White Robed Chief Chapter 502

Chapter 502 A Painful Slaughter

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Chu Li dragged Lu Yurong to the side of the route about a meter away. He then leaned against a sturdy pine tree and looked down to his shoulder.

A long gash was spread open like a pair of parted lips, revealing the white bone underneath that looked like teeth.

He had only bled a little before the blood clotted shortly after. The wound had stopped bleeding out. Chu Li currently has achieved terrifying control over his body—down to the most minuscule cells.

A pitch-black layer shrouded his white bones. The poison on the blade was extremely potent.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Yurong frowned. She turned her solemn face to assess their surroundings.

Chu Li took out a jade white bottle and pulled off the cork. He applied some powder onto his wound and said, “Be careful. The person stalking us has the ability to go invisible!”

Lu Yurong frowned and asked, “Is he from the Amethyst Mountain?”

It was night time now. The Phantom Yin Skill was the most powerful and terrifying at this time of the hour. Now was also the perfect time for the disciples of Amethyst Mountain to kill anyone!

Chu Li placed the jade white bottle back. “It’s also possible that he’s from the Holy Church of Light!”

The two of them spoke softly.

Chu Li activated the Omniscient Mirror and searched the area. There was no sign of anyone nearby.

Nonetheless, Chu Li’s intuition told him that they must be somewhere within the area.

He activated the Omniscient Mirror again and began searching. He inspected every inch of his peripheral view. He was certain that he would find him!

His expression suddenly changed to absolute horror. Chu Li immediately grabbed Lu Yurong’s slim waist and dashed abruptly to somewhere ten meters away from where they stood.

A long blade swept across the spot where they originally stood. They only managed to dodge it by a few inches.

Lu Yurong was so shocked that she broke out in a cold sweat.

She could not believe that she was not alerted by the threat of an attack before. She did not even sense that a blade was about to swing her way. If it were not for Chu Li who pulled her away, her head would have been separated from her body. What a frightening murderer!

Her heart was filled with rage. A surge of vengeance flowed through her.

Chu Li swung his left hand and a flying blade shot towards a pine tree.

‘Bam!’ The flying blade bounced off the tree trunk.

A man clad in black appeared from behind the tree. He watched Chu Li with an expressionless look.

Lu Yurong scoffed, “You’re from Amethyst Mountain, aren’t you?”

The man was about the same height as Lu Yurong. His gaze underneath his black scarf was calm and passive. He looked at Chu Li as if he was a dead man. “Next time, I’ll kill you for sure!” he said in his dry and hoarse voice.

Chu Li scoffed, “Since when did the Amethyst Mountain collaborate with the Holy Church of Light!”

“I’m not with those bunch of idiotic fools.” A look of mockery glinted in the man’s eyes. He then turned and disappeared into the trees.

When Lu Yurong flew over the area where he disappeared into, she could find no one there.

“What a remarkable body technique!” Lu Yurong scoffed. She caught a glimpse of Chu Li’s right shoulder. “Your injury…”

“I won’t die,” Chu Li said.

He stared at a tree intently and pondered. “We must get rid of him, or else we won’t ever be at ease in the future. That’ll be exhausting!”

“How can we get rid of him?” Lu Yurong said. “He’s probably a top-notch master from the Amethyst Mountain. You sure are daring in who you want to cause trouble for.”

“I really don’t wish to provoke anyone. They’re the ones who always wanted to kill me first! Should I really just sit still obediently?” Chu Li shook his head and said, “I can only stop my killers by killing them. Let’s see who’ll be able to kill the other first!”

He flung the flying blade in his hand again. A stream of light shot towards another tree.

‘Bam!’ The flying blade bounced off the tree bark.

Chu Li flung again, and this time, the flying blade pierced the trunk of the tree and shot through it.

“He’s already gone!” Chu Li shook his head.

Chu Li could not identify the adversary through the Omniscient Mirror. He managed to detect a pocket of shadow lurking in the area by flinging a few of his flying blades. He felt like he was searching for a clear jellyfish in the ocean.

The man’s Phantom Yin Skill had reached a deeply profound level so much that its powers were linked with the void. It was similar to his own Imminent Skyline. Its formidable power was truly astonishing. Without the Omniscient Mirror, he could not have avoided his attack.

Lu Yurong sighed. “How are we going to kill a man like that?”

“Everyone has a weakness.” Chu Li smiled. “His desire to kill me is a weakness itself. If I utilize it well, it’ll be enough to kill him!”

“Your movements are a little limited because I’m here, right?” Lu Yurong said.

Chu Li looked at her. “Do you want to leave?”

Lu Yurong rolled her eyes at him. “If you don’t think of me as an encumbrance, of course I’ll stay!”

“Then stay,” Chu Li said. “The Holy Church of Light won’t give up just like that. This is an opportunity for us to gain experience!”

“You are quite an optimist.” Lu Yurong laughed.

Chu Li had a daring spirit. He treated every danger as an experience. The God’s Limbs gave him a big part of his confidence.

The night sky turned darker gradually, and the moon hung bright above the clouds.

Chu Li and Lu Yurong sat on a low makeshift couch. Both of the couches were two steps apart.

The low couches were made from the woods gathered nearby. Chu Li’s carving skills came in handy as he carved the wood with his sword. He made the two low couches at a leisurely pace.

They were still not far from the deadly masters from the Holy Church of Light. There was a bag placed nearby that was stuffed with three decapitated heads. Chu Li had to bring them back to the Secret Guardians Hall. This displeased Lu Yurong so much that her brows were knotted tightly together.

The night was peaceful. Everything was asleep. The bugs and insects had even ceased their chirping.

Suddenly, Chu Li opened his eyes.

Lu Yurong sensed his sudden movements, so she opened her eyes as well.

“He’s here?” she asked.

Chu Li nodded. “I sense four top-notch masters. Be careful!”

Lu Yurong’s face suddenly flushed. A stream of light fell from the sky, and she absorbed it. Her entire body glowed like white jade. She had activated her secret skill as she wanted to gain the upper hand right from the start of the coming fight.

Chu Li nodded. As expected, Lu Yurong was always one step ahead of the game.

The four masters were not just ordinary masters. Furthermore, their situation right now could not be like how it was before. He could not make his move after depleting all his inner energy again.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb dropped onto his precordium and caused his blood to surge like the waves in the Jiang River. Endless energy spread all across his body.

Four elders in grey robes glided towards them soundlessly. They were martial arts masters from the Holy Church of Light. As they landed on the ground, Chu Li’s expression slightly changed and turned around.

Chu Li appeared behind an elder and struck him with his palm.

The elder chuckled dryly. Chu Li had attacked without warning.

“Bam!” The elder in the grey robe was flung away from the hit. It was as if he was being hit by a gigantic rock.

“Bam!” Chu Li sent another elder flying.

The remaining two elders noticed things were not looking great on their side. They tried to flee, but Lu Yurong had already pounced on them.

Chu Li’s body movement technique was as quick as lightning. He caught up with the two elders high in the sky and activated the Shura Palm.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam!” After a series of muffled sounds resounded in the air, the two elders in grey clothing fell to the ground and did not make any sound or movement. They had passed away.

They had already been killed by Chu Li before they could even activate their secret skills.

The other two elders were cornered by Lu Yurong. They took the opportunity to perform their secret skills. Their skills could take down anyone in the blink of an eye. They could eliminate her with just a few easy moves.

Chu Li turned his body sideways to protect Lu Yurong from the side. He neither dodged nor avoided the attack. His Shura Palm struck the opponents the same time they struck him.

“Bam!” The elder faltered and scoffed at Chu Li. He did not, however, backed away.

Chu Li attacked him with the Shura Palm again.

The elder confronted the attack without dodging it at all. He managed to hit Chu Li this time.

The two of them fought like men who had no cultivation whatsoever in martial arts. They attacked each other at the same time to see who would be the first one to yield.

Chu Li felt odd inner energy reverberated inside his body. He felt like it was going to split his insides anytime with its tyrannical nature. If it was not for the Heavenly Demonic Power that flowed inside of him, his body could have exploded a long time ago.

A normal person would have died due to his body exploding underneath such powerful palm energy.

He looked at Lu Yurong again. Her face was flushed as if she was really drunk. She was unsteady on her feet and on the verge of collapsing.

Chu Li sneered when he saw that things were not looking good. He sped up the Shura Palm abruptly and attacked the elder over ten times with his palm.

The elder managed to hit Chu Li six times with his palm in return.

“Bam!” He collapsed straight away and died.

Chu Li sighed a breath of relief. He was unsure how many more hits he could withstand.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb suddenly coagulated and quickly engulfed the inner energy that was about to explode within him. Even with such speed, he had already been injured and would need a few days to recover properly.

He swung his hand and shot a stream of light at Lu Yurong’s opponent.

The elder in grey clothing had an emaciated face and eyes like lightning. He avoided the blade nimbly and scoffed to himself. He then turned and flew away.

Chu Li frowned. That elder did not speak at all which was much scarier than those shouting threatening words.

He quickly supported Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong fell into his arms. Her face still looked as lovely as ever.

Chu Li had a strong urge to kiss her. As this thought lingered in his mind, he shifted a meter sideways abruptly. A blade suddenly appeared from the sky and sliced right through the place where they originally stood.

“I was waiting for you!” Chu Li said. He launched a hit that he had accumulated his energy for a long time ago with his left hand.