White Robed Chief Chapter 494

Chapter 494 Entice

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“Alright, since Young Chu insists so much, then we’ll go.” Fu Mengshan waved his hand, “Young Chu knows what he is doing. I trust him.”

“Commander, then you do not believe me!” Ma Kun’s eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

Fu Mengshan chuckled, “Elder Ma, you are my old companion. Who would I believe if not you? Really, you don’t understand Young Chu. Even though he is young, you must not underestimate him. In fact, with his Light-body Technique, even if he embarks later than us, he will still be able to catch up with the Ning brothers — faster than us!”

Chu Li glanced at him and smiled, “Commander, I might not be able to do that. I am not that amazing.”

“Haha, you, you really are modest!” Fu Mengshan laughed loudly.

Xu Huande said, “Elder Ma, time is of the essence now. Don’t talk too much and cause too much chaos. Think of a way to catch the Minister Counsellor instead!”

“I am angry and bitter at his laziness,” Ma Kun said unpleasantly, “the tracking techniques of the Ning brothers are unparalleled, they will definitely catch him. What is crucial is that we have to be quick. If we are one step too late and he manages to enter the Li Dynasty, then it will not be that easy to kill him anymore!”

“What other ideas do you have?” Xu Huande said coldly.

Ma Kun, “How about we issue an order to give the chase to the martial arts world?”

“You are mad!” Xu Huande said coldly, “Have we not embarrassed ourselves enough already? Those martial artists are not reliable at all. Who knows what they will be up to!”

“They can help as a buffer,” said Ma Kun, “or we could write a letter to the General Resident.”

“The General Resident will not listen to us!” Xu Huande shook his head.

The House and Secret Guardians, as well as the General Resident, were enemies. With the grudges they held against each other, they definitely would not cooperate.

“This matter involves their safety too. If the Minister Counsellor escapes to the Li Dynasty, they will be in trouble as well!” said Ma Kun, “There is no harm in trying! I suggest we give this task to Chu Li. His Light-body Technique is good, he should be faster than our homing pigeons!”

Everyone else took joy in seeing how Ma Kun had cornered Chu Li.

Chu Li’s expression was calm, unable to discern if he was feeling happy or angry.

This caused everyone to shiver slightly in secret.

He was very young, but he had such a good control over his emotions. A shrewd mind was far superior to mere numbers on a field. It would be better to stay away from this kind of people whose schemes would definitely not let others live.

Fu Mengshan waved his hand, “Get rid of your stupid ideas! Elder Ma, I’ll leave this matter to you. Go tell the General Resident and ask them to find masters to seal the road to the Li Dynasty!”

“Yes, we should be the ones acting in crucial moments!” Ma Kun answered helplessly, glaring venomously at Chu Li.

Chu Li looked at him calmly.

He saw through the reason why Ma Kun kept picking on him. It was because, among the two people Siao Shi killed, one of them was Ma Kun’s nephew.

Ma Kun frowned and thought that this little boy was quite tolerant. Ma Kun had provoked him so many times now, but it was not enough to make him explode. That did not give him the chance to deal with him.

Wasn’t he supposed to be a presumptuous bastard who got angry once provoked, and hit anyone indiscriminately when he was angry? He would even hit the imperial crown prince if he wanted to.

However, that did not seem to be the case now. It seemed like he had to be careful with this kind of person, who was like a dog which would bite others without barking first.

“Everyone, get to work,” Fu Mengshan waved his hand. “Those in charge of information gathering, this is your first priority. Those in charge of killing, send people out as soon as people. The Ning brothers will require the support of masters. Elder Ma, you have to send men out there… If we do not get past this obstacle, no one will be able to escape from the fallout!”

“Don’t worry, Commander,” Ma Kun steeled his expression, sobering up, “I will send men to the four paths. One to the General Resident, one to go after the Ning brothers, one to find any planted agents, and one to spread the news that the Minister Counsellor possesses a martial arts secret manual!”

“Hm, very good,” Fu Mengshan waved his hand, “let’s go!”

The crowd slowly dispersed, but all looked intensely at Chu Li before they left as if they wanted to see through him.

When everyone left, only Fu Mengshan and Chu Li were left in the Main Hall.

Fu Menshan sighed and shook his head, “Young Chu, do not mind Elder Ma. He is not one to mince his words, and once he gets angry, he loses his temper. He did not mean to cause any offense!”

Chu Li laughed.

That meant no offense? His face almost got ripped open.

Xu Huande said, “Do you think there really is an inside information?”

Chu Li shook his head, “What Senior Ma said is not wrong. Whether or not there was inside information, a defector can only be killed. I want to see if I can find any personal belongings for tracking purposes.”

“I forgot your tracking technique requires an article of clothing,” Xu Huande nodded his head. “Although the Ning brothers are unmatched in their tracking technique, there will always be unforeseen circumstances. It will be better if you track it by yourself as well!”

Fu Mengshan said, “Go then, do you need anyone to help you?”

“No need, my own two hands are enough,” said Chu Li.

“Alright, make it haste,” Fu Menshan sighed, “time waits for no man. That damn bastard, he’s going to drag our entire House of Secret Guardians with him into his grave!”

Xu Huande scoffed, “I believe that we will catch him!”

“Someone like the Minister Counsellor…” Fu Mengshan shook his head and said, “All of these high ranking officials are meat-eaters. How could they not prepare a way out beforehand? We, the House of Secret Guardians must be included among them as well!”

He was different from the confident person he was in front of the audience earlier. Now, his face was full of worry.

However, Chu Li did not let his guard down.

This was an old fox, whose expression and his inner feelings were two separate things. He must be feeling completely calm inside.

Chu Li said, “Commander, is this another scheme?”

“What scheme?” Fu Mengshan startled.

Chu Li smiled, “Nevermind.”

Fu Mengshan wrecked his brains and shook his head with a laugh, “Your brain is really… This time it is real, there are no schemes. Young Chu, you must go all out. Do not hide or hold back anymore! If you manage to kill the Minister Counsellor, I will promote you to Sergeant!”

“Sergeant…” laughed Chu Li.

“Cheeky brat, you are quite greedy!” Fu Mengshan looked at his expression and knew that he was not satisfied. He bit his lip, “How about this, if you manage to kill the Minister Counsellor before the Ning brothers, I will promote you to a Centurian, alright? That way Elder Ma will not be able to put you on the spot anymore!”

“I will try my best,” Chu Li showed a smiled, “Commander, you will keep to your words, right?”

“I will never go back on my word. Commander Xu will be the witness!” said Fu Mengshan.

Xu Huande said, “If you really can kill the Minister Counsellor, then promoting you to Centurian is nothing much anyway.”

The rank above Centurian was the Deputy Commander, and it was considered a top high-ranking position in the House of Secret Guardians.

Chu Li’s grade ranking was enough, but he was only lacking in meritorious deeds. This time, the House of Secret Guardians was really in a desperate situation. If they do not manage to kill the Minister Counsellor, the Commanders and Deputy Commanders would not be let off. Even being sent to guard the Imperial Mausoleum would be a mercy of the Emperor.

At a time like this, how could they be stingy with a position like the Centurian?

Chu Li did things in a way others usually would not. Although Ma Kun and the rest were reliable, they rarely surprised others. The Minister Counsellor might have long since seen through their behavioral patterns.

Chu Li could do it. The promise of being a Centurian would make him work willingly.

Furthermore, if this news were to be passed on to Ma Kun and the rest, it would provoke them into becoming wilder.

It would be killing two birds with one stone — there was no downside to this!

Chu Li closed fist saluted, “Farewell!”

When he left the Main Hall, Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen were already standing outside.

“Captain…?” They hurriedly said.

Chu Li gestured, “Follow me to the Minister Counsellor’s Resident.”

“Yes,” Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen hurriedly nodded their head.

Dong Qifei said, “I know that a large fire occurred there yesterday.”

“Was everything burned?” Chu Li asked as they went.

“As if it was poured with kerosene,” Dong Qifei said, “by the time help arrived, everything was burned to ashes!”