White Robed Chief Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Dead Or Alive

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The reason he challenged Chu Li was that of Lu Yurong.

However, since he had no feelings towards Yurong anymore, even if she was to willingly submit to him, he wouldn’t dare to take the chance. He would never have another good day if he was to marry such a violent lady back home. It was best to leave her for someone else.

It will be the best if that person was Chu Li. It was about time that he should suffer some bad days.

His hatred towards Chu Li had already started to ease off. After being saved by Chu Li, he had decided to stop hating him.

He understood that no matter how strong Chu Li was, he will never become the Emperor. However, he himself had the best chance to become the Emperor, and he felt that he shouldn’t be too fussy.

He should become the heir if everything turns out fine.

He had always been aiming higher and thinking of how to become the Emperor.

First, he needed to be highly skilled in martial arts. If not, he would not even survive before he could officially become the Emperor. Secondly, he must have a high intelligence as well as wide connections.

Though the most important thing for him now was to avoid being assassinated. Once he combined the factors, he realized that the border troops was the best place for him to go.

Once his father became the Emperor, he wouldn’t be the only one aiming to be the heir. In order for him to be ahead of the rest of his brothers, he needed to start now!

When he thought of this, he felt more at ease and happier.

Once he became the Emperor, even the most powerful ones will bow to him. Why should an Emperor be compared to a Chancellor?

“Go and stay in the House of High Duke for a year before you move to the border,” Prince Jing said, “you should know that when you are at the border, you need to change your name. No one can help you there.”

“Your martial arts is too weak, and you will be useless in the army,” Lu Yurong said, “if you want to be successful, you need to become better!”

Prince Jing said, “Listen to your cousin!”

Leng Feng looked at Yurong as she looked at him coldly. He felt guilty and agreed with her, “Alright, I will listen to her advice.”

Princess Lu was relieved, “You should listen to your cousin! Yurong, if he ever disobeys you, just beat him as long as you don’t kill him!”

Lu Yurong smiled, “Don’t worry aunty, I won’t go easy on him!”

“Mum!” Leng Feng said.

Princess Lu continued, “I finally understand that it is not possible for us to always protect him. If he had trained harder on his martial art skills, he wouldn’t have gotten into this calamity!”

“Yurong must be tired, you should go and rest,” Prince Jing said, “let him stay in the residence for two more weeks.”

“Alright,” Yurong nodded.

She really didn’t want Leng Feng to come back to the residence. If something happened again, she will not be able to save him.

However, she couldn’t just ignore Leng Feng now, or else her uncle would definitely feel that she was afraid of handling the situation.

She returned to her room and lied on her bed. She was too lazy to even try to replenish her energy.

Her mind was still thinking about the situation just now, with all the thunder and lightning in the background.

Chu Li sat next to the table and quietly embraced the thunder and lightning.

As she thought about it, she felt a sense of sadness overwhelming her.

She suddenly understood that although Chu Li was always confident and brave as if nothing could stop him, deep down inside, he was lonely. Even though he hid it well, he still showed it from time to time.

Chu Li liked Siao Qi, yet Siao Qi was in Isolated Cultivation. Was that the reason to why he felt lonely?

Yet it felt much more than that. Missing someone would not make the other person behave the same way. He seemed like he was left behind and had always faced the world alone.

“Ai…” she sighed. Chu Li was a mystery, and no one could understand him.

She suddenly laughed. She wondered why should she understand him?

However, as a strong opponent and as a team, she needed to know him more to work with him, for her to trust him completely.

She fell asleep halfway through thinking.

Chu Li stepped on the black soil and was walking aimlessly, “Where is everyone?”

“All dead,” Yang Zongwen replied, “all killed by fire!”

“What about the family of the Minister Counsellor?” Chu Li asked.

Zongwen answered, “I heard that they ran away!”

Chu Li nodded.

“The Counsellor had already planned his betrayal and escape route,” Zongwen said, “and he most likely ran away a month ago. He said his family members had fallen sick and couldn’t get out of bed — that was a month ago.”

Chu Li drew out his Modesty Sword, picked the floor and a jade flew out from the soil.

This white jade was cool and humid. It had no signs of being burnt. The white jade was something expensive and important.

This kind of jade would not be easily obtained by ordinary people. It might be left behind by the Counsellor.

He closed his eyes and activated his All-Seeing Divine Power. After a while, he shook his head, “All dead!”

“Maybe it belongs to someone else,” Zongwen said.

Chu Li remained silent, and sighed, “Let us continue looking.”

He suddenly picked up a brick from the ground. The green brick was burnt till it was unrecognizable, but it was still sturdy — a reflection on the quality of the material used to build the house.

Underneath the brick was a small knife, and it was bronze and shiny.

Chu Li picked it up and took a look. The shiny knife was cold.

“Such a good knife!” Zongwen was amazed.

Chu Li again activated his divine power. After a moment, he opened his eyes. He felt that he had found the owner of the knife, and he was at a place far away from here.

Is this the Counsellor’s knife?

Chu Li stood up, “That’s it!”

“Captain, is this the thing we need?” Zongwen was confused.

Chu Li replied, “We need to rely on Dong Qifei. He has found Counsellor Zhou’s best friend. You go and help him find out if the Counsellor has given away his favorite items to his friends, and retrieve them!”

“Okay,” Zongwen nodded.

Chu Li said, “As soon as possible!”

“Yes, sir!” Zongwen replied.

He immediately left.

Chu Li stood on the spot and observed the residence.

He was curious. He wondered what was the power that made a Counsellor betrayed his country. Was it his family, or something else? Temptations and desire were men’s greatest enemy.

As soon as he returned to the Imperial Residence, Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen came to see him.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing were training their sword skills in the courtyard. They were sweating, yet they seemed energetic.

“We found two items,” Zongwen passed him a book and an ink stone, “these were his favorite items. One of them is a book that has never been copied, and the other one is an ink stone. Both of them are from the previous dynasty and are equally valuable. He gifted each of them to two other Counsellors.”

Chu Li took the item and closed his eyes. He activated his All-Seeing Diving Power.

Then, he raised his eyebrows.

“Captain?” Both of them realized that Chu Li’s was getting worried.

Chu Li just waved his hands.

His Heavenly Demonic Orb dropped and he felt like he was filled with energy as if his punch could break the sky.

He reactivated his Divine Power and picked up the knife.

After a while, he placed it back down.

The orb reappeared in him and he felt a sense of hunger. The power he felt before had disappeared.

His face sank, but he immediately pondered.

Dong Qifei and Zongwen just stared at him.

“Can we manage to find him?” Both of them asked.

Chu Li looked at them and shook his head.

“We can’t?” Both of them were disappointed.

Chu Li stood up and starting thinking. He was determined to figure out the situation.