White Robed Chief Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Seeking Help

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“This… this…” Leng Qiu stared with wide eyes, looking at Leng Qing and then at Chu Li.

Chu Li sighed, “Your level of attainment is still too shallow.”

Leng Qiu turned her head to stare at him.

Could she not defeat this Protector? How was it that she was so bad at this that she could not even deflect a single attack?!

Chu Li explained, “You have only practiced for two days, but others have been practicing for years. How could you have won against him so easily?”

“Isn’t this swordsmanship supposed to be amazing?!” scoffed Leng Qing.

Chu Li grinned and said, “No matter how amazing the swordsmanship, if it is not honed properly, there will be no might. Do you understand how bad you are now? If you do not practice hard, harder than now, you will never have a chance.”

He never said ‘win against Leng Tao’, but the two girls understood.

It was a sudden wake-up call for them, they knew that they still had a long way to go.

Song Liuying pressed her lips in a smile, “Head Chief…”

Chu Li laughed, “Does the Princess still not want them to practice swordsmanship?”

Song Liuying suddenly felt regret. She should not have shirked around earlier. If she had immediately agreed to what Head Chief said, right now Young Qing and Young Qiu would have given up and stopped practicing.

“How about this, one month,” Chu Li smiled, “Let them practice for a month. If they have not gained anything, then they will give up completely and no longer practice swordsmanship, how does that sound?”

“Head Chief must keep his word!” Song Liuying nodded her head.

Chu Li looked at the two girls.

They bit their red lips and nodded forcefully with a kind of determination which showed there was no going back.

Chu Li nodded his head in satisfaction, at least his efforts did not go to waste.

Song Liuying looked at the two girls with a happy smile, as if already seeing them obediently giving up on the sword.

That expression of hers made them even more annoyed, but they changed their frustrations to strength and made the decision to train their swordsmanship even harder. They would not be afraid of working themselves to exhaustion!

Not long after Song Liuying left, Chief Zhu’s voice trailed from outside, “Head Chief, Lady Lu has arrived!”

Chu Li’s brows furrowed, and he said lightly, “Send her in!”

“Yes,” Chief Zhu hurriedly responded.

A moment later, Lu Yurong pushed the gate open and entered. She nodded slightly towards the two girls and looked at Chu Li, “Let’s find a place to talk!”

Chu Li saw her beautiful face sink, the aura she carried was like a tidal wave encompassing the heaven and earth, as if it was unable to be suppressed any longer and would explode.

Chu Li knew that something big had happened. He nodded his head, and the both of them walked to Tianshu Courtyard.

Tianshu Courtyard was completely empty, Yang Xu, Xue Ling, and Siao Shi were not there. No one dared to enter.

“What is it?” asked Chu Li.

Lu Yurong said, “Chu Li, I know you know of a secret skill that can resurrect the dead!”

Chu Li frowned, “Did someone die?”

“Yes,” Lu Yurong gritted her teeth and nodded her head, “Leng Feng sustained a fatal wound and died!”

“Hm-?” Chu Li looked at her in surprise.

Logically speaking, she brought Leng Feng to hide within the Public House. That should have been the safest place.

If Leng Feng died, then the throne for Prince Jing would be suspended. It would be the same scenario with what happened with Prince An. Prince Jing was not young anymore, it was hard to tell if he could sire another child.

Lu Yurong said, “We can talk about the details later, can you save him or not?”

Chu Li remained silent.

He could not admit this, or it would bring more trouble than what it was worth. Even the Emperor would find him then, and refusal would not be an option. Would he not be worked to death then?

Lu Yurong frowned, “You can’t?”

The tidal wave aura on her body dissipated, becoming weak in an instant. She looked at him with a somewhat disoriented gaze.

She was normally high-spirited with a face like white jade. Now she was pale as a sheet, with no color in her complexion at all.

“How long has he been dead?” asked Chu Li.

“Half a day,” Lu Yurong sighed and looked at him, but her gaze did not seem to have a

focus, “Someone assassinated him, and I could not save him in time! …I know that you will have a way.”

She knew that Chu Li once brought Siao Shi back to life using a type of secret skill of the Eclipse Purloin.

Chu Li still remained silent.

Lu Yurong pursed her red lips tightly, looking weaker than ever before.

She was waiting for Chu Li to state his terms.

Chu Li slowly said, “Where is he now?”

“The Imperial Residence of Prince Jing!” Lu Yurong hurriedly said.

Chu Li said, “Bring him to Qin Yun Town!”

He did not want to demonstrate the Eclipse Purloin in Fairy’s Capital. It would be too obvious and attract the attention of the Emperor, as well as the attention of various masters.

“Qin Yun Town?” Lu Yurong frowned at him.

Chu Li said, “Do not speak of this to anyone besides Prince Jing and his wife!”

“…Alright,” Lu Yurong bit her red lips, staring intently at him.

Chu Li said, “I will wait at the north gate of Qin Yun Town for you!”

Lu Yurong curtsied, her aura once again surging to the sky. She turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

Chu Li flashed and appeared at Qin Yun Town.

He first booked an entire restaurant and emptied out everyone inside. He stuck a few longswords on the roof of the restaurant, nailed a few axes, and then went to the north gate of Qin Yun Town.

He just reached the north gate when Lu Yurong appeared in a stream of light, an already rigid Leng Feng slung over her shoulders.

Chu Li took him and fluttered into the restaurant.

Placing Leng Feng on the table, Chu Li activated the Eclipse Purloin.

Lu Yurong stood by the side, watching Leng Feng’s rigid body slowly becoming softer, and finally opening his eyes.

She knew Chu Li had the Eclipse Purloin technique, but she still found it hard to believe.

This already exceeded the scope of martial arts. It was interfering with the natural order, it was truly unimaginable.

Chu Li heaved a sigh, the process went very smoothly this time.

He raised his head to see the gloomy sky and said to Lu Yurong, “You two hurry and leave. My troubles is almost coming!”

“What is happening?” Lu Yurong frowned.

She could feel the terrifying pressure coming from the sky and had inexplicable palpitations. Her instincts kept urging her to hurry up and leave, and that there would a disaster among disasters approaching.

Chu Li sighed, “The price for using the Eclipse Purloin. The Heavens are not happy, so they are putting my life to the test.”

“Is it that severe?” Lu Yurong hurriedly said, “Will you be alright?”

Chu Li raised his head to look at the ever darkening sky, “There is only life or death. You two leave first, or you might die again after just being saved.”

He looked at Leng Feng and shook his head.

Leng Feng was still ignorant, he did not understand what was happening at all.

Chu Li urged Lu Yurong again, “I don’t want to be distracted, hurry up and leave!”

“…Alright,” Lu Yurong bit her red lips tightly, picked up Leng Feng and fluttered away.

Chu Li breathed a sigh of relief.

“Kaboom…” A huge sound shook the heavens and earth.

It was as if there was only this humongous sound in the entire world, all other sounds seemed to have vanished.

Several bolts of lightning instantly shot down at the restaurant Chu Li was in.

Under the electricity, Chu Li quietly sat by the window-side table of the restaurant, his expression calm and stable.

Lu Yurong and Leng Feng stood at another restaurant not far from him. Under the light the electricity cast, they even saw Chu Li direct a smile at them.

“What happened to him?” Leng Feng said cluelessly, “Why did he get struck by lightning?”

“It was because of you!” Lu Yurong glared at Chu Li and said coldly, “In order to save you, he is receiving this heavenly punishment! You owe him your life!”

Leng Feng scoffed, “Who asked him to save me!”

Lu Yurong quickly turned to give him a look and then turned back. She did not say anything more, but only stared intently at Chu Li.

The thick lightning bolts were slightly hindered by the longswords on the restaurant roof. It sent the swords and axes flying and penetrated the restaurant in an instant, landing on Chu Li’s body.

Chu Li was immediately struck by lightning.

“It’s over!” Lu Yurong sighed, her heart suddenly becoming empty and despondent.

Leng Feng exclaimed excitedly, “He must be dead!”

“Smack!” Lu Yurong turned around to give him a slap.

Leng Feng cradled his face and glared at her in anger.

Lu Yurong said coldly, “This is how you treat your savior, you disappoint me!”

The lightning and dark clouds in the sky dissipated in an instant and returned back to sunny weather.