White Robed Chief Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Come To Senses

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The three of them left the House of Secret Guardians, and very quickly, they had arrived at the charred black ruins.

Besides this huge pile of ruins, the adjacent mansions were also implicated.

Two mansions were half burned, innocently implicated.

Chu Li used the Omniscient Mirror and saw that there was nothing left in the ash-black ruins. There were only some iron artifacts that had been melded together.

“What is there to see here?” Dong Qifei looked at the black ruins, not knowing where to start.

Chu Li said, “Dong Qifei, go and investigate the Minister Counsellor’s friends.”

“You want to investigate them?” Dong Qifei exclaimed.

Yang Zongwen said, “Captain, that is a hornet’s nest! This Minister Counsellor Zhou has good connections and has friends all across the country. If we really have to investigate, who knows how many other people we would need to investigate. It will be better to be more prudent.”

Chu Li gave him a look.

Dong Qifei hurriedly said, “I will investigate.”

Chu Li said, “Find out who his best friend is, or are.”

“Yes,” Dong Qifei hurriedly said.

Yang Zongwen hesitated, “This…”

Chu Li waved his hands, “Go!”

“Yes!” Dong Qifei called loudly and walked away.

Yang Zongwen hurried a few steps after him, pulled on his sleeve and said helplessly, “Captain is an amazingly smart person. Why would he want to do something like this? No one in the House of Secret Guardians has bothered suggesting this and all acted dumb. Captain was the only one who dared to poke this hornet’s nest!”

“Forget it,” Dong Qifei chuckled, “this idea is to my liking as well, so I might as well investigate them!

“You should still remain cautious,” frowned Yang Zongwen, “you should be careful. Do not expose yourself and let others discover you!”

“Of course I will investigate sneakily,” said Dong Qifei.

Yang Zongwen said, “That would be the best.”

“I know, I know,” Dong Qifei waved his hand and shot away with large strides.


Prince Jing and Princess Lu were in the backyard pacing back and forth anxiously. Their expressions were dark.

Prince Jing did not say anything. All he did was walked with his hands folded behind him.

Princess Lu bit her red lips. Her eyes already rimmed red.

“Your Royal Highness, it is all my fault,” Princess Lu sighed softly, “now that Young Feng has left, I do not want to live anymore either!”

“Princess!” Prince Jing’s face sank, “can you stop saying such things!”

“I should not have let Young Feng go to the Ren Public House!” Lu Yurong gritted her teeth.

Prince Jing scoffed, “Don’t blame Yurong, it is not her fault.”

“If Yurong had taken care of Young Feng properly, such a thing would not have happened!” Princess Lu shook her head, “Stop defending her.”

She also knew that she could blame this on her niece, but she was afraid that Prince Jing would resent Yurong.

“The Holy Church of Light wanted to assassinate Young Feng,” Prince Jing said coldly, “even if we were to keep him in the Imperial Residence, he would not be able to hide from them!”

“Why are they doing this!” Lu Yurong said in incomprehension, “Why must they go after Young Feng!”

Prince Jing said, “Who knows, the Holy Church of Light is a bunch of madmen!”

He never thought that the Holy Church of Light would dare do something like this. Young Feng was, after all, the Imperial Crown Prince. Under the wrath of the Emperor, they would definitely…

He thought about this and sighed.

The might of the Ji Dynasty was nowhere near the Li Dynasty. Even if the Imperial Crown Prince was killed, the Emperor would still be unable to go all the way to the boundaries of the Li Dynasty to annihilate the Holy Church of Light with his anger. The Emperor would only be able to unleash his wrath on the disciples of the Holy Church of Light within the boundaries of the Ji Dynasty.

However, the disciples of the Holy Church of Light had hidden very well. They were undiscoverable!

Princess Lu said, “Do you think Yurong will be able to save Young Feng?”

“It is too late,” sighed Prince Jing.

He wanted to go to the Imperial House to plead with the Emperor, but while he was hesitant. Young Feng was already taken by Lu Yurong, so all he could do now was wait and see.

He believed in Yurong. If she was that determined, she might actually have a way to save Young Feng.

His son was important, but the instant he went to the Palace to plead with the Emperor, it would mean that he would have forfeited the throne.

If everything went smoothly, this would be his throne. He was guaranteed to succeed the Emperor.

If he forcefully threw it away, the fate in which he originally had to himself would be relinquished to others to control. He would not be resigned to that. At that point, nevermind his son, he would not be able to even make decisions regarding the lives of his own family!

“Mother, Father!” Leng Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.

The two hurriedly turned to look.

Lu Yurong was already pulling him towards the backyard.

“Young Feng!” Princess Lu was overcome with joy.

Leng Feng pounced into Princess Lu’s embrace. Seeing as she started to cry, he hurriedly comforted her.

Prince Jing took a deep breath and held back his excitement. He went up to Lu Yurong and said deeply, “Yurong, thank you!”

Lu Yurong suppressed her sense of weakness and showed a thin smile, “Older cousin brother is in good health!”

Prince Jing said, “Who did it?”

His expression was calm. He was using all his Willpower to suppress the rocking in his heart.

Lu Yurong sighed, “Chu Li.”

“Him-?” exclaimed Prince Jing, “He has this kind of ability?”

Lu Yurong shook her head, “This time we owe it to him a lot. In order to save older cousin brother, he almost got himself killed too!”

“I will remember this deed of his!” Prince Jing slowly nodded his head.

Being able to bring a dead person back to life was definitely not an easy task.

Furthermore, it was incredibly dangerous. Even if it was the Emperor who was doing the saving, he would have to take huge risks, let alone Chu Li.

Lu Yurong said, “This matter cannot be revealed to anyone else. He cannot save anyone else anymore, or he will die immediately.”

“Hm,” muttered Prince Jing.

Lu Yurong suddenly felt limp and staggered.

Prince Jing quickly reached out to support her, “Yurong, are you alright?”

Lu Yurong shook her head and sat by the stone table, “I ran all the way from the Public House and back here. Thank goodness older cousin brother was able to be saved, or I would not have been able to show my face around Aunt and Uncle-in-law anymore.”

“That is still his life,” Prince Jing shook his head, “ultimately, his martial arts was too weak!”

His face darkened, expressing his displeasure towards Leng Feng.

A tiger for a father but a dog for a son. His own son had an empty ambition. Whereas he had great ambitions, but no talent at all. His martial arts was not considered weak among the peers in his age group, but it did not reach the standard of a Grandmaster. Otherwise, how would he have been assassinated so easily!

Princess Lu had wiped her tears dry, and regained her dignity.

She sauntered delicately over to Lu Yurong and grasped Lu Yurong’s hand, “Sigh… Yurong, thank you so much!”

Lu Yurong smiled, “As long as elder cousin brother is alive and well. Aunt, would you still dare to allow elder cousin brother to enter my House?”

“Of course,” said Princess Lu.

She understood now. If he had not been at Lu Yurong’s House this time, but somewhere else, he really would not have been able to continue living.

Leng Feng said, “Younger cousin sister, I want to go to the border military!”

His words greatly surprised Prince Jing and Princess Lu.

“You want to go to the border military?” Prince Lu asked hurriedly, “Didn’t you not want to go?”

“Mother, I died once this time, and I suddenly realized, dying is actually not scary at all,” said Leng Feng, “I want to get stronger, so going to the border military would be the best. Under the pressure of life and death, my martial arts will improve faster!”

“That attitude of yours is not bad,” Prince Jing said deeply. “However, the border military is too dangerous. Recently, trouble has been stirring in the Li Dynasty in which I’m afraid they might go south.”

“That’s even better. I can build up exploits and establishment, and I might even be able to end up like Uncle Ping,” said Leng Feng.

Prince Jing scoffed, “Do you think everyone is as tolerant as your Uncle Ping?”

“Anyway, I just want to go to the border military!” said Leng Feng.

Prince Jing frowned and shot a glance at Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong said, “Let’s go back to the Public House instead. Didn’t you want to settle your rivalry with Chu Li?”

Leng Feng shook his head and said, “He is my savior now, what do I have to settle with him! Hah, if I become a General, won’t he need to obediently lower his head to me anyway?”