White Robed Chief Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Shura

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Lu Yurong felt her heart sink in sorrow, Chu Li might really be dead!

She stared blankly at the not so distant restaurant which just lost its roof. She never thought that Chu Li would just die so easily.

He always seemed like he enjoyed challenging her. They schemed against each other, and even when they worked together they still competed secretly. It was hard to tell who was superior between them, they were evenly matched.

For this case, he should have established his conditions and set up all sorts of difficult scenarios, and forcing her to have to grit her teeth and accept them in helplessness.

However, he did not state even a single condition, and immediately saved Leng Feng.

In addition, saving someone was actually undertaking such a large risk, he was gambling on his own life!

She stood blankly, her thoughts in turmoil, as if tumbling over one another. She did not know what she was thinking about at all.

Leng Feng looked at her, not daring to say anything lest he got hit again.

In his time at the Public House, he witnessed her might and clearly saw her true colors. He did not harbor any more beautiful thoughts towards her.

She was not the virtuous woman he imagined her to be, but an actual female tyrant. She was an existence that definitely should not be approached!

Lu Yurong turned her head and coldly said, “You stay here, do not go anywhere.”

“Where are you going?”

“Where do you think?!”

“It’ll be good to see if he really died or not, after all, he did save my life. If he really is dead I will bow to him once in front of his grave.”

“You shut your mouth!”

“Alright, alright, I won’t say anything more. You go.”

Lu Yurong fluttered over to the restaurant.

Chu Li lay motionless on the floor. The floorboards were already burned into a huge hole, completely charred black.

However, Chu Li’s white robe was still completely spotless. The sight was extremely eye-catching.

He looked as if he did not get struck by lightning, but was just in a deep sleep.

“Chu Li…” She went forward to touch his wrist.

The strong beating made her stunned, but it immediately made her overjoyed. He was not dead!

However, such a strong pulse made her slightly worried.

This kind of heartbeat was not normal. His wrist seemed to vaguely emit a strange elasticity, as if rejecting her grasp, not allowing her to touch him.

“Chu Li…” she called lightly

Chu Li suddenly opened his eyes. Electricity swam inside his eyes, making her heart palpitate involuntarily.

“Gasp-” Chu Li spat a long breath.

Lu Yurong hurriedly asked, “How are you?”

Chu Li stood ramrod straight, as if there was someone supporting him from behind.

He brushed off his white robe, “I’m fine.”

“Are you really alright?” frowned Lu Yurong, “I will not take the chance to harm you!”

Chu Li laughed, “I’m not worried about that. You should take care of that younger cousin brother of yours instead!”

Lu Yurong turned to glance at Leng Feng who was on the roof. He was looking at them with absolute boredom.

Lu Yurong sighed, “This time…”

Leng Feng was his opponent, but he actually went through such dangers to save him. It was not normal at all, there was only one reason he would help, and that was because of her!

She pondered, she was afraid that Chu Li liked her!

That was why at the most dangerous and crucial moment, he agreed to help her without hesitation, and demonstrated his secret skill without regard of his own safety!

Chu Li said, “You owe me this time. I can think of the conditions another time.”

“Alright!” Lu Yurong sighed in relief and showed a smile, “Are you really alright?”

“I won’t die,” said Chu Li, “I’ll leave first. Do not speak of this matter to anyone else. The next time I use this secret skill, I really might lose my life!”

“Of course,” Lu Yurong nodded her head firmly.

Chu Li waved his hand and fluttered away, disappearing from sight in an instant.


Chu Li flashed and appeared at the small island in the Yi Public House.

He sat at the stone table in the courtyard and looked down at his chest.

The Heart of Asura that was originally there had disappeared, as if it was never there in the first place.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb above his chest flashed with cold electricity, as if it became a ball of electricity.

He let out a small smile.

He gambled a large bet today, but he never thought that he would reap such profits!

The might of the Heavenly Demonic Power was astonishing. If it had not activated this time, he might really not be able to endure it, and he might end up having to die.

He realized that every time he used the Eclipse Purloin, the lightning bolt he had to endure would become stronger as well; it would become more intense after each time. This time was very dangerous, if he could not rely on the Scripture of Life and Death to transform life and death, he would not have dared to try and save Leng Feng.

The Heavenly Demonic Power actually devoured this lightning bolt, pushing halfway through the fourth layer in an instant.

With this, it was clear how hard it would be to cultivate the Heavenly Demonic Power to the fifth layer.

For such a large display of electricity, a pure force from heaven and earth, it was only able to push halfway through the fourth layer.

At the same time, he also felt slightly regretful, if it were not for the Mountain of Amethyst Yin Lightning Fist and Heaven’s Thunder Palm which served as warm-up, the Heavenly Demonic Power would not have been able to suddenly devour such a large amount of electricity.

He shook his head while thinking of this, the wonders of the world really cannot be fathomed.

He stood up from where he was sitting by the stone table and demonstrated a palm technique. It was quick like a ghost and full of murderous intent, as if it was not a palm technique from a human.

This palm technique was something he just obtained- the Shura Palm.

The Heart of Asura was shattered by the electricity, and was devoured by the Heavenly Demonic Orb along with the electricity.

A strange spirit roused excitedly, drilling into his brain.

An image suddenly filled his brain. A tall and slender man was demonstrating a palm technique. The man’s appearance was ugly, his face unclear.

This was the Shura Fist that dwelled inside the Heart of Asura, and bore by the Heart of Asura. It was a shame that others had no way to inspire it, and could only be annihilated from the world along with the Heart of Asura.

What happened was a twist of fate. After getting shot by lightning, he managed to spark this legacy.

He practiced the palm technique again and again, his figure becoming quicker and faster, until even the shadow was unclear.

He suddenly stopped and revealed his figure. The expression he wore on his face was that of immense satisfaction.

Ever since he entered the Grandmaster’s Boundary, he had always felt that his martial arts was not strong enough.

The might of the Infinite Sea of Azure was strong, but it was not strong enough. The Scripture of Duality was also a top-notch technique, but it had no complementing martial techniques.

There was only the Blade of Eternity and The Blade of God Seven Forms of Godly Sword. For unarmed strikes, there was only the palm technique he learned from the High Duke Lu. Fa Yuan’s antique study could not be demonstrated carelessly.

Today, he finally obtained his own palm technique. It could be counted as his foundation.


By the time he returned to the courtyard in the Imperial Residence of Prince An, it was already the dawn of the second day.

He cultivated the Shura Fist in the courtyard, and the more times he cultivated, the stronger the might of the Shura Fist became.

The sound of knocking resounded from outside, and Chief Zhu’s voice called, “Head Chief, someone from the House of Secret Guardians is here. He said there is something very important, and wishes to see Head Chief immediately.

“Hm, I understand,” Chu Li stopped his palm.

He opened the gate of the courtyard and went out, Chief Zhu following behind him, “For someone from the House of Secret Guardians to come to our house, it looks like it is very urgent.”

Chu Li nodded his head. Upon reaching the Main Hall, he saw Zhe Liang inside the hall pacing back and forth.

Seeing him arrive, Zhe Liang hurriedly said, “Head Chief, hurry and follow me to the House of Secret Guardians.”

“Let’s go,” Chu Li reached out, and the two went outside.

After leaving the Imperial Residence of Prince An, the two hastened their speed.

“What is the rush?” asked Chu Li. He already knew, but he could not help but ask.

“A Minister Counsellor has defected,” Zhe Liang’s expression was solemn, “The House of Secret Guardians has issued the order to pursue him!”

“How do you know it was a defector?” asked Chu Li.

Zhe Liang said, “The House of Secret Guardians has always been investigating him, who would have thought that he would be one step quicker in escaping!”

“Which ministry was the Minister Counsellor from?”

“…The Ministry of War!”

Chu Li shook his head and sighed.

There were four divisions under the Ministry of War, and the Deputy from each division was called the Ministry Counsellor.

The Ministry Counsellor could be said to be a high ranking position, with unlimited potential. More importantly, the Ministry Counsellor in the Ministry of War might have obtained countless military secrets, which carried huge weight in the Imperial Court.