White Robed Chief Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Sword Fight

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Chu Li stepped forward and gave him a tight slap.


The sound rang out clear as day. Leng Tao hurriedly clutched his face and took a few steps back before shouting, “Why did you hit me?!”

Chu Li lowered his voice. “You should know why!”

“Why did you hit me?” Leng Tao shouted in displeasure while holding his face. “I brought these items here out of the goodness of my own heart to help the Secret Guardians Hall in their investigation, so what is with your attitude? I am going to tell Grandfather and make you pay for your crimes!”

Chu Li snarled, “Alright, then go tell the Emperor. Let’s confront each other, why did that Holy Church of Light disciple manage to escape? How would he know the news and escape in advance, didn’t someone inside secretly divulge the information to him?”

“Preposterous!” Leng Tao loudly shouted, “Stop sprouting nonsense and malicious slander, I did not divulge any information to him!”

“Who said it was you?” Chu Li growled coldly, “Why are you so defensive?”

Fu Mengshan and Xu Huande stared at Leng Tao in disbelief.

There really was someone who divulged information!

The would never have imagined that Leng Tao, who was the son of the Prince, would not have known how severe this matter is, and actually dared to do something so stupid!

Chu Li coldly said, “For you to dare divulge information to a disciple of the Holy Church of Light, I see you must be tired of being the Imperial Crown Prince!”

“Nonsense! On what basis are you accusing me of divulging information?” Leng Tao suddenly became shrewder as he cried out.

He suddenly realized that there were no clues leading to him as the suspect, not to mention, the diciple had already managed to escape. There was no more evidence left; as long as he refused to say anything, no one would be able to convict him.

Chu Li scoffed. “The Holy Church of Light is hard to investigate, but the same can’t be said for you.”

“Hmph, I didn’t give out any information, you can’t blame anything on me!” Leng Tao grit his teeth and refused to back down.

Chu Li waved his hand dismissively. “I can’t be bothered to argue with you anymore, hurry up and get lost!”

Leng Tao glared viciously at him, then turned around and walked away.

“Was it really him?” Frowned Xu Huande.

Chu Li sighed. “Most likely.”

“Sigh This crown prince of Royal Highness Cheng is really impossible!” Fu Mengshan shook his head in disgust.

“Commander, I will not get involved in anything else after this.” Chu Li closed fist saluted.

“You” Fu Mengshan and Xu Huande exchanged looks after realizing that Chu Li was giving them his conditions.

Fu Mengshan chuckled. “Alright, alright, you can rest.”

Chu Li closed fist saluted, “Then I shall take my leave!”

He left immediately after saying this.

“That man” Seeing Chu Li leave, Xu Huande scoffed in dissatisfaction.

Fu Mengshan shook his head too. “Smart people are like that, they are suspicious and always keep their cards hidden. The fact that he even told us this is proof of our friendship.”

“The Great Light Scipture” Xu Huande frowned. “We will have to ask the Emperor about this.”

“With a name like that, it can’t just be loosely tied to the Holy Church of Light,” said Fu Mengshan. “We should indeed ask the Emperor.”

Chu Li returned to his own courtyard and saw Leng Qiu and Leng Qing practicing their sword technique. Their fragrant sweat was pouring freely, thoroughly drenching their clothes, revealing their delicate and exquisite curves.

Chu Li sat at the stone table by the side as he watched them practice, feeling lazy and not wanting to move.

He felt a sense of relaxation and leisure that he did not have before. There was nothing that needed his attention in the Public House, and King An from the Imperial Residence was also silent. There was no immediate threat to himself.

However, recently, he had been feeling lethargic and unmotivated, as if he was born to be busy.

The sound of knocking came from outside, and Chu Li personally went to open the gate.

The lively and beautiful Song Liuying stood outside the gate, donned in an apricot yellow gown as she greeted him, “Head Chief, where is Qiu Er and Qing Er?”

Chu Li gestured for her to come in. “Princess, the two Ladies are currently practicing.”

Song Liuying delicately entered the courtyard. Seeing the two girls waving longswords, her gaze turned cold and frigid, and could not help but frown.

“Mother!” Leng Qing stopped moving and came closer.

Song Liuying glared at her in displeasure. “Look at yourself, how undignified!”

Leng Qing said, “I was practicing my swordplay, what are you doing here, mother?”

“Hurry up and go change your clothes!” Scoffed Song Liuying.

The two girls obediently went into Chu Li’s house and quickly changed into white clothes before coming back out.

“You two are ladies, why are you practicing swords?!” Scoffed Song Liuying, “What use is there for practicing?”

Chu Li spoke up, “Princess, Lady Qing and Lady Qiu’s bodies are too weak. Practicing swords will help strengthen their bodies and prevent them from falling sick easily.”

Song Liuying looked at him and sighed helplessly. “Head Chief, they will not pick fights with anyone. Practicing swords is different from practicing palm techniques. They should try to retain their slim posture.”

“Swordsmanship can help save their lives in crucial moments,” laughed Chu Li. “Palm techniques won’t do them any good.”

“You want them to save their own lives?” Laughed Song Liuying.

Chu Li smiled. “Does the Princess not wish to see the swordsmanship I came up with?”

“That’s not it,” Song Liuying waved her hand while laughing. “I just do not want these girls to fight and compete, only to end up losing their bearings as young ladies.”

“Mother-! Leng Qing frowned in displeasure.

Song Liuying continued, “You two still need to marry, you cannot possibly spend your days dancing with swords, right?”

“Why not?” Scoffed Leng Qing, “We can be like Aunt Xue.”

Song Liuying’s face immediately darkened.

Chu Li said, “Why don’t the Princess find a Protector and let them spar against each other?”

“Hm?” Song Liuying looked at him curiously.

Chu Li smiled. “If they manage to defeat the Protector, I imagine the Princess will not oppose them practicing anymore.”

“No, I am not doubting the swordsmanship you are teaching them, Head Chief,” Song Liuying hurriedly waved her hand. “I just do not want them to learn martial arts.”

Chu Li replied, “Relying on oneself is better than relying on others, it will be better if they know some swordsmanship.”

“…Alright,” Seeing Chu Li this persistent, Song Liuying could only agree helplessly.

Right now, the entire Imperial Residence was reliant on Chu Li. Even if she was the Princess, she had to give some leeway to Chu Li.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing became excited.

“Xiao Gu, go get two wooden swords,” Song Liuying turned and said to the Protector outside the gate.

“Yes, Princess,” The voice of a young man answered.

A moment later, a handsome young man entered the courtyard with two wooden swords in his hands. He gave one of them to Leng Qing.

Leng Qing gently waved her sword a few times and nodded her head in satisfaction. This wooden sword was heavy and was similar to the Emerald Tipped Sword. There were not many differences grip-wise between the Emerald Tipped Sword too, so her swordsmanship should not be affected much.

“Come,” Leng Qing took two steps forward as she brandished her sword.

The handsome young man, Xiao Gu, closed fist saluted. “Lady Qing, after you!”

Leng Qing stared straight at him. “You go first.”

“Yes,” Xiao Gu responded and lightly thrust the sword.

Leng Qing scoffed. “Did you not hear me? Do it properly!”

“Yes!” Xiao Gu said hurriedly.

He did not hold back this time, lest he get called out by Lady Qing again. Thus, he roused his spirit and swiftly brandished the wooden sword.

Leng Qing stepped to the side and stabbed the longsword outward.

“Smack!” Xiao Gu brought his sword back to block, and the wooden sword in Leng Qing’s hand flew out.

The onlookers were all struck speechless.

Xiao Gu stared with wide eyes open in disbelief.

He had only used one move.

He initially wanted to give her a chance. Even if he were to win against Lady Qing, he would only do so after exchanging a hundred or so moves and win under difficult circumstances, obtaining a marginal victory. He would never have thought that the match would be settled so quickly.

Leng Qing also widened her eyes. She had complete confidence in herself and felt the heat flow in waves through her body alongside a huge surge in strength. She thought she would be able to defeat Xiao Gu in just one stroke.

Song Liuying also looked at her in surprise, then toward Chu Li.

Chu Li shook his head with a smile.

Song Liuying pursed her lips into a smile. “Head Chief, Xiao Qing’s swordsmanship?”

Chu Li laughed.

Leng Qing cried in disbelief, “Again!”

She went over to pick up the wooden sword, then pointed it at Xiao Gu and said coldly, “Again, hurry up and pick up your sword. Cheating is not allowed!”

“…Yes,” Xiao Gu looked toward Song Liuying helplessly.

Song Liuying smiled with pursed lips. “Go along with her!”

Xiao Gu lightly and delicately stuck his sword out, but after meeting Leng Qing’s frigid glare, he hurriedly gathered himself and struck out again with full strength.

“Smack!” Leng Qing’s sword once again was sent flying.