White Robed Chief Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Breathing

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At the main hall on Iron Eagle Island.

It was evening time, the main hall was painted red by the sunset.

Chu Li, Xiao Tieying and Xiao Baihe sat together and conversed.

“He really died?” How daring!” Xiao Tieying’s handsome face looked gloomy as he said coldly.

“Sigh, it’s a pity. Imperial Inspector Hu had an excellent reputation as an official, he was deeply loved by the people.” Chu Li shook his head.

Xiao Baihe said, “Imperial Inspector Hu’s death will affect the High Duke’s Public House greatly if we don’t settle this matter well. I’m afraid that we will cause antipathy of the people, they might even lose faith in the High Duke’s Public House!”

“That’s right. I’ve already sent someone to spread the news that it was the Green Hill Faction.” Chu Li nodded.

“Was it really the Green Hill Faction?” Xiao Tieying’s face became even more ghastly.

Chu Li shook his head. “It’s the Holy Church of Light.”

“The Holy Church of Light? Them again?” Xiao Tieying frowned.

“They’re a bunch of people who are not afraid of death at all. As of now, we can’t provoke them, so it’s better that we don’t, in case if someone really exposes the information, it’ll be very tough for us to deal with.” Chu Li sighed.

Xiao Baihe quickly nodded. “Yes, yes, if anyone mentions that the High Duke’s Public House is after the Holy Church of Light, are we still not going to attack? If we attack, we’re not strong enough, if we don’t, we’ll be looked down on by the people and the sects of the martial art world Chief Chu’s trick sounds good, striking first to gain the advantage.”

Chu Li said helplessly, “We have no other choice.”

“Do we really sweep out the Green Hill? Previously we have suffered losses because of them, this time we must make it up and teach them a good lesson. This time, they’re the ones at fault, can they still form an ally of sects?” Xiao Tieying smiled.

Chu Li shook his head.

Xiao Tieying was shocked. “Are you saying that we do nothing at all?”

Chu Li said, “Eldest Master, we can’t touch the Green Hill Faction this time, instead, we must be just and honest, we must announce to the world that it was the Green Hill who did it.”

“Isn’t that showing that we’re weak? The Green Hill will think that we’re afraid, won’t they?” Xiao Tieying pondered and said.

Chu Li laughed out loud. “Who would think that the High Duke’s Public House is afraid of the Green Hill?”

Xiao Baihe smiled and said, “It’s more likely that the Green Hill is afraid of us, we have no reason to be afraid of them at all, everyone knows that.”

“Then we’ll forgive them?” Xiao Tieying was dissatisfied.

The death of one Protector of the High Duke’s Public Houses was enough to break his heart, more so, six of them had died, so he hated the Green Hill and Feng Huang Mountain to the bone. Killing over a hundred of them did not vent his hatred, Xiao Tieying wished that he could exterminate all of them, but unfortunately they were not strong enough, so he could not do whatever he wanted to.

Chu Li said, “Eldest Master, think about it, everyone knows that we have an intense hatred towards the Green Hill, if there’s an opportunity to launch an attack on them, they think that we’ll beat them up for sure. However, we speak according to the truth and act justly, when we do that, what do you think everyone will think of us?”

“What will they think of us?” Xiao Tieying asked.

Chu Li responded slowly, “They will put more trust in the High Duke’s Public House, even the sects in the martial art world will believe in the High Duke’s Public House, and it is this trust that is hard to come by. It’s fine that we’re overbearing, but we will act justly and fair, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, we won’t try to take revenge just because of personal animosity!”

“That’s prestige, am I right? Prestige as such can really do wonders!” Xiao Baihe sneered.

Chu Li smiled and nodded.

Xiao Tieying shook his head and looked at him.

Chu Li laughed and said, “Eldest Master, you think that it’s inappropriate?”

No matter how great Chu Li’s plans were, or how smart his methods were, without the agreement of the Eldest Master, it could not be carried out.

Xiao Tieying sighed and said, “You really can get blood out of a stone, you can even exert such a magical effect out of a matter like that I just feel sorry for Imperial Inspector Hu.”

Chu Li added, “Imperial Inspector Hu’s success and failure in life were both because of his life experience.”

Xiao Tieying and Xiao Baihe nodded.

Every coin has two sides, nothing is completely good. Just like Imperial Inspector Hu, he had an excellent life experience so he became the Imperial Inspector, but it was also because of that identity that made him lose his life.

“Are you going to return?” Xiao Shi frowned slightly.

The two of them stood in the gazebo on the Symphony Island, the clear lake outside reflected the sunset, it was like red brocades, gorgeous and colorful.

Initially, Xiao Shi was in a good mood, but when she heard what Chu Li said, she became quite down.

Chu Li said, “I’d like to go to the Spirit Cranes Peak to play with the Spirit Cranes.”

She thought for a while. “… Alright, you must be wary of King An once you return, he’s full of guile and is very crafty.”

“That’s for sure. I’m always on guard when it’s him, let us go to the Spirit Cranes Peak now?” Chu Li laughed and said.

“You’re not leaving?”

“I can do that tomorrow, it won’t do if I return too quickly anyway.” Chu Li grinned.

Everyone knew that he had a great Light-body Technique, but few truly knew how great it was, if Xiao Shi suddenly returned to the Fairy’s Capital, then the Secret Guardians Hall would know and would utilize him fully for sure.

Hence, Chu Li must hide his limitations to leave himself a way out.

He held Xiao Shi’s waist then teleported for a few times before they arrived at the Spirit Cranes Peak.

The Spirit Cranes Peak was showered in red by the setting sun, lush greenery and forests were all over the peak, spiritual force assailed their noses, it was unusually refreshing.

Once he appeared, Chu Li could hear the sound of the baby Crane.

Although it was small, its voice was so loud that it pierced through the clouds, such that the entire Spirit Cranes Peak could hear it.

Two Spirit Cranes stood on the tree and watched the two baby Cranes playing around underneath the tree. They glanced at Chu Li and Xiao Shi for a while, then did not bother about them anymore as if they had not seen them, they had acquiesced their existence.

The baby Crane that was saved by Chu Li flapped its wings and ran like it was flying, in a flash, it dashed towards him.

Chu Li reached out his hand to hug it, he almost fell down when he stumbled.

He secretly clicked his tongue, it was already so strong even though it was only so small, truly gifted.

Accompanied by the progress of the Heavenly Demonic Power, the Art of White Tiger, the Sentient Menace and the Life and Death Scripture, his powers were becoming much stronger, Chu Li was felt so strong that he could defeat an Innate Master without using his inner energy.

Nonetheless, it was incomparable to the spirited baby Crane, as expected, the difference between humans and Spirits Cranes was too huge.

The baby Crane was very friendly as it flapped its wings on Chu Li, it rubbed him with its long beak.

Chu Li could not stand the warmth from it, so he patted its head. The other baby Crane pounced onto him as well and rubbed him with its long beak as if it was trying to join in the fun, Chu Li look embarrassed because of the two Cranes.

Beside them, Xiao Shi admired him and felt that that it was funny at the same time, she kept on chuckling.

The first baby Crane looked at Xiao Shi curiously, then it rubbed her arm with its long beak, causing Xiao Shi to almost fall down as her body tilted.

Chu Li quickly held onto her.

Xiao Shi only felt that the long beak had an enormous power such that she had no strength whatsoever to resist it, she could not help but exclaim, “So strong!”

“They’re very gifted, it’s admirable.” Chu Li shook his head and smiled.

Chu Li activated the Life and Death Scripture and channeled the spiritual force around them into the bodies of the baby Cranes.

They instantly stood still without moving an inch and shut their eyes with much spiritual force, it looked like they had transformed into a statue.

“What’s going on?” Xiao Shi asked.

Chu Li laughed and replied, “They’re cultivating.”

“They can cultivate too?”

“It’s considered to be their ability. You can learn,” Chu Li answered.

“How can I learn when my body is different from theirs?” Xiao Shi laughed and said.

Chu Li replied, “You can learn from their breathing tempo.”

“Alright.” Xiao Shi felt that this was interesting, so she joined in the fun and listened to Chu Li’s instructions.

“Exhale Exhale” Chu Li said slowly.

Xiao Shi followed and breathed.

Chu Li said, “Inhale Inhale exhale, exhale, inhale — exhale — inhale!”

Xiao Shi stopped, she frowned and looked at him.

Chu Li said, “Just follow this tempo, that’s right.”