White Robed Chief Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Revenge

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“Yo, if it isn’t Head Chief Chu!” Leng Tao shouted peculiarly.

He stood on the steps and sized Chu Li up. His small eyes were beaming with excitement. “Who would have thought that Head Chief Chu would be so free to come visit our Imperial Residence!”

Chu Li closed fist saluted. “Prince, we came to the Imperial Residence by order of the Secret Guardians Hall, we hope Your Royal Highness will accept us.”

“What are the Secret Guardians of the Imperial House doing here?” Leng Tao tilted his head and looked at him. “Oh, right, I remember! Isn’t it because Princess Siao killed two of the Secret Guardians of the Imperial House? Head Chief Chu, why are you now a Secret Guardian of the Imperial House? This change happened too suddenly!”

Chu Li remained calm as he dully responded, “This is by order of His Majesty, so we can’t deny it.”

Leng Qiu looked toward Chu Li in dissatisfaction.

Wasn’t the Head Chief more brazen in the past? Why had he gone soft now? Even when faced with Leng Tao’s sarcasm, he did not butt heads, instead maintaining a calm tone.

There was no point wasting saliva on this type of fella. Just hit him already!

“Oh, so you’re saying that you came to the Imperial Residence by order of His Majesty?” Leng Tao smiled with his narrow eyes.

Chu Li explained, “The Secret Guardians Hall received intel that enemy spies have snuck into all the Imperial Residences. For the safety of all princes, the Secret Guardians Hall had been summoned to conduct an investigation which I am heading.”

“Investigation?” Leng Tao curled his lips in disdain. “As if you would be able to identify the spy!”

Chu Li smiled. “Of course I can.”

Leng Tao scoffed. “I don’t trust you, so how do we go about this?”

Then, he held up both his arms up helplessly. “I worry that you have your personal agenda and wish to seek justice for Leng Qiu. I know that you will intentionally identify our loyal servants in the Imperial Residence as spies and hold them captive in the Secret Guardians Hall. I think you should just save your breath!”

Chu Li dully replied, “And is this what King Cheng thinks?”

“This is what I think!” Snorted Leng Tao, “Can’t I be the decision maker?”

Chu Li continued, “If this message came directly from King Cheng, then our Secret Guardians Hall would not impose any further and would leave this instant. However, if you are not King Cheng’s messenger, then you should step aside.”

“Humph! I will take responsibility for my actions!” Leng Tao dismissively waved his arm and yelled, “Scram scram scram! Not any Tom, Dick or Harry is allowed into the Imperial Residence of King Cheng!”

Chu Li calmly added, “So you’re saying that you’re going against the Secret Guardians Hall?”

“That’s right!” Leng Tao scoffed with delight. “I object! What can you do about it? You with the surname Chu, don’t think this is like before. The Imperial Residence of King An is not in a good state now. It’s better for you to tuck your tail between your legs and leave. No one will agree with you if you continue to be this reckless.”

Chu Li suddenly flashed a smile. “So, the prince is bullying us because we’re experiencing hardship at the Imperial Residence, which is why you hit Miss Qiu, is that correct?”

“… That’s right, what are you going to do about it!” Leng Tao lifted his head up and peered at him.
“I hit her, do you plan to avenge her?”

“Business is business, personal is personal!” Chu Li shook his head. “I separate business and pleasure… We are here merely by order of the Secret Guardians Hall to investigate the enemy spies, yet it seems you are adamant on hindering us. This begs the questions whether there’s some concealed secret that you’re afraid that the House will discover!”

“Don’t make unfounded accusations!” Squawked Leng Tao. “I don’t see you with the surname Chu eye to eye, which is why I forbade your entry.”

Chu Li replied, “You have no right to obstruct the missions of the Secret Guardians Hall. Let’s enter!”

Chu Li waved his arm.

Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen were already getting ticked off and immediately headed up the steps upon hearing the order.

“Who dares to enter!” Shouted Leng Tao out loud. “Stop them!”

Chu Li lowered his voice, “If you obstruct the Secret Guardians Hall from our assignment, then we will act accordingly. Capture him!”

“Yes!” Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen pounced towards Leng Tao.

Leng Tao howled, “Go! I will handsomely reward the man who takes them down!”

The ten protectors behind Leng Tao instantly perked up.

Although Leng Tao was dandy, he kept to his promises and could be very generous. The moment they heard of potential reward, they lunged towards Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen.

It was a shame that they were all Innate Masters. All the Grandmasters were under the order of Chen Kong to protect the Imperial Residence. They normally did not listen to Leng Tao.

The protectors behind Leng Tao had all been raised by him. There were no Grandmasters.

“Bang bang bang bang…” With ten sharp hits, the protectors flew back and landed at the feet of Leng Tao. They did not even last one round.

Chu Li shook his head. “Do you think that these people will be able to stop the operations of the Secret Guardians Hall? Senior Chen!”

He closed fist saluted at the direction of the Imperial Residence’s main entrance. He maintained his calm expression as he did this.

There was no movement near the main door.

Chu Li sighed. “Why must Senior Chen force my hand?”

As he said this, he gently flicked his arm.

“Wham!” A crisp slap was heard.

Leng Tao widened his eyes and immediately clutched his cheek. He felt an excruciating pain as he shrieked in disbelief, “You dare slap me?!”

Chu Li smiled. “I wouldn’t! This is merely teaching you a lesson on behalf of the Secret Guardians Hall.”

As he spoke these words, he flicked his arm again.

“Wham!” Another crisp sound and Leng Tao’s other cheek went bright red.

“Ah…” Leng Tao was enraged as his little eyes reddened. He furiously glared at Chu Li. “How dare you hit me! How dare you hit me!”

Chu Li looked into the main door and raised his voice, “Senior Chen, are you not coming out? I guess I’ll continue hitting then!”

He pulled his hand back and released it again.


Leng Tao’s pair of hands were forcefully separated, revealing his fat white face to yet another slap.

“Hold your horses!” Chen Kong’s deep voice called out.

He glided towards Chu Li with three Grandmasters following behind him.

Chen Kong’s face was glum as he coldly stared at Chu Li. “Head Chief Chu, don’t you think you’re going overboard?”

Chu Li smiled. “I am only enforcing the will of the Secret Guardians Hall – the prince was adamant on obstructing us and being difficult on purpose. I had to do what was necessary to maintain the image of the Secret Guardians Hall. I hope Senior Chen will excuse me. Even if you were to tell His Majesty, you know I acted dutifully, right?”

“He is still a prince. You have to show respect to the royal family!” Scoffed Chen Kong.

Chu Li laughed out loud. “The prince decided he couldn’t care less about the royal family’s image when he, a man bullied a weak lady. Why would I give him face? Where’s the respect for a princess? Now, senior Chen, are you allowing us entry or not?”

“Well…” Chen Kong stared at Leng Tao and shook his head. He found the matter repulsive but couldn’t be bothered to harp on it further. He shook his head. “His Royal Highness wants you to leave.”

“So King Cheng does not grant us entry?” Smiled Chu Li. “Does he not want to look for the enemy spies?”

Chen Kong was dressed in a blue robe and looked outstanding as he replied, “His Royal Highness does not want to make everyone anxious.”

Chu Li probed further, “So His Royal Highness has personally concluded that there are no spies in his Imperial Residence? Then if anything were to happen after this, the Secret Guardians Hall will not be held responsible.”

“What spy?” Smiled Chen Kong. “Our Imperial Residence is solid.”

Chu Li closed fist saluted. “If King Cheng says so then we will not push the matter. We’ll take our leave. If you have any problems in the future, don’t seek the Secret Guardians Hall for aid. Goodbye!”

“Hold on!” Leng Tao yelled. “You lay your hands on me, yet you expect to leave just like that?”

Chu Li smiled as he narrowed his eyes. “I’m sorry, young prince. Did I hit you too hard?”

“You with the surname Chu, just you wait!” Leng Tao pointed at him angrily. “I will warmly welcome Leng Qiu unless she never appears again!”

Chu Li sighed and looked at Chen Kong. “Is this also by order of King Cheng?”

“Just childish play. His Royal Highness can’t be bothered with such things,” smiled Chen Kong. “Since when was Head Chief Chu put in charge of these trivial matters?”

Chu Li replied, “Then I will teach Miss Qiu a sword technique move. If the prince is killed, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

“Haha…” Chen Kong burst into laughter. “If the prince can’t even take one hit, then he really is putting His Royal Highness to shame.”