White Robed Chief Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Escape

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The moon was high in the middle of the sky as the Imperial Residence of King Cheng quietly went to sleep.

Four men in black silently snuck into the Imperial Residence. They were like shadows, swiftly moving over the walls without leaving a trail.

Xu Huande glided and landed on the ground. He couldn’t help but sigh to himself.

He would never thought that he, a deputy commander of the Secret Guardians Hall would have to one day disguise himself as an assassin and play diversion. It really was bitter moment.

However, after thinking about the Holy Church of Light, he quickly brushed aside the feeling of helplessness. They were still counting on Chu Li to see if they could root out the disciples of the Holy Church of Light.

It was imperative that the Secret Guardian’s Hall get to the bottom of why the Holy Church of Light had come to Fairy’s Capital, whether it be for assassination or other purposes.

The Emperor has been also been asking about this matter, putting even more pressure on the Secret Guardians Hall.

If they couldn’t unravel this, then the Secret Guardians Hall would be unworthy of His Majesty’s trust in them.

Between the Secret Guardians, only Chu Li had the capability to uncover the disciples of the Holy Church of Light; otherwise they wouldn’t need to rely on him this much and entertain his wacky ideas.

However, Chu Li had both business, and personal matters in mind when doing this.

Chu Li was refused entry by King Cheng. He would have never quietly taken it sitting down. He would no doubt cause chaos in the Imperial Residence in a bid for revenge.

“Who goes there!” A bellow came from the bushes. Finally, someone discovered the four of them.

Xu Huande solemnly announced, “Retreat!”

“Assassins!” A protector from another direction yelled, breaking the silence of the Imperial Residence of King Cheng.

A few shadows charged toward them four.

Those by Xu Huande’s side were the best of the best in the Secret Guardians Hall. The four of them teamed up and focused us getting themselves out rather than harming anyone as they quickly bolted away.

In a moment, they would exit the Imperial Residence.

“Humph!” A deep grunt was heard. They looked up and saw Chen Kong standing on the rooftop, barring their way. He coldly stared at the four. “Surrender and your lives will be spared. The Imperial Residence of King Cheng is not a place where you can come and go as you please!”

Xu Huande deepened his voice, “Give way or don’t blame us for what’s to come!”

As he said these words, they dashed toward Chen Kong.

Three figures landed beside Chen Kong and together with Chen Kong, they clashed with Xu Huande’s group. Eight of them instantly engaged in a fight.

Xu Huande was soon exchanging blows with Chen Kong; the both of them were equally matched.

“Bang bang bang bang…” Blow after the blow, in the blink of an eye, the two had exchanged over twenty moves.

The remaining six were also had to split apart, they were all outstanding masters.

The best of the best of the Imperial Residence were gathered here to capture them. If they were not captured this time, they may return another time. It would be an endless cycle of trouble.

“Bang bang bang…” The clashing thunder of palm energy shook the Imperial Residence.

The people in the Imperial Residence were smart enough to hide in their houses, suppressing their curiosity and not going out.

About ten minutes later, another man in black appeared before calling out, “Let’s go!”

“Head Chief Chu!” Chen Kong yelled out in a rage.

Chu Li was dressed in black and wore a mask. He chuckled. “You’ve got the wrong person!”

“Why are you here!” Chen Kong bellowed.

Chu Li smiled. “To see what exactly is hidden in the Imperial Residence. What is so private that we aren’t allowed in to investigate.”

“How dare you!” Chen Kong howled, “You’re not afraid of His Royal Highness telling on you?”

“We have already helped His Royal Highness save face, but he is not playing along. Don’t blame us Secret Guardians Hall for not offering the same privilege twice!” Chu Li snorted. “Let’s go!”

He spat out these words and glided away.

Xu Huande and his group soon fled as well.

Chen Kong waved his arm and gestured at the protectors by him not to give chase.

“Elder Chen, we’re just letting them go?” One of the protectors asked and scoffed. “Especially that Chu Li, how ignorant he is. He really is looking down on our Imperial Residence.”

“Go and check to see if there is anything missing,” scowled Chen Kong. “And also, check if anyone is wounded.”

“… Yes,” The protector knew Chen Kong did not wish to pursue further and could only obey his orders.

Chen Kong looked at the night sky where Chu Li and the rest had disappeared as his brows furrowed into a tight knot.

He was somewhat suspicious on the reason why Chu Li was so persistent in investigating the Imperial Residence of King Cheng. Could the Imperial Residence really be harboring spies?”

Chu Li and the four soon returned to the Secret Guardians Hall. It was brightly lit in the House.

After arriving the hall, the remaining three members had gone home. Thus, only Chu Li and Xu Huande entered the hall.

“How was it?” Xu Huande hadn’t even taken off the cloth masking his face when he immediately posed the question. “Were they any traces of the Holy Church of Light?”

Chu Li nodded. “There was!”

“How many?”


“Go and capture him tomorrow!”

Chu Li answered, “Have Chen Kong come over and explain it to him. I’m sure he’ll know what to do.”

“He’ll believe us?”

“It’s a disciple of the Holy Church of Light, he would want to believe us. If he doesn’t, he could check himself and see first-hand.”

“… I’m still not convinced,” Xu Huande shook his head. “Let’s personally capture the disciple ourselves.”

Chu Li shook his head. “It would be very troublesome. The Imperial Residence of King Cheng would intentionally find fault and interfere. This could possibly lead to that person’s escape.”

“Really?” Xu Huande frowned.

Chu Li continued, “What do you think King Cheng would do? If he really grants us entry to capture that disciple of the Holy Church of Light, then what would it say about about his earlier behavior? Naive and arrogant? Idiotic?”

“Is his face more important than the disciple of the Holy Church of Light?” Xu Huande snorted.

Chu Li smiled.

Xu Huande too, has a good head on his shoulders. His face darkened as he mulled over Chu Li’s words.

King Cheng would do just about anything for his personal benefit.

Chu Li added, “The situation would be very different if they themselves captured the disciple. The Imperial Residence of King Cheng would do no wrong and would have protected their image.”

“Who would have thought,” Xu Huande eyed him up and down and then proceed to shake his head, “that you’d look out for them.”

“Work is work, personal is personal,” smiled Chu Li. “I separate my work and personal matters clearly.”

“… Alright then, I will talk to Commander Chen,” Xu Huande casually replied.

He was not convinced that Chu Li would differentiate work and his private life.

If they could enter the Imperial Residence of King Cheng to capture the disciple of the Holy Church of Light, the Secret Guardians Hall would regain its former glory, and their words would once again carry weight to the Emperor’s. Their work would no doubt also go much smoother henceforth.

If they were to allow the Imperial Residence of King Cheng to capture the disciple, then the fruits of the Secret Guardians Hall’s labor would be stolen.

The current state of their organization made him lean toward the first scenario where they would go straight to the Imperial Residence’s door step and catch the perpetrator. He subconsciously ignored the risks.

Chu Li, on the other hand, was clear on his decision and lightly laughed, “Send for a brush and ink.”

Moments later, somebody brought over some ink and paper, with the ink already grinded and ready for use.

Chu Li picked up the brush and drew a portrait in one breath, breathing life into it.

He picked it up to blow on it before handing it over to Xu Huande. “This should be a protector of the Imperial Residence of King Cheng.”

Xu Huande lowered his head to scan and nodded. “Alright, I will speak to Chen Kong tomorrow and have him act on it.”

Chu Li smiled. “I also wish to take a break for a few days.”

“… Okay,” Xu Huande muttered. “If he really is a disciple of the Holy Church of Light, then you have completed your mission. You can take a long break then.”

Chu Li answered, “We’ll know when he’s captured.”

The morning of the next day, Chu Li was cultivating his Heavenly Demonic Power in the courtyard when Chief Zhu’s voice was heard calling from the outside, “Head Chief, there are two Imperial Houses here seeking you.”

“Send them in,” replied Chu Li.

Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen soon walked into the courtyard.

They closed fist saluted but their faces were dark.

Chu Li swept his gaze across the duo, but he did not stop moving.

Dong Qifei couldn’t hold it in finally exclaimed, “Captain, he escaped.”

Chu Li immediately stopped moving. “Escaped?”

Dong Qifei grit his teeth and snarled. “The Imperial Residence of King Cheng let him go on purpose!”

Chu Li looked towards Yang Zongwen.

Yang Zongwen sighed. “Commander Xu took us to the Imperial Residence of King Cheng, and as we were talking to Chen Kong, we saw someone escaping from the inside. He was the person we were looking for.”