White Robed Chief Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Temptation

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“This relates to the fate of the Imperial Residence, how can I not worry?” Leng Qing dully replied.

Chu Li said, “Young Lady Qing please relax. It will get better.”

“When will it get better? I see Father keeping more and more to himself, flying into rages at the slightest provocation. If this continues, the Imperial Residence will not be better but worse. Everyone will be in trouble.” scoffed Leng Qing.

“Yes yes, and there will always be people such as Leng Tao.” Leng Qiu nodded forcefully.

Chu Li responded, “Rest assured Young Lady, I will demand justice for you and beat up Leng Tao!”

Leng Qiu beamed with joy but proceeded to grow even more worried. “You still dare to hit him?”

“Why not? I hit him once, I can hit him again!” smiled Chu Li.

“It’s better not to cause any trouble. If the Imperial Residence goes down, everyone’s fate will be absolutely wretched,” continued Leng Qing.

“It’s not that bad. Compared to regular citizens, you are descendants of an aristocracy. No matter how down in the dumps things become, you are still royal blood.” chuckled Chu Li.

“A prestigious person down and out is more inferior to the common folk.” Leng Qing shook her head.

Chu Li helplessly smiled.

Leng Qing had always been pessimistic, with a slight notion of world-weariness.

Leng Qiu added, “Head Chief, when will you beat up Leng Tao?”

“Tomorrow,” answered Chu Li.

“Can I come to watch?” Leng Qiu was excited.

Chu Li thought about it before nodding with a smile. “It’s better to watch.”

He wanted to demand justice for Leng Qiu and shake the spirits of the Imperial Residence.

Leng Qiu was overjoyed. “Thank you, Head Chief!”

Leng Qing frowned and became worrisome. “To offend Leng Tao at a time like this is not wise. Royal Uncle Cheng will not let this slide.”

“It’s okay, I have a plan.”

“Instead of demanding justice, we’re made fools by others. There are many who like to add insult to injury, everyone wants in on the bandwagon,” Leng Qing added.

A Royal Family was the cruelest of all. Every sibling was a rival. There was no such thing as blood relations but only fights to the death. Once there was an opportunity to knock down the opponent, no one would relinquish such a chance. They would not allow Father to rise again and would think of a way to crush him.

Leng Qing could not help but feel despair when her thoughts reached there. Outsiders saw Princes with eternally glorious fame but who knew of its lurking dangers? Being born in the Royal Family was not guaranteed a life of prosperity. Constant fear was a common thing.

“Big sister! We must knock him out and vent on him just like the last time!” yelled Leng Qiu.

Chu Li smiled. “Young Lady Qiu, if you would like to vent then you must cultivate so that you can beat him yourself.”

“Me? My talent is not sufficient.” Leng Qiu shook her head.

Leng Qing sighed and helplessly stared at Leng Qiu. “I also wish to learn cultivation!”

Chu Li remained silent.

There were many miraculous pills and medicines in the Imperial Residence but she was a female, hence the reluctance for her usage. If she were a male, King An would have long begged His Majesty to provide some medication to make up for her lack of talent.

Even if Leng Qiu could be a genius but with a bit of reparation, she would at least be moderately proficient.

“Head Chief, His Royal Highness has summoned you,” Zheng Lide’s voice was heard from the outside.

Chu Li responded, “Alright, I will go over immediately.”

“His Royal Highness is in the Cultivation Courtyard.”

“Uh huh.”

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing got up and excused themselves.

As they bid their farewells, Leng Qing urged, “Don’t say that we came over or else mother will nag us again.”

Chu Li smiled and nodded.

Chu Li pushed open the door of the Cultivation Courtyard. There were only King An and Xu Ning in the courtyard.

Xu Ning was standing in a corner, avoiding any attention.

King An was sitting by a stone table and looking at him peacefully. He pointed at the stone stool by the table.

Chu Li sat opposite him. “Your Royal Highness.”

“You’ve just returned to the Imperial Residence, you have heard of the rumors, right?” King An looked calm as if the original grudge had been forgotten.

Chu Li nodded. “Everyone doesn’t think Your Royal Highness can be in line to the throne.”

“Humph! A bunch of short-sighted dim wits! What are your thoughts?” King An snorted coldly and dully continued.

“What did the physician say?” asked Chu Li.

King An replied, “It’s treatable.”

Chu Li looked at Xu Ning.

Xu Ning lowered his head and was meditating with his eyes closed. He was not moving an inch.

Chu Li smiled. “This injury can be treated?”

“The skills of the physician is the best. Combine that with medication, curing my wounds poses no problems. It’s not as the rumors say.”

Chu Li stared deeply into his eyes.

King An’s mind was hard to read but he had an almost undetectable habit.

When he would tell a lie, the little finger of his left hand would twitch. If it were not for his Omniscient Mirror that looked into such detail, Chu Li would certainly have missed it.

His kidneys were not in good shape. It looked like he really was sterile. His tactic was indeed ruthless and cruel enough, yet wonderful beyond words.

Chu Li continued, “It looks like the people out there are spreading this intentionally! Their motives are unforgivable!”

“That’s right! Their motives are appalling!” coldly blurted out King An.

Chu Li asked, “Your Royal Highness has summoned me?”

“It’s about the Amethyst Mountain, that Geng Huarong, kill him!”

“Your Royal Highness, I’m afraid that I may not be able to kill him. He’s hiding in the Amethyst Mountain. I can’t just barge in and kill him.”

“You are full of ideas, think of a way to lure him out to die!”

“… Alright, I will try.”

“Once it is a done deal, I will grant you a treasure.”

“Treasure?” Chu Li was surprised.

King An dully spoke, “I have a set of daggers, cast in meteorite and unbreakable.”

Chu Li smiled. “Thank you, Your Royal Highness!”

It seemed as though King An was set on roping him in that he resorted to this tactic.

“Go. I will be troubling you with all matters within the Imperial Residence. I will focus on my cultivation in hope to recover my martial arts at the soonest.” King An waved his arm.

“Yes.” Chu Li closed fist saluted and got up.

Once Chu Li left, the Cultivation Courtyard resumed its peace. King An coldly scoffed.

Xu Ning asked, “Your Royal Highness is planning on giving the Head Chief the daggers?”

“Humph, so what! As long as Geng Huarong is killed!” King An dully replied.

Xu Ning spoke no more and pressed his palms together. The silence continued.

The morning of the next day, Chu Li was lost in his thoughts in the courtyard after his meal when Chief Zhu’s voice was heard coming from the outside, “Head Chief, two Secret Guardians from the Imperial House are here to see you.”

“Uh huh. Let them wait in the hall,” answered Chu Li.

When he came to the hall, Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen were already waiting. They greeted him with a closed fist.

Chu Li waved his arm. “Today we’re heading to the Imperial Residence of King Cheng.”

“Yes!” Both of them were in high spirits.

They had long wanted to go to the Imperial Residence of King Cheng to catch the disciples of the Holy Church of Light to render meritorious service.

Chu Li commented, “You have just returned, do you want a break?”

“We are not tired!” The duo quickly shook their heads.

Chu Li smiled. “You have to be prepared, we might not be able to catch any disciples of the Holy Church of Light.”

“If the Imperial Residence of King Cheng comes up empty, there will be other Residences!” Dong Qifei grinned and snickered.

Chu Li shook his head and smiled.

After a brief moment, Leng Qiu and Leng Qing appeared in dark green activewear, with a longsword strapped to their waists. The five then set out from the Imperial Residence of King An to the Imperial Residence of King Cheng.

Outside of the Imperial Residence of King Cheng, Dong Qifei flashed his Secret Guardian waist tag in a bid to see the Prince.

The gatekeeper acted casually as he listlessly agreed and went in to pass the message.

Both of them glanced at Chu Li.

If it were not for Xiao Shi killing the Secret Guardians of the Imperial House, causing the reputation of the Secret Guardians to fall, the Secret Guardians of the Imperial House would not have received such cold treatment. They would have received immediate warm welcomes.

After some time, the entrance opened and Leng Tao brought a group of people out.

Seeing that it was Chu Li as well as Leng Qiu and Leng Qing, Leng Tao’s white fat face tensed up then loosened. He coughed and laughed out loud gleefully. He then proceeded to shout, “What are you doing here? Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can enter our Imperial Residence.”