White Robed Chief Chapter 501

Chapter 501 Wholly Deplete

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Chu Li was now being surrounded by two men, but he continued to cast the Shura Palm leisurely.

The Shura Palm itself was an impressive technique that gave its user many features. Sometimes when he pressed his palm out, his body movements became faster like a flash of a shadow. Other times his movements would slow down instead.

The sudden change of speed was enough to confuse their opponents until they were at loss as to what to do.

He was like a phantom as he drifted between the two of them. He advanced and retreated with great speed and at his own will.

The two men were firing up the essence of their blood. That caused their senses to be heightened. Chu Li had difficulty in striking them. In a blink of an eye, he had launched fifty eights palms but none of them managed to hit them. The closest he got was only when their palm energies collided.

Chu Li suddenly frowned. Someone else was approaching!

He groaned. Chu Li could not cultivate the Shura Palm anymore. Instead, he activated the Imminent Skyline and appeared instantaneously behind the handsome man. His pressed his palm down as quick as lightning, not giving the man a chance to dodge the attack.

‘Bam!’ The handsome man was flung away.

Chu Li dashed towards the stout man.

The stout man was stunned at how nimble he was. He stretched his palm out to block Chu Li’s attack. Both of their palms collided as a result.

‘Bam!’ Chu Li took a step back while a stream of light shot out from his left hand.

“Uh…” The blade had already sliced into his heart just when the man became aware of what was going on.

“Elder He!” The stout man yelled in a hoarse voice.

The expression of the youth dressed in a shirt sunk. He said coldly, “Well! Well! Very well, the Holy Church of Light will never stop until we eliminate the entire Secret Guardians Hall!”

Lu Yurong was calm and collected. “Ridiculous!” she spat.

Chu Li appeared right behind the stout man once again and slammed him with his palm.

The stout man had already prepared for the attack. He pushed his elbows out.

Chu Li moved in a flash and reappeared at his left side.

The stout man pushed his elbows out once again.

The strike from his elbow was a unique skill. It was powerful and overbearing.

Chu Li knew about its power, so he did not counter it. After dodging the attack two times, he threw out a flying blade.

“Humph!” The stout man was struck at the chest. Nonetheless, he continued to charge towards Chu Li and paid no heed to his injury.

When he was close enough, he opened his mouth and an icy lightning bolt shot out.

Chu Li titled his head and dodged it easily.

Nevertheless, that trick was tough to defend against. No less than ten over masters had died from that same exact attack.

As Chu Li dodged the attack, he threw another blade.

“Ah…” The stout man roared with a flushed face. He charged towards Chu Li with quicker speed.

However, Chu Li disappeared in a flash and all he had hit was the empty air. Another flying blade shot through the stout man’s heart.

The man stumbled back a few steps and then fell to the ground with a grunt.

“Who exactly are you people!” the teenager yelled.

He did not expect that the two top-notch masters would be so vulnerable as to perish this easily. Moreover, they were defeated by such young opponents. This whole thing turned out differently from what he had thought earlier.

Chu Li glanced at him and then said in a raucous voice, “Let’s leave!”

He approached Lu Yurong and grabbed her wrist.

Lu Yurong wanted to avoid him, but his grip on her was so tight that she had no chance of escaping.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” the teenager scoffed and chased after them with his Light-body Technique.

Lu Yurong removed her secret technique and said faintly, “What’s the matter?”

Although she had removed her secret technique, her mind was still within the secret technique. Thus, all creations in the world were still reflected in her mind while everything else seemed fabricated and made up.

Chu Li replied, “Their back-up has arrived.”

“They have powerful Martial Art?”

“Even better than that guy!” Chu Li stole a glance behind him.

The teenager wore a dreadful expression and was following them behind closely behind. The distance between them drew closer bit by bit.

“The Holy Church of Light indeed has a lot of talented people!”

Lu Yurong believed that if another fellow like him is present, she would certainly not be able to exert herself.

Chu Li said, “Two more have arrived.”

“Oh, I’m unable to conduct a technique.”

“How long do you need to recover?”

“About half an hour.”

“Alright, I’ll stall them.”

The two of them continued their discussion while they escaped. Soon enough, two elders in grey clothing showed up beside the teenager. Now three top-notch masters were pursuing them.

“Why don’t we just return?” Lu Yurong spared a glance at the three men behind them.

The two elders and the teenager would surely band together. She could not activate any moves and that had made her a burden. Therefore, Chu Li’s best idea was to return using his divine powers

Chu Li shook his head and said, “We should kill as many as we can.”

“Send me away first, then go after them.” Lu Yurong said.

Chu Li shook his head.

Lu Yurong only needed half an hour, and stalling for half an hour would not be a problem for Chu Li.

They could not just leave yet.

If he wanted to delay the three of them, he would have to bring Lu Yurong along and let the three men continue to chase them. The biggest advantage he had was his boundless inner energy.

No matter how profound the three men’s cultivation levels were, they would not be a match for the depth of his inner energy. It was a perfect time to fully utilize this advantage. For all he knew, he might be able to eliminate them all.

Every kill of a top-notch master counts, as it would cause huge damage towards the strength of the Holy Church of Light. Hence, the revenge he might get from them would be weaker in the future.

Spiritual energy from all directions began to gush in and was transformed into inner energy that flowed freely within his body.

He channeled his inner energy from the Shura Palm into Lu Yurong’s body. It was extremely cold and full of Yin energy which was similar to the inner energy of Lu Yurong’s Empyrean Fairy Power.

Lu Yurong looked at him with astonishment. She was surprised she did not feel the urge to expel the inner energy at all.

Chu Li said, “Can you recover before half an hour?”

“No problem!” Lu Yurong scoffed. “You’re actually smart!”

Chu Li smiled at her as a response.

He ran ahead. The three men chased after them.

They could tell Lu Yurong was vulnerable after she had activated her secret technique. This was the perfect time to eliminate her. They also noticed that Chu Li’s speed was getting slower. That made them chased after them more vigorously.

Chu Li kept providing a steady flow of inner energy in order to aid Lu Yurong in her recovery.

He suddenly swung his hand and a flying blade shot out.

A stream of light shot past them, and the teenager and the elders dodged it easily.

Looking at how Chu Li was behaving, they were sure that he was starting to get nervous. They assumed it was most probably because he was short of inner energy. They started to chase after them much more eagerly than before.

Chu Li did not say a word. He was entirely absorbed in running onwards. He ran from one mountain to another by sticking to the treetops.

The three men behind them chased after them confidently with huge smiles on their faces.

Since Chu Li had brought another person along with him, it was impossible that his Light-body Technique would not get affected. The longer the time, the more he was affected. It was like carrying a person on his back as he walked. He would feel nothing initially, but it would become heavier as time passed.

They wanted to deplete Chu Li completely of inner energy. Then, they would capture the both of them alive without having to risk their lives going into battle with them. They would bring them back to the Li Dynasty. They must be tortured for two days before they could die because they had killed two disciples from the Holy Church of Light.

While both sides were having different thoughts, they had the same goal of wanting to exhaust each other’s energy.

Half an hour later, Lu Yurong said softly, “I’m done!”

Chu Li nodded without saying a word.

Lu Yurong looked at the three men following them right on their heels. She pursed her lips and laughed. She understood what Chu Li was thinking, and so she did not say anything else.

Another half an hour later, Chu Li’s body movement grew slower. The three men behind them slowed down as well. Even though they were determined to catch up to them, they lacked the power to do so.

After an hour, Chu Li became even slower than before. His speed was equivalent to the speed of an Acquired Master.

An hour and a half later, Chu Li pulled Lu Yurong to jog on the main road. They were only slightly faster than a normal person.

The three men behind them were already drenched in sweat. Their faces were pale.

Since they had already come this far, it was only a matter of perseverance. None of them wanted to give up. Their decisions to catch up and kill them grew firmer and was unshakeable.

The bright moon hung in the night sky and spilled its light all over the place.

However, the dimming light meant nothing to them. It caused little to no effect on them.

Chu Li suddenly smiled as he turned around and said, “Kill them all!”

“Alright!” Lu Yurong scoffed.

She was astonished at how profound Chu Li’s inner energy was. It was simply endless.

The two of them pounced backwards. Their movements were swift like ghosts as they arrived before the three men.

Chu Li flung out both his left and right hand at the same time.

“Tss! Tss!” Two streams of light shot into the chests of the two elders respectively.

The two elders tried to move sideways to avoid getting struck in the heart.

Another two streams of light shot towards them again. They had no way to dodge the attack anymore. Their hearts were instantly struck through. The flying blades that were stained with blood dropped down behind them.

“Uh…” The two elders stared at him in disbelief.

They were top-notch masters with extraordinary identities. They had thought that they were able to capture him easily just like how a golden eagle captured rabbits. They did not expect for once that the rabbit would transform into a ferocious beast!

“Ah…” The teenager in a shirt roared furiously. His face turned fierce and said, “The Holy Church of Light will destroy you for sure!”

He realized that the three of them had been fooled.

Chu Li grinned as he slammed his palm down. Lu Yurong slammed her palm down at the same time as well.

The teenager took the hit with each of his palms respectively.

“Bam!” He instantly flung away from the impact.

A flying blade turned into a stream of light and went after the teenager with a flick of Chu Li’s wrist. It shot right through the middle of his eyebrows.

“How many flying blades do you actually have?” Lu Yurong exhaled a breath of relief as she turned around and asked.

Chu Li chuckled. Just as he was about to say something, his expression suddenly changed. He pounced towards Lu Yurong abruptly.

“Tss!” A dash of light glinted from a sword and sliced through Chu Li’s right shoulder.