White Robed Chief Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Fierce Battle

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“Well then, there’s nothing much to say. We’ll just have to kill them,” Lu Yurong said

Chu Li replied, “Allow me to ask some questions before we begin.”

“Hurry up! I don’t want to get into more trouble than we already are,” Lu Yurong said.

She was worried about possible backups from the enemy. It would be troublesome to delay any longer. They could very well become the targets of assassination instead. That would have been infuriating.

They descended from the branch.

The three men detected their presence and put down their biscuits and meat. They turned around to look in their direction.

Chu Li and Lu Yurong landed on the stairs of the gazebo and studied the men.

“Who are you?” the stout man exclaimed. He stood up and gave them a fist salute. “If you two are going the same way, we could sit and chat for a while!”

Chu Li shook his head. “We are not the same allies. You people killed Minister Counselor Zhou, right?”

“You’re from the Secret Guardians Hall!” The stout man smiled with this development.

The other two started grinning, too. More people had come to them to die!

The man with handsome features stood up while the teenager with the blue shirt remained seated. His authority was formidable.

The handsome man chuckled and said, “We really shouldn’t underestimate the Secret Guardians Hall. They come in waves against us. Finally, we’re about to have some fun!”

“You guys maimed the three men that came before me?” Chu Li asked.

“Those three were mere weaklings,” the handsome man cackled. “But they were really good at running away. We were too lazy to chase after them. Besides, who will help us send out the message to get more people coming for their death?”

“You guys managed to find the second part of the Great Light Scripture?” Chu Li asked.

Their expressions changed at his question.

They exchanged glances at one another, and their faces sunk.

Their plan was supposed to be fool-proof. It was supposed to be perfect enough to trick everyone. They could not believe someone managed to see through all that!

The handsome man shook his head and sighed. “You are really a dead man walking. Why would you say that out loud? Who else knows about this?”

Chu Li said, “Relax, it’s just the two of us!”

“Hey, this lady is a real eye candy!” said the middle-aged man as he looked at Lu Yurong. He then shook his head and remarked, “She’s at the prime of her youth. Such a waste!”

“Elder He!” the teenager warned.

“Fine, I get it!” said the man with a nod. “I won’t delay our business any longer. I was just joking, that’s all. I’ll kill them if you want me to!”

Chu Li said, “I think there’s another group of people holding the scripture right now. Am I right?”

“You really know a lot!” The smile on the handsome man’s face fell, and he yelled, “The more you know, the sooner you’re going to die!”

Chu Li said calmly, “Where are they?”

The handsome man grinned at him. “What? You want to get your hands on the Great Light Scripture? Brother, you’re far too late. The scripture has already been returned to the Holy Church of Light. Our clan will soon return to our glory days but you lot will not live to see it!”

Lu Yurong scoffed, “I don’t think that would be the case.”

The handsome man laughed. “Why would this lady think that?”

Lu Yurong replied, “I think the group of people is still on their way, or else you lot wouldn’t need to stay behind. You would’ve run away a long time ago!”

The handsome man chuckled and shook his head. “You’re tricked by your own intelligence. We’re not here to attract any attention. We’re just bored and wanted to meet some masters from the Secret Guardians Hall. I have to say, I’m extremely disappointed with all these losers I’ve met. Is this the reputable Secret Guardians Hall?”

Lu Yurong looked over to Chu Li.

Chu Li gave a light cough and said, “It’s time for you to meet your end!”

He turned to Lu Yurong and said, “They really don’t know where the Great Light Scripture is.”

“Bullshit,” the handsome man replied. “Of course we do! Well then, come and face your death! However, I don’t have the heart to kill the lovely lady. Elder Sun, I’ll leave her to you!”

“Leave it to me!” the stout man exclaimed and nodded.

“Why did you kill Minister Counselor Zhou?” Chu Li asked in a low voice.

“Because he knows things he shouldn’t!” the handsome man replied.

“Enough. Don’t waste any more time!” the teenager in the blue shirt said.

Although the teenager could not speak clearly, he had an air of prestige about him. The two middle-aged men obeyed his order and replied, “Yes, sir!”

They dashed towards Chu Li and Lu Yurong immediately.

Chu Li was actually thinking about taking this as an opportunity to cultivate the Shura Palm.

He rushed towards the handsome man like a ghost. His palm has already hit the man before the handsome man could even throw a punch. The man was forced to change his strategy and receive the Shura Palm’s hit instead.

“Bang!” The man was hit and staggered a few steps back.

His face turned red as he glared at Chu Li.

Chu Li had a strong built and almost mastered the Shura Palm technique entirely. Shura Palm was a technique filled with Ying and cold energy. When both the energies are combined, it produced immense power. The handsome man couldn’t even handle just one palm and had to back off.

The teenager sat very still watching the whole scene unfolding before him. He merely frowned a little and said, “Elder He! Don’t underestimate him!”

“Yes!” the handsome man replied.

His face was flaming red. The aura around his body surged in huge waves as he activated his secret technique.

Chu Li did not use the Heavenly Demonic Power. He only countered it with his Shura Palm.

The handsome man’s physique grew skinnier than Chu Li. He had gained tremendous strength and his movements were extremely quick. His attack forced Chu Li to retreat gradually away from the gazebo.

Chu Li did not panic at all. He moved back as he was countering his attack. All he wanted to do was continue to cultivate the Shura Palm.

This was the best time to cultivate the Shura Palm as the technique could be improved greatly under the pressure of an attack. He started to set his ground and stopped retreating.

He watched over Lu Yurong using the Omniscient Mirror.

Lu Yurong was dominating the fat man in their fight.

The stout man had already activated his secret technique, but Lu Yurong still had not. Even so, that did not help the stout man at all. He was forced to retreat slowly and getting closer to the teenager in the blue shirt.

The teenager stared at Lu Yurong with his eyebrows knitted.

The three of them initially thought that the secret guardians were just an average bunch of people without any top-notch masters.

Among the previous three men that came, one of them was a top-notch master while the other two were just average folks. They were quickly beaten until they vomited blood and almost died from the attack.

The man and woman before his eyes were even younger than himself, but their Martial Arts were impeccable. Sure enough, the Ji dynasty should not have been underestimated.

“Bang!” The teenager slammed his palm out all of a sudden. It hovered a few inches from Lu Yurong’s delicate hand before moving away. They both took a step away from each other.

“You do have some skills!” Lu Yurong spat coldly.

If the teenager had not intervened with his palm, the stout man would have died under her hands.

This teenager’s palm energy was thick, unusual, and masterful. He must be a top-notch master.

“Let’s try again!” Lu Yurong appeared right behind the stout man, ready to strike her final blow.

‘Bang, bang, bang, bang…’ The teenager appeared in front of her and intercepted. Both their palms collided and gradually the fight shifted from inside the gazebo to outside of it.

Chu Li spared them a fleeting glance and continued to cultivate the Shura Palm.

The teenager was a division leader of the Holy Church of Light. He had managed to become a top-notch master at such a young age.

Lu Yurong’s face shimmered after a few hits.

A single spot of light shone on her from the sky. Her body eagerly absorbed it. Her face and skin turned fair and silky smooth like white jade. Her expression grew colder and colder until it became devoid of any emotion at all.

“Bang!” A muffled noise rang out. The teenager took a hit to his chest and was flung away.

He sprayed a mouth of blood into the air. His face turned red as his shirt flapped like he was caught in a strong wind.

Before he landed, he managed to move his body.

He bounced back as if a string had pulled him forcefully on the other end and charged towards Lu Yurong like an eagle.

‘Bang!’ Both Lu Yurong and the teenager’s palms collided. They backed off at the same time. It was hard to determine who was the more powerful one.

There was no clear winner when both of them were using their secret techniques.

The stout man pounced on Chu Li right then.