White Robed Chief Chapter 480

Chapter 480 A Murder Out Of Rage

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Guo Zaixing asked, “Chief Chu, are you certain that Imperial Inspector Hu is dead?”

“Yes, he has indeed passed away. Just that his corpse can’t be found for now I’ll think of another way.” Chu Li sighed.

“How many years has it been since the last time something like this has happened! How daring to actually murder an Imperial Inspector!”Guo Zaixing gritted his teeth and said slowly.

Chu Li remained silent.

In this world where martial arts prospered, the power of the authority of the Imperial Court was not so strong. Just like an Imperial Inspector of a town, it should be a high position, out of reach for the commoners who did not know martial arts, whatever they said could decide life or death.

However, for a martial arts master, he or she could just murder him out of rage.

Han Fei said, “I believe that it was a top-notch master, these kinds of masters don’t usually attack people, or seek revenge, or have any conflict of interests.”

Guo Zaixing shook his head and said, “As an Imperial Court official, how can we not provoke anyone?”

Chu Li held a silver glass up and drained it. “Leave it to me!”

“It’s all up to the High Duke’s Public House now. We can only rely on the High Duke’s Public House during crucial times like these!” Han Fei sighed and said.

Although the Jiang Chuan Alliance was powerful, it was unlike the depths of the High Duke’s Public House. It required hundreds of years of operation, such that he was afraid that he would not be able to live until then.

Chu Li said, “That’s just as it should be!”

After he had a meal with Han Fei and Guo Zaixing, Chu Li returned to Han Fei’s residence.

He sat on the bed in the guest bedroom, then took out a strand of hair and looked at it for some time.

It was the hair of Imperial Inspector Hu, after some time, there was still nothing. The All-Seeing Divine Power could sense blood, however,once someone died, it would not be able to sense anything.

Chu Li frowned and thought for a while, suddenly an idea sparked in his mind.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb slowly landed on his heart, suddenly the blood throughout his entire body became like the endless flow of a river, as it carried endless strength to all parts of his body.

Chu Li suppressed his persevering spirit of pride and impulse, restrained his swirling thoughts and started to perform the All-Seeing Divine Power.

With the All-Seeing Divine Power, he went on a mental journey in the sky, his senses became much sharper and much keener, he started to sense according to the strand of hair in his hand.

Chu Li’s body suddenly disappeared and soon enough, he appeared at the halfway point of a mountain peak, inside a dense forest.

He lowered his head and looked at the graveyard beneath him, through the Omniscient Mirror, he saw a corpse laying underneath the soil.

Chu Li pressed on the ground with his palms, whereby an invisible power gushed into it, then he pressed softly.

“Bam” a muffled sound was heard as the ground exploded, then a dead body rose up slowly as if it was being held up by two hands. The body had an underlining cloth on, blood spots densely covered the green face.

Chu Li’s heart was cold, he looked at the corpse with no sorrow or joy, it was most probably the body of Imperial Inspector Hu.

Based on the color of his face, he suffered a technique that separated his muscles and displaced his bones, causing a retrograde flow of his blood. He must have died in extreme pain.

Looking at how his corpse was not ruined, it was clear that it was not a revenge killing, more like he was forced to confess something. Someone wanted to get information out of Imperial Inspector Hu.

Chu Li’s eyes were like lightning as he looked at every inch of Imperial Inspector Hu, hoping that he would find some clue. It would be even better if there were any objects left behind.

Suddenly, Chu Li opened the Imperial Inspector’s hand and saw a cotton material.

He held onto the cotton material and activated the All-Seeing Divine Power once again.

Usually, the All-Seeing Divine Power would not be able to find anyone through cotton materials.

However, since Chu Li had a godlike aid at the moment, his senses became exceedingly sharp.

He disappeared at once and reappeared in the courtyard of a commoner’s residence in the Town of Clouds.

Inside the house, there was a man who was cultivating on the bed with his legs crossed, he suddenly opened his eyes and saw Chu Li’s appearance.

Chu Li flashed and appeared before him.

It was an undersized, skinny middle-aged man, he had a mouth that stuck out and a chin like an ape’s, he had a wretched appearance and did not look like a good man indeed, but he did not look like a top-notch master either.

He launched his fist at Chu Li, and there was a vague wailing sound, it sounded like a sword was coming his way.

Chu Li did not dodge at all instead he dashed towards him directly.

“Bam!” Chu Li took a hit, but he immediately launched a fist at the undersized man, which sent him flying backward.

Not only was Chu Li’s body technique so quick, but the undersized middle-aged man also did not think that he would not dodge at all, so he did not manage to avoid his attack, and took in a solid hit from Chu Li’s fist.

Chu Li paused for a moment, then launched another attack at him, another solid hit from his fist.

“Bam!” The undersize middle-aged man was embedded in the wall, however, he had managed to hit Chu Li once as well.

Chu Li did not bother about his fist attacks, he walked slowly two steps ahead of him and sealed his acupuncture point.

He felt that his chest was vaguely stinging as if two swords had hit through.

The fist technique of the undersized middle-aged man was like a sword technique, his fists were odd like a sword and unusually swift and fierce, it was unfortunate that he had met Chu Li who completely outmatched him.

Chu Li threw the undersize middle-aged man onto the bed and said slowly, “Did you kill Imperial Inspector Hu?”

The undersized middle-aged man looked at him coldly then shut his eyes.

Chu Li removed the Heavenly Demonic Orb and felt hungry instantly.

He did not bother about it, instead, he directly hit the cinnabar field of the undersized middle-aged man once.

“You” the undersized middle-aged man stared at him stealthily, he looked completely dissatisfied.

He could have actually activated his secret skill, but Chu Li’s movements were too fierce and too fast that he was already held down before he could activate it, he was truly vexed!

Right then and there, his martial arts would be stripped off of him, his life would not be spared and he could only wait to die!

Chu Li asked faintly, “Why did you kill Imperial Inspector Hu?”

“Identify yourself?”

“What did you want to ask Imperial Inspector Hu?”

“Do you have partners in the Town of Clouds?”

“Do you have partners in the Fairy’s Capital?’

“Since Imperial Inspector Hu knew nothing at all, why didn’t you spare his life?”

“Very well, since you’re thinking that way and you don’t take human lives seriously, then I’ll learn from you and send you to the Ultimate Land of Bliss!”

The undersized middle-aged man shut his eyes and said nothing throughout, Chu Li on the other hand kept shooting him questions, as if the man actually answered him.

He had already found the answer through his mind, which made him look even more ghastly.

Suddenly, Chu Li hit the man’s chest with his palm, the undersized middle-aged man widened his eyes abruptly and showed a mocking sneer, then he slowly lost his breath.

Chu Li lifted him up and teleported to where Imperial Inspector Hu’s dead body was, then he threw him into the hole that was already there, and teleported again back to Guo Zaixing’s residence.

He explained everything to Guo Zaixing. Once Guo Zaixing heard that he had located Imperial Inspector Hu’s corpse, he immediately sent someone to retrieve it.

Chu Li then returned to Han Fei’s residence.

Han Fei was waiting for him in the courtyard.

The lanterns in the courtyard were lit up so brightly that it looked like daytime.

“Brother Han, let them serve us the food, I’m hungry!” Chu Li sat in front of him.

When Han Fei saw Chu Li’s ghastly expression, he waved his hand and ordered his maid to pour him a drink. “What happened?”

“I found Imperial Inspector Hu,” Chu Li said in a hoarse tone.

“Is he dead or alive?” Han Fei quickly asked.

“Dead.” Chu Li sighed.

Han Fei held a silver glass up and drained all the drink from it. “Everyone has their own lives, nobody can stop it! Who did it?”

“The Holy Church of Light,” Chu Li replied coldly.

“Since when did Imperial Inspector Hu have something to do with the Holy Church of Light? Isn’t the Holy Church of Light from the Li Dynasty? Why did they come over here and cause trouble with Imperial Inspector Hu, could it be that Imperial Inspector Hu was concealing his identity?” Han Fei asked as he was puzzled.

Chu Li shook his head. “This matter involves a huge secret, it’s best that you don’t know about it, Brother Han.”

“What secret?” Han Fei was very curious.

Chu Li said, “I’ll tell you next time Do me a favor, secretly spread some news for me.”

“What news? You’re not telling me the secret but asking me to do you a favor instead?” Han Fei continued.

Chu Li shook his head. “Say that the Green Hill murdered Imperial Inspector Hu.”

“The Green Hill Faction? You want to blame it on the Green Hill to take revenge for what happened previously, don’t you?” Han Fei laughed and said.

Chu Li responded, “Incidentally, the Imperial Court won’t look into the Green Hill Faction.”

“No problem, count on me! So what exactly is the secret?” Han Fei nodded.

“It’s related to the Holy Church of Light, it’s best for you to stay out of it. You better go into hiding as well, don’t get involved with them.” Chu Li sighed.

“Then I’ll follow you. I’m almost done with my matters here, I’d like to pay the Fairy’s Capital a visit,” Han Fei said.

“… That works too.” Chu Li nodded.