White Robed Chief Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Swear An Oath

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As he thought about this, he strode past the Moon Gate and spotted Xu Ning outside of the cultivation courtyard.

Xu Ning wore a yellow cowl for the day. He was standing as still as a statue outside the door in silence. He was actually cultivating.

When he saw Chu Li, he put his palms together and greeted, “His Royal Highness is waiting for you, Head Chief!”

“I was just looking for His Royal Highness,” Chu Li said. “I have great news for him.”

“Please.” Xu Ning extended his hand and invited him in.

Chu Li pushed the door open and entered the cultivation courtyard. King An was sitting at the stone table, looking up at the sky silently without moving an inch.

Chu Li did not say a word and sat down on the opposite of King An.

Xu Ning stood at a corner of the courtyard in order to not attract any attention.

King An watched the sky without paying any attention to it. He looked rather absent-minded.

King An’s face had grown paler as if he had aged a few years after not seeing him for just a few days. His eyes lacked the luster he once owned. Not only did he lost Martial Art, his body looked weaker than before. It looked as if his spirits had crumbled, and he was just about to break.

“Your Royal Highness,” Chu Li said in a hoarse voice.

Chu Li did not pity him at all. King An only had himself to blame for ending up like this. He could only hold himself accountable for provoking himself getting the revenge he deserved.

King An remained utterly still as he continued looking at the sky. He was lost in a reverie.

Chu Li coughed softly. “Your Royal Highness, I’ve brought you great news!”

“I have good news, too.” King An lowered his head slowly. He forced a smile before looking at Chu Li. “Do you want to hear it?”

Chu Li raised his brows and smiled. “Your Royal Highness, if you have great news to share, of course I’d like to hear it.”

“I’m preparing to enter the palace, haha…” King An chuckled. His laughter then became louder and louder until it sounded crazed.

Chu Li looked at him quietly.

King An did not stop laughing. He laughed so hard until tears streamed down from his face; until he could not catch his breath between laughter.

Chu Li watched the display of madness in silence.

After laughing for some time, King An wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. He turned to him and said, “What do you think, Head Chief? Isn’t this good news?”

Chu Li said, “The Emperor is an Enlightened Master and a highly resourceful individual. With his help, you’ll be able to turn all your inauspicious happenings into fortunate ones. You’ll be able to restore your Martial Art. That indeed is good news!”

“Ha, so what if I have my Martial Art restored?” King An laughed loudly. “Could it be that I’ll be able to kill you once I have restored my Martial Art?”

Chu Li said, “For all you know, the Emperor could enhance your Martial Art to such extent where you’ll be able to surpass me!”

“Hmph, so what if I’m able to kill you? I’ll still be nothing but a wretch!” King An said, shaking his head.

Chu Li said, “Your Royal Highness, you’re being too greedy. Countless others wish to have everything that you have right now, but they can never have it. You’re casting all you have aside like an old shoe.”

“I was only a step away from ruling the entire world. I would be able to dictate my own destiny and rule over the destinies of others. However, all I became was a docile wretch who has to depend on somebody else’s whim for my own living. Isn’t that pitiful?! If I become the Emperor, I’ll only have to say one word to kill you. Why do I have to invest so much effort into it?” King An sneered.

Chu Li smiled and said, “Your Royal Highness, if you become the Emperor, I’ll then escape. An emperor can’t necessarily kill anyone he wishes to.”

“Hmph, where can you escape to?” King An said coldly. “Don’t worry. Once I look for my father, it’ll mean that I’m withdrawing myself from the battle for the throne. I’ll live a pretty relaxing life as a Royal Highness in the future.”

“Your Royal Highness, you’re wrong about that,” Chu Li shook his head and said. “You still stand a chance.”

“Hmm?” King An frowned and looked at him. “Are you mocking me?”

Chu Li said, “I have two conditions, Your Royal Highness. If you agree to both of them, I’ll share the good news with you!”

“What are the conditions?” King An scoffed. “If you can really secure my place on the throne, even twenty conditions won’t be a problem!”

Chu Li said, “One is to never ever get close to the lady within a three-meter radius. Swear on it now!”

“Xiao Shi?” King An frowned, glaring at him. “Could it be that you’re fond of Xiao Shi, too?”

Chu Li shook his head.

King An did not believe him. He forced a smile. “No wonder.”

Chu Li said, “Secondly, the grudge between us will be written off once and for all. You can’t lay a finger on me!”

“Chu Li, you’re quite naive.” King An scoffed and said. “You’ll believe me as long as I swear it?”

Chu Li said slowly, “Your Royal Highness, you’ll have to swear an oath in the name of the Emperor. I believe that you’ll be able to comply with it.”

King An’s eyebrows drawn together tightly. He peered at him icily..

After a brief moment, King An said with a low voice, “You actually know quite a lot!”

Chu Li smiled and said, “I heard that the oath of an Enlightened Master is binding. It’ll be watched over closely by the heaven and all mankind. I see now that it’s true.”

King An scoffed, “Tell me, what’s the good news?”

Chu Li said, “Your Royal Highness, I’ll tell you about it after you’ve sworn the oath. It’ll definitely not make you lose hope in fighting for the throne!”

King An gritted his teeth as he stared at him. He was at war with his own thoughts.

If he swore the oath and Chu Li broke his promise by sharing some irrelevant news, then the joke would be on him.

Chu Li said, “Your Royal Highness may think about this carefully by considering the profits and benefits you would gain. See if you dare to gamble on this bet!”

“Hmph, you seem certain that I’ll agree to this!” King An said coldly.

Chu Li nodded. “Yes.”

“Alright, I’ll swear to this oath then!” King An gritted his teeth and nodded. He lifted three fingers up and vowed, “I swear by the heavens and the gods that I, Leng Shouli, won’t go near Xiao Shi within a three meters radius for the rest of my life. I’ll never harm Chu Li in any way. If I ever break the oath, I’ll die at the hands of my own father!”

Chu Li did a fist salute and smiled. “Thank you, Royal Highness!”

“Tell me!” King An put his hand down and said coldly. “I’d like to hear what kind of good news you have brought.”

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, you actually have another child. Am I right?”

King An frowned and stared at him as if he was trying to see through his intentions.

It was his deepest secret and nobody knew about it.

Chu Li said, “Your Royal Highness, you initially wanted to kill that child. Fortunately, that boy’s lucky, and he’s still alive today.”

King An shook his head. “That’s impossible!”

“Revered Sir Xu Ning recognizes that person!” Chu Li turned to look at Xu Ning at the corner.

Xu Ning placed his palm together and bowed.

He had been standing over there quietly like a stone. It was easy to have overlooked him.

“Revered sir, you recognize him as well?” King An said. “Could it be that I’ve met him before?”

Chu Li shook his head. “Your Royal Highness, the novice Buddhist monk Xu An from the Titanium Temple is your son.”

“Junior Brother Xu An?” Xu Ning muttered thoughtfully. “He’s the son of His Royal Highness?”

Chu Li smiled. “Your Royal Highness, I’m sure that it won’t be difficult for you to confirm this.”

“Is this true?” King An looked agitated.

As long as he had a male offspring, he no longer needed to seek help from his father. His hopes in gaining the throne lingered. Although it would be a disadvantage to have only a few imperial crown princes, but that would not necessarily be the case. As long as he was powerful enough, he could be the Emperor too!

Chu Li said, “Since when did I ever lie to you, Your Royal Highness? I’ve used up all of my powers to obtain this news. It’s worthy of the two oaths that you swore, Your Royal Highness!”

When he asked King An to swear those two oaths, he naturally did not believe it. However, it had calmed King An down so that he would not rush himself into making any moves. He wanted him to be more patient in order to buy more time for himself.

It would certainly be tough to plan an accidental death for King An. It must be executed at the right time, the right place and around the right people. He had always been trying to create the perfect time to do it. There would be a lot of waiting around, so he needed get himself enough time to succeed.

King An turned to look at Xu Ning. “Revered sir.”

Xu Ning looked troubled. “Your Royal Highness, Junior Brother Xu An is not allowed to leave the temple. I can’t do anything about it, too.”

King An dwelled on it.

Chu Li said, “Xu An can’t leave the temple, but you can go there.”

“Alright! I’ll personally go and take a look!” King An said.

Embarrassment took over Chu Li’s expression. “Your Royal Highness, please forgive me as I won’t be able to accompany you. I have urgent matters to attend to at the Secret Guardians Hall. I’ve provoked the Holy Church of Light and the Amethyst Mountain, there’ll be assassins waiting for me once I leave!”

“Alright. You can stay put in the imperial residence.” King An said. “I can go with revered sir!

He was worried about Chu Li too.

Chu Li did a fist salute and said with a smile, “Then I wish that you’ll have a safe journey, Your Royal Highness!”