White Robed Chief Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Centurion

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Chu Li arrived at the House of Secret Guardians at the front of an open road. Two Protectors at the entrance bowed and greeted him.

Chu Li did a fist salute. As he entered through the entrance, he saw Zhe Liang.

When Zhe Liang spotted Chu Li, he was stunned for a while. He then quickly went over to him and greeted, “Head Chief Chu, you’re finally here!”

Chu Li said, “Is everyone here?”

“Yes,” replied Zhe Liang. He nodded hastily and said, “They’re all very anxious. Centurion Ma and the Ning brother were severely injured. It wasn’t easy for them to escape and return. It was really awful Chu Li. Everyone is outraged and they’re getting ready to hunt those people down.”

Chu Li then ordered, “Help me notify Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen about this and ask them to bring their stuff here.”

“Yes,” said Zhe Liang with approval.

After he heard the conversation in the main hall, he knew that Chu Li’s prediction from before was accurate. While everyone else was busy chasing after those men, he had predicted that it was all but a trap.

It was certainly not something that could be done by just anyone. With a mind like that, Chu Li could spurt up in the House of Secret Guardians in no time and would become a top figure. He thought to himself, he better fawn over him well. For all he knew, he might actually need to count on him in the future.

As Chu Li entered the main hall, everyone gave strange looks.

Some were shocked while some were envious. Some of them looked at him carefully and some of them gloated.

“Young Chu, you came just in time.” Fu Mengshan waved at him. He smiled and said, “Speak of the devil! We were just discussing things regarding you and you came!”

Chu Li did a fist salute, he greeted everyone else with a fist salute too. He proceeded to walk towards Fu Mengshan.

Fu Mengshan pointed at a chair that was placed right in front of Ma Kun, “Take a seat.”

Chu Li nodded and sat in front of Ma Kun.

Ma Kun scoffed heavily. His face looked dark as he stared at him furiously.

Chu Li paid no heed to him. He did a fist salute and smiled, “Commander, what were you talking about that involved my name?”

“It’s about your prediction from before. Elder Ma and the others have confirmed that it’s true.” Fu Mengshan sighed. He shook his head and laughed, “As expected, you have a clear mind. We can finally be relieved. At least we won’t be seriously punished by the Emperor!”

Chu Li smiled and nodded.

The minister counselor has been deserted and someone had killed the minister counselor. Escape were two entirely different matters; its significance was a world of a difference.

If the minister counselor had been deserted, intelligence would be obtained by the Li Dynasty that can result in immeasurable substantial damage. However, if the minister counselor was killed and the murderer escaped, it would be a completely different matter as they would only lose a minister counselor and the image of the imperial court. They would only need to punish the murderer.

Should the former allowed the minister counselor to escape successfully, the House of Secret Guardians would be dismantled for sure. However, if the murderer escaped, the House of Secret Guardians would not receive such a heavy blame.

Fu Mengshan said, “Now we’re only left with one problem and the hardest problem to solve…killing the murderer! The Ning brothers are already severely injured so they can’t lead any men in the pursuit. The House of Secret Guardians is only left with you. You are the most proficient in the tracking technique, so…”

Chu Li shook his head and smiled. “Commander, you don’t have to worry about this anymore, I’ve already killed the murderers.” Chu Li calmly replied.

“You killed them?” Fu Mengshan was rather taken aback.

Xu Huande scoffed in a hoarse voice, “The murderers are thousands of miles away. How on earth did you kill them?”

Ma Kun even sneered, “What a joke!”

Chu Li turned to look at him but did not bother. He did a fist salute at Xu Huande and smiled, “Commander Xu, I suppose you know that my Light-Body Technique is fairly good, I don’t need a long time to make a two-way trip. Besides, killing time for me won’t take up a lot of time.”

When everyone watched him. They then noticed that he did not look travel-worn or weary at all. In fact, he looked calm, composed, and energetic. As if he had a sound sleep and a great meal.

They all frowned and shook their heads.

Logically, a wise man like Chu Li would not say such an easily exposed lie.

With that mind in their heads, they did not say anything to raise such difficult questions.

Nonetheless, Ma Kun could not hold it him any longer.

A raging fire was already burning in his chest for some time which added to his hatred towards Chu Li. He could not wait to just slam Chu Li with his palms. Unfortunately, Chu Li was always indifferent towards him and never acknowledged him during his confrontations. So there was no opportunity for him to launch an attack.

At that moment, he finally managed to seize a chance. He knew how tough it was to deal with the three men so he needed not to mention about the three of them. Chu Li would not be able to fight against even just one of those three ruffians.

No matter how powerful Chu Li was, he could not have fought the three of them alone. More importantly, he has not been injured anywhere at all. He must be lying!

He scoffed and said, “You’re saying that you killed the three of them all by yourself?”

Chu Li looked at him and said faintly, “With the help of a friend.”

“Which friend?” Ma Kun questioned closely.

Chu Li smiled, “I can’t tell you which friend of mine it was. Are you implying that I can’t seek help from a friend?”

“It can’t be that you actually colluded with them. You killed them in surprise, am I right?” Ma Kun sneered.

Right after he had said that, he felt terrible.

He was muddled by his anger toward him with the surname Chu. He wholly set his mind on framing him that he grew impatient and said shoddy words like that.

Ma Kun immediately waved his hand and said, “Forget it… I take back my words. But why should we believe you just because you said you killed them? Where’s your proof? Why not you call your friend over and testify for you!”

Chu Li replied, “There will be gone very soon…Commander, we better be prepared for this time. Not only did I kill the three of them, there were five Grandmasters who came to help. The Holy Church of Light will not just give up from this defeat. A big war is coming.”

“Oh—?” Fu Mengshan suddenly became spirited. He straightened his back and leaned his body forward, “You killed eight Grandmasters?”

Chu Li nodded slowly.

Ma Kun laughed out loud.

Chu Li looked at him helplessly. He then looked at Fu Mengshan.

Fu Mengshan coughed softly,” Alright, Elder Ma, keep your words to yourself. From now on you’re not allowed to say anything!” he ordered.

“Commander!” Ma Kun yelled in dissatisfaction, “Those are merely empty words. Can I not doubt him at all? Isn’t he too overbearing? He’s not even the Emperor!”

“Shut up!” Fu Mengshan frowned and scoffed, “Stop blabbering!”

Ma Kun stared at Chu Li madly.

Chu Li looked towards the entrance of the hall.

“Captain, we’re here.” Dong Qifei’s voice was heard coming from the outside.

Chu Li smiled and said, “Commander, they have something with them.”

“Come in!” Fu Mengshan quickly said.

Dong Qifei carried two wooden boxes while Yang Zongwen carried one.

They walked towards Chu Li.

Chu Li reached his hand out and pointed at Fu Mengshan, “Present it to the Commander!”

“Yes.” Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen looked serious. Their faces were tensed.

Yang Zongwen opened the two wooden boxes that were carried by Dong Qifei. He then opened the one he carried and took a few steps forward to present it to Fu Mengshan.

Fu Mengshan and Xu Huande took a look at the heads inside the boxes and only gave an expressionless look. The faces of the three heads were so fresh, but there was no smell of blood.

Fu Mengshan waved his hand as a signal to show it to everyone else.

Ma Kun took a glance and immediately his face turned distressed. He took a deep breath and said nothing.

Everyone was also looking at Ma Kun and the Ning brothers.

Just as Ning Boyuan was about to say something, the big fat man, Ning Zhongyuan, pulled him and signaled him to keep his mouth shut.

Although Ning Boyuan did not understand why, he still listened to his younger brother. He swallowed down his words.

“Elder Ma, what do you think?” Fu Mengshan looked at Ma Kun.

Ma Kun scoffed.

“I’m guessing that he’s right?” Fu Mengshan smiled and said, “Young Chu, you snatched everyone’s chance to render meritorious services by killing the three of them.”

Chu Li stood up and did a fist salute. He smiled and said, “I’m rash in the way I do things. I hope that everyone will forgive me for that.”

He turned his head and said, “Commander, I fulfilled my promise, haven’t I?”

“Although it’s a little different from what we agreed, I won’t be stingy on that. From today onwards, you’re a centurion, Young Chu!” Fu Mengshan laughed out loud.

“Thank you very much, Commander!” Chu Li gave a fist salute.