White Robed Chief Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Trade

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A smile formed on King An’s lips. He suddenly felt that Chu Li wasn’t that detestable anymore.

Chu Li got up and excused himself.

King An waved as he stared at the retreating figure disappearing through the door.

Xu Ning came close and pressed his palms together. “Your Royal Highness, don’t you trust Head Chief?”

“Is there really a little revered sir by the name of Xu An in your temple?”

“Yes,” answered Xu Ning. “Junior Xu An is twelve this year. It’s a shame that he’s congenitally weak and cannot cultivate martial arts.”

“Congenitally weak and cannot cultivate martial arts?” King An looked deep in his own thoughts.

He knew that anyone he hit with the Vitality Sealing Finger wouldn’t live to be more than eight years old. This child was able to stay alive for the past eight years. It was obvious that he was saved by the Titanium Temple.

The Titanium Temple was after all one of the four major sects with astonishing divine powers. It was probably nothing to them for letting Xu An live until the age of twelve. Xiao Shi had lived until today.

Xu An’s inherent fragility matched his history.

He was suspicious by nature and did not trust easily. If it weren’t because of that glimmer of hope in his state of absolute despair, he wouldn’t even bother with this knowledge.

“He can’t cultivate the heart technique of your temple?” asked King An.

Xu Ning responded, “Yes.”

“Too bad.” King An sighed and shook his head. “Doesn’t that mean he can’t practice any martial arts at all?”

“Yes,” Xu Ning nodded slowly.

“So be it.” King An sighed, looking helpless. “It seems the lord is not going to let me off easy.”

Even if he returned and acknowledged his roots and ancestors by becoming his son, it really would’ve been better if he did not have to go through the trouble for a piece of garbage that could not practice any martial arts.

If he could not practice any martial arts, then there was nothing more to say.

If he were to become the emperor, he would have this child as his only prince. He who could not practice martial arts. How would such a prince inherit the throne and become an Enlightened Master?

He really did not stand a chance to inherit the throne.

“Your Royal Highness, let me return to the temple to inspect,” suggested Xu Ning. “The Head Chief was the one who shared the news to us. It’s impossible that he didn’t consider what we have just discussed. There might be some changes we are not aware of.”

“Sounds good. I shall wait for your report!” King An nodded slowly.


The sunset dyed the Crystal Crescent Lake into a magnificent shade of rose gold. It was as if a large piece of brocade was fluttering in the sky.

Shen Yinghu sat in a gazebo on the Crystal Crescent Lake. She was dressed in a dark green gown. Her left hand was supporting her chin while she gazed at the lake. Her porcelain face was expressionless while her eyes looked dazed. Her soul seemed to have left her body and went to someplace far away. It had broken free from the boundaries of a physical body.

Chu Li’s sudden appearance startled her.

She turned her head slowly and looked over to Chu Li as she dully responded. “It’s you again.”

Chu Li saluted with his fist. “Senior.”

“You didn’t come here for nothing. Are you here to see Young Qi?” Shen Yinghu’s eyes twinkled as she peered at him. “I’ll let you in on something: she’s wounded.”

Chu Li was shocked by the news and quickly sat down across from her.

Shen Yinghu continued, “She tried to advance recklessly and was repelled by the Regal Sword Scripture. Thus, she was wounded.”

“Why though?” Chu Li frowned.

“Who else knows this apart from you?!” Shen Yinghu scoffed. “She went to the Public House and saw you. When she returned, she could not find peace and was deeply troubled. She suppressed her feelings by force, but the more she suppressed, the worse it became.”

Chu Li’s emotions were a mess inside his heart. He did not know what to say. Her tranquility was fake then. The Regal Sword Scripture was not powerful enough to wipe away her feelings completely.

He sighed. “Is she okay?”

“She’s doing fine for now, but it’s hard to say in the future.” Shen Yinghu frowned. She stood up gracefully and stretched her lithe body. She exhaled heavily. “Feelings are the hardest thing to control in this world. They are soft yet endurable. It won’t be easy for anyone to tame them!”

Chu Li remained silent.

Shen Yinghu added, “She still has feelings for you and has always suppressed them. But after meeting you…” She sighed. “It’s better if you don’t see her, for her sake.”

Chu Li asked, “Senior, I wish to know if she were to put in an environment such as the Hundred-Thousand Hills, would it be easier for her to become an Enlightened Master?”

“The Hundred-Thousand Hills…” Shen Yinghu frowned as she considered.

She leaned on a pole and looked at the lake afar. The gentle breeze ruffled her hair.

Chu Li watched her without blinking.

After Shen Yinghu thought about it for a while, she shook her head. “The reason why her Regal Sword Scripture is powerful enough that she could hope to advance into the Enlightened Master’s Boundary was that of how little she depended on any external resources. The shortage of spiritual energy in the world had no effect on her. The key is her state of mind.”

Chu Li frowned.

Hence, it was unnecessary for her to be practice isolated cultivation at the Spirit Cranes Peak.

Shen Yinghu sighed. “Instead of spiritual energy, the strength of her heart is the foundation of her advancement. Again, the key lies in her state of mind. If her soul remained rooted, then she could transition smoothly into the Enlightened Master’s Boundary. If she can’t, then entering Hundred-Thousand Hills would do her no good.”

“So you’re saying that I should not appear before her.” Chu Li sighed.

Shen Yinghu answered, “Actually, I have an idea.”

Chu Li looked at her.

“Why don’t you two just get married?” said Shen Yinghu with a hint of a smile.

Chu Li quickly waved a hand. “Senior, please don’t joke about this.”

“After the marriage, you guys can ask for a divorce,” continued Shen Yinghu. “Why does passion exist in a relationship between a man and a woman? It’s because they can’t have what they desperately wanted. Once they’ve gotten what they wanted, then the passion will burn out. It would soon turn dull and boring.”

Chu Li shook his head. “Senior, this move is not wise. I’m afraid of losing her after just getting her for myself. I wouldn’t be indifferent towards love then but would become extremely sick of it.”

He felt he had found the trick to master a rooted soul.

One would need passionate feelings to enter the Enlightened Master’s Boundary. Then, one would cut these feelings off all at once. The power that was released by the action would be the force one used to advance within the boundary. If one had calm and dull sentiments, then one would have no energy whatsoever to push oneself forward.

Otherwise, the Regal Sword Scripture would be too easy to cultivate. One would just have to simply let a young girl to never learn about the existence of men and seclude them within a mountain to cultivate.

“Yes, you’re right.” Shen Yinghu thought about it. “Alright then, forget it.”

Chu Li was feeling melancholic. The idea to marry was not a bad one, but it was a shame he had to reject the proposition himself.

Shen Yinghu pursed her lips and laughed. “It seems that you’re not chasing her just for her beautiful face, after all.”

Chu Li smiled bitterly. “I’m really thankful that you, my senior, finally realize that now.”

Shen Yinghu rolled her eyes at him, “Speak. What other matters do you wish to discuss?”

“Will she be all right there?”

“She’s fine for now,” answered Shen Yinghu. “I don’t know how she will be in the future. Anyway, it’s still best if you don’t meet her.”

“Alright,” sighed Chu Li. He pushed down his sadness and requested calmly, “I need your help.”

“Speak,” replied Shen Yinghu.

“I wish to let two individuals enter the Surpassing State,” said Chu Li.

Shen Yinghu frowned. “Two?”

“Two.” Chu Li nodded slowly.

Jiang Kuai was the who needed to break through the Surpassing State. Xue Ling was almost at his peak under the influence of his Concentration Talisman for the past two days and could now attempt to breakthrough.

Shen Yinghu glared at him. “You really know how to cause trouble! I can’t decide on this matter. I need to discuss this with the pavilion leader. You’ll have to wait.”

Chu Li added, “As far as I know, the Snow Lunar Pavilion is in need of a kind of Shimmering Spiritual Grass.”

Shen Yinghu’s clear eyes twinkled as she draws in a breath. “I heard from Young Qi that you’re fluent in planting spiritual grass. Can you really get the Shimmering Spiritual Grass?” she inquired.

“How many do you need?” Asked Chu Li.

“Of course the more the better,” replied Shen Yinghu.

Chu Li shook his head and burst into laughter.

Shen Yinghu commented, “Alright then, I’ll speak to the pavilion leader.”

Chu Li then gave a fist salute.

Shen Yinghu glided across the Crystal Crescent Lake and headed straight to the far-off corner of the main hall.

Chu Li sat in the gazebo and took the chance to admire the scenery.

He was certain that the Snow Lunar Pavilion would agree to his proposal.

Lately, the High Duke’s Public House has grown in strength and gained prosperity through the marriage between the two High Duke’s Public Houses. Moreover, a few missions have established a fearsome deterrent to their enemies. Individuals from the martial arts world revered the High Duke’s Public Houses and dared not stir trouble. They have entered a considerably peaceful time.

The Green Hill, the arch nemesis of the Snow Lunar Pavilion, has been defeated by the High Duke’s Public House. They have partially aided the Snow Lunar Pavilion who would soon acknowledge this debt.

Moreover, there could trade the Shimmering Spiritual Grass.

The Shimmering Spiritual Grass was an important item for them to refine their medicines. It was impossible to do without it, but its production was scarce. In fact, it was growing so scarce that no currency of money could get you the herb.