White Robed Chief Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Beaten Up Again

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Chu Li closed fist saluted and thanked the two adult Cranes for their kindness. He then bid farewell to the two little Cranes.

The two little cranes rubbed against him with their long beaks longingly.

Chu Li patted their heads and carried the two Spirit Rabbits with one hand and wrapped his other arm around Xiao Shi before disappearing in a jiffy.

The two of them appeared in a gazebo on the Symphony Island. There were breezing winds and it was unusually humid.

“Are we eating these two Spirit Rabbits?”

“Let’s try it out.”

“Have them sent to the kitchen to be cooked then.”

“How about we roast them ourselves?”

“… Alright.”

Xiao Shi gave out a few instructions and soon enough someone came over with charcoal and a stove.

A voluptuous white female cook took the two rabbits for some cleaning.

She returned quickly and embarrassingly said, “Young Lady, the knife from the kitchen cannot cut open the skin of these rabbits.”

“Oh” Xiao Shi turned and looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled. “Use my sword then.”

He handed over his Modesty Sword.

“… Yes.” the female cook was reluctant as she took the sword and trod away.

“It looks like it’s really a Spirit Beast. Just a rabbit and already showing such traits.”

“I wonder what are the benefits of consuming it?”

“It’s just rabbit meat, what benefits could there be? It’s not a spirit grass.” smiled Xiao Shi.

The female cook was efficient and quick. It was not long before she brought over the cleaned rabbits and handed back the Modesty Sword to Chu Li.

The fire was set up and the two personally watched over the flame.

Chu Li had some experience in roasting but was nowhere near the level of the female cook.

It was not long before they both handed over the rabbits to the female cook and watched her roast them instead.

An aromatic scent soon lingered around them. Both of them took a bite and tasted its smooth tenderness. It was beyond delicious, with compliments to the female cook.

After the meal, Chu Li thoroughly experienced a warm current flowing from his stomach and circulating around his body, making him warm inside. This warm current roved around his internal organs, bolstering them.

Ever since he initiated the Heavenly Demonic Power, he has a slight pang of hunger and no matter how much food he consumed, he could never feel full. After eating this Spirit Rabbit, Chu Li felt fulfilled.

Xiao Shi commented, “Nothing great.”

Chu Li grinned. “This is not a miraculous pill so you can’t hope for some wondrous effect. Young Miss should practice more of the Breathing Technique. I’ll be heading back now.”

“Go, go! You should return to the Fairy’s Capital and come back at night.” Xiao Shi flung her arms up.

“Alright,” agreed Chu Li.

He flashed and appeared outside of the Fairy’s Capital.

Chu Li spent the night at the Spirit Cranes Peak last night and he had returned with a tired expression on his face and a worn sense of travel to the Secret Guardians Hall.

Two of the protectors saw him and closed fist saluted. They did not stop him.

Chu Li headed straight to the hall where Xu Huande was going through scrolls and scrolls of files.

Seeing Chu Li enter, Xu Huande put aside his files and coldly glared at him. “What a carefree life you’re living. As a Secret Guardian, you did not report to the Imperial Court, instead, you prioritized your personal matters and abandoned your work, you’re really…”

Chu Li closed fist saluted. “How are you recently, Commander Xu?”

“Not good at all! Have you investigated on Imperial Inspector Hu?” scoffed Xu Huande.

Chu Li sat opposite him. “Died by the hands of the Holy Church of Light.”

“Mm? The Holy Church of Light again?… It can’t be that coincidental, right? Could be it that because there’s no verification so the setback?” Xu Huande frowned.

Chu Li said, “I took a torn cloth from Imperial Inspector Hu’s hand and followed this piece of cloth to a disciple of the Holy Church of Light. I have already killed that fellow. I can check if he’s really a disciple.”

“How dare they! How dare they kill an official of the Imperial Court!” Xu Huande’s face sunk.

Chu Li added, “Why they would want to kill Imperial Inspector Hu is a cold case. Now both parties are dead so I couldn’t interrogate anything. The disciples of the Holy Church of Lights always have their lips sealed.”

“I will order some men over to investigate. If it’s true, you have rendered meritorious service. The Holy Church of Light! You’re still planning on dragging it on?” Xu Huande said solemnly.

“I’ll return to the Imperial Residence and settle down before starting my investigation on the Holy Church of Light!”

Xu Huande showed reluctance before adding, “I heard that King An has been dispelled of his martial arts and suffered so severe injuries that he is sterile.”

Chu Li frowned. “How did that leak out?”

“So it’s true. Then trouble is headed towards the Imperial Residence of King An, you have to be careful.” Xu Huande shook his head and sighed.

“What’s happening?” snorted Chu Li.

“I need not say more. You’re a smart one so you should be able to guess it. He is sterile so King An will not have offspring to carry on his legacy. That means that King An will not inherit the throne,” said Xu Huande.

Chu Li replied, “Not necessarily. The physician possesses advanced skills, he will figure out a way.”

“This is about offspring, the physicians can’t do anything about it. Without offspring, he can’t inherit the throne.” Xu Huande shook his head and sighed.

“He could take in the offspring of relatives.”

“But it wouldn’t be his own flesh and blood. It would be endless trouble in store for the future. Anyway, King An can be considered out of the running for the throne.” sighed Xu Huande.

Chu Li responded, “It has its benefits. He won’t be feared nor oppressed by others.”

“There are benefits but he would be looked down upom and possibly bullied. Two days ago, Leng Qiu was beaten up again,” answered Xu Huande.

Chu Li’s expression turned. “By who?”

Xu Huande replied, “Who else?”

“Leng Tao!” Chu Li gritted his teeth and scoffed.

Xu Huande gently nodded.

Chu Li exclaimed, “I’m heading to the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng tomorrow!”

“… Don’t tell me to beat up Leng Tao?’

“So what if I’m beat him! It’s time to demand justice for Miss Leng Qiu. A man dares to bully a lady who doesn’t know martial arts? This kind of people must be beaten up!” scoffed Chu Li.

“Don’t forget about Prince Cheng. King An is no longer the previous King An. Prince Cheng need not to be wary of him,” said Xu Huande.

Chu Li fell deep into thought. “Beat Leng Tao up and in passing, investigate the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng, killing two birds with one stone!”

“This is a good idea. It will not attract the attention of others.” smiled Xu Huande.

Chu Li stood up and closed fist saluted. “Then I shall take my leave.”

“Go, and don’t forget to head to the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng tomorrow. But your two subordinates have yet to return,” continued Xu Huande.

“They will rush back tomorrow,” said Chu Li.

“Alright then.” Xu Huande nodded.

Chu Li returned to the Imperial Residence of King An.

He had just returned to his courtyard when Leng Qiu and Leng Qing rushed over. The maids following them were huffing and puffing behind.

Leng Qiu was pouting and when she entered the courtyard, she sat down opposite to Chu Li. “Head Chief, you must demand justice for me!”

Chu Li looked at her face but it was without any bruise or scar.

“Is Leng Tao hitting people again?” asked Chu Li.

Leng Qiu hatefully responded, “He slapped me and said if you have guts, then you should hit him back.”

“He grew some balls,” answered Chu Li.

“They saw that father is dispelled of his martial arts and took the opportunity! A bunch of wimps and snobs!”Leng Qiu scoffed.

Chu Li looked towards Leng Qing.

Leng Qing was dressed in a pale purple garment. She was cold and detached.

Leng Qing added, “Ever since Father’s martial arts was dispelled. Everyone’s attitude has changed. There’re some that sympathize, and some that taunt. Everything has changed! Head Chief, do you have any plans?”

Chu Li shook his head. “His Royal Highness is the backbone of the Imperial Residence. Now that His Royal Highness has taken a fall, the Imperial Residence will be impacted. But don’t worry, His Royal Highness will recover his martial arts.”

“The road to recovery is not easy. It’s said that Father cannot have any offspring. We will never have a brother,” Leng Qing dully responded.

Chu Li remained silent.

Leng Qing remarked, “This is the main point.”

Chu Li sighed. “Let the adults worry about this. You should not be troubled it.”