fei waved his hand and broke into a laugh.

“That’s good then. A missing Imperial Inspector is a serious matter, but Mayor Guo chose to conceal the matter instead of announcing it, no matter what, it’s a dereliction of duty.” Chu Li nodded.

“Mayor Guo probably has his own difficulties.” Han Fei grinned.

Chu Li looked at him then shook his head helplessly.

The power of the Jiang Chuan Alliance had already expanded to the Town of Clouds, so Han Fei wanted to make a bold and resolute decision to reform it, by carrying out the integration of trading companies of the associations. Since it required the support of officials, it was inevitable for him to make friends with Mayor Guo.

Han Fei was an extremely wise man who would not lose his sense of propriety, thus Chu Li was not worried.

Footsteps were heard when a middle-aged man dressed in purple clothes made his way upstairs slowly, he took a look at the third floor with a long and solemn face, he projected a natural dignity and power.

He had a tall and straight physique like a pike, as he walked, each step he took was so cautious it was as if he was walking on thin ice, his pace was slow yet leisurely. It was like he was walking with a certain melody, which gave out a sense of potency.

Chu Li checked out the middle-aged man.

Han Fei stood and did a fist salute as he smiled. “Mayor Guo, please!”

The middle-aged man in purple clothes put on a serious face and nodded, he did a fist salute too. When he got closer, he stared at Chu Li.

Han Fei and said, “Mayor Guo, this is Chu Li. I believe you’ve heard of Brother Chu, Mayor Guo.”

Chu Li did a fist salute and smiled. “Greetings, Mayor Guo!”

“I see, Chief Chu, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Chief Chu is a busy man, how do you have the time to visit the Town of Clouds?” Guo Zaixing did a fist salute, but he still put on a solemn and serious look.

Chu Li laughed. “I believe that you already know why, Mayor Guo.”

Guo Zaixing frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“It’s about Imperial Inspector Hu. Mayor Guo, are you still playing dumb?” Chu Li smiled and looked at him.

Guo Zaixing sneered. “As expected of the High Duke’s Public House!”

The relationship between High Duke’s Public Houses and the Mayor was not very harmonious, they had an animosity between each other.

As Chu Li came to the Town of Clouds stately to investigate the disappearance of Imperial Inspector Hu, why would Guo Zaixing treat him so nicely? Even if Chu Li was a renowned Chief of the Glory’s Will Courtyard, he was not afraid at all.

Chu Li said, “Mayor Guo, let us have a seat and talk.”

Guo Zaixing sat down and drained all the liquid from a silver glass.

Chu Li said, “The disappearance of Imperial Inspector Hu can no longer be repressed, the Fairy’s Capital already knows about it.”

Guo Zaixing frowned and remained silent.

It seemed like nothing could be kept a secret in the town, it was all a waste of effort.

Chu Li continued, “Everyone suspects that it’s you who did it, Mayor Guo.”

“Hmph!” Guo Zaixing sneered.

Chu Li laughed and said, “Mayor Guo, I know that you tried to stop the news about Imperial Inspector Hu from spreading out but unfortunately, it has happened anyway.”

“Someone is purposely spreading the news!” Han Fei said.

Guo Zaixing frowned and looked at Han Fei.

“The news started to spread yesterday. I’m afraid that Imperial Inspector Hu is most likely doomed by now,” Han Fei added.

Guo Zaixing’s face turned gloomy. “Who exactly is it that did this?”

Han Fei shook his head. “It’s extremely mysterious, there have been no clues yet.”

“I’m relieved that it’s not you, Mayor Guo. Nonetheless, Mayor Guo, you have to be careful as well,” Chu Li said.

“Come at me if they have the courage too! What do I have to fear!” Guo Zaixing said coldly.

Chu Li said, “Mayor Guo, I didn’t think that you were an army.”

Guo Zaixing scoffed and said, “These gangsters don’t dare to be upright and come at us, I presume that Imperial Inspector Hu is still alive, it’s up to the High Duke’s Public House now!”

The strongest power in the Town of Clouds was the High Duke’s Public House, even though it seemed like there was no one from the High Duke’s Public House in the town, secretly, there were countless spies. Only the High Duke’s Public House could save Imperial Inspector Hu, no one else was reliable.

Even the Jiang Chuan Alliance, in terms of experience and numbers of spies, was still far from the High Duke’s Public House. After all, the High Duke’s Public House had a few hundred years of accumulation, its roots were already deeply planted, most of the spies were unbelievable.

Chu Li shook his head and said, “Imperial Inspector Hu is already dead!”

It was because there was no information from the spies of the High Duke’s Public House, so Chu Li sought help from Han Fei and the Jiang Chuan Alliance, and the help of Guo Zaixing. It was very odd that the three of them had no news about him at all.

Chu Li had already used the All-Seeing Divine Power but could not sense Imperial Inspector Hu at all, he had already passed away.

It was certainly not a small matter that the Imperial Inspector had died, if he could not find out the details about it, Chu Li would not be able to explain himself to the Secret Guardians Hall.

Furthermore, this matter had happened under the ruling of the Yi Public House, if he could not solve the case and capture the murderer, there would be nothing left of the dignity of the High Duke’s Public House. All the Mayors and Imperial Inspectors would be discouraged by the danger and would be anxious at all times.

Han Fei asked, “Mayor Guo, has Imperial Inspector Hu provoked anyone recently?”

“Provoked anyone It has been quite peaceful lately, due to the marriage of the Eldest Master, everyone behaved very well.” Guo Zaixing thought for a while then shook his head and said.

“Even with the three of us, we still can’t find out who the murderer is? Who the hell is it that has such remarkable abilities!” Han Fei said in disbelief.

Chu Li frowned and remained silent.

It was the trickiest part of being a martial arts master.

If one or two top-notch masters entered the Hu Residence, brought him away soundlessly and left the town with no trace, then hid outside of the town to murder and bury him, how could anyone start looking for him if it was so mysterious?