White Robed Chief Chapter 510

Chapter 510 Bad Guys

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This dagger was thrown with such force that it immediately penetrated its soft tissue and entered its intestinal tract. A great energy was released from the dagger which enabled it to destroy everything in its path.

The body of the black snake went limp before it collapsed at his feet.

Chu Li let out a long sigh of relief. If the dagger did not work, he would have been poisoned by the snake.

He lifted his head to look at the spirit cranes high over the treetops. They peered over as they seemed rather interested in the snake. Their eyes gave off an unearthly aura as they glistened and gleamed like precious stones.

Chu Li smiled. He could not enjoy this meal, moreover, it was not a sure deal who was eating who.

However, he knew that this was something good. A powerful snake such as this must be very nutritious. Its skin could be made into a soft armor to shield against the Grandmasters. One could say this was a treasure.

He carried the snake’s body by the middle so that it did not drag on the ground. He closed fist saluted and appeared at the House of High Duke.

Siao Shi was playing the zither at the gazebo. Even after seeing him appear, she kept at it. However, her eyes soon spotted the long snake in Chu Li’s hand. She frowned.

Chu Li immediately took the snake to a female cook. Using the Heavenly Demonic Power, he wielded his Modesty Sword and skinned the skin off. He then proceeded to chop it into several parts, each the size of a palm.

This properties of the snakeskin were rather unique. It would soon be made as a chest guard which protected the chest area entirely.

Masters tend to give the final blow by attacking the chest. It could guard against the attack during critical times.

As long as Siao Shi has this on her chest, it could give her time to crush the Sarira beads. He then could rush over and rescue her when needed.

If there were still this sort of snake, he could use a few more to use pieces of the snakeskin to make a singlet.

He ate half of the snake’s gallbladder and left the other half to Siao Shi.

After consuming it, an air of clarity roamed around their eyes. It was incredibly soothing as their gaze became sharper. Everything around them was clearer and vivid. The details around them were more beautiful.

His strength went up by a notch while Siao Shi gained immense energy. It increased about two folds.

After consuming the snake meat, his body underwent some changes. He was more vigorous. His Heavenly Demonic Orc flew out and absorbed the vital essence within his body. The vital essence of the snake meat was so pure that it could be compared to the Heavenly Demonic Orc.

Seeing this peculiar improvement, he was overjoyed that he obtained another way to cultivate the Heavenly Demonic Power.

The treasures in Mountain Shiwan were bountiful. It was a shame that he only dared to travel to Spirit Cranes Peak and not anywhere else. Seeing how hard he struggled to fend off against a black snake, it was enough to know how dangerous Mountain Shiwan could be. It was better not to wander off.

He should visit Spirit Cranes Peak more often to see what the spirit crane would gather for him to eat. He looked forward to it.

Seeing the snake’s gall bladder and meat, Siao Shi already deep clear eyes had more depth in them. Gazing into her eyes, one would be lured by them and couldn’t help but be lost in them.

Her skin was smoother and tender, inviting physical touch.

“How is it?” The two of them ate and drank to their heart’s content. Chu Li comfortably let out a sigh.

The lamp in the gazebo was as bright as day.

Siao Shi was an alluring being, she used a handkerchief to dab the edge of her lip before giving him a side glance, “Why did you head over there yourself?”

Chu Li answered, “Just for some fresh air.”

“Humph, you must be thinking about little sister again?” Siao Shi gave an empty smile. “She’s trying to forget you. Why don’t you man up and just forget about her?”

Chu Li laughed.

Siao Shi snorted, “I guess this is all you’re good for.”

“Yes, this is all I’m good for,” laughed Chu Li.

“You really had to show it in front of me. But in front of little sister, it’s as if you’re a different person,” Siao Shi continued. “You don’t strive.”

Chu Li smiled, “It could be out of habit.”

With Siao Shi, he could relax and be himself. He did not treat her as a young lady. They were close but there was no sense of revere.

Facing Siao Qi was a different story. Although his mannerism was at ease, his heart wasn’t. It was admiration with a sense of respect. Having her gave him a sense of satisfaction as if embracing her was equivalent to having the whole world in his hands.

Siao Shi scoffed, “You two are so petty. You can’t be together but think about each other daily. You brought it to yourselves.”

“If man could be the master of his thoughts, then he would have achieved nirvana,” Chu Li shook his head. “When will you return?”

He brought up his conversation with Prince An.

“Would Xu An be in danger?” Siao Shi frowned, “He is still a young child, entering the Imperial Residence is not a good move.”

Once the competition to become a lineal descent drew fierce, there may be one who would make a reckless mistake from the pressure. As long as they removed Xu An from the equation, Prince An was done for. It was a very tempting move.

Chu Li shook his head, “The Temple of Titanium may not release him. Xu An is now a disciple of the Temple of Titanium. The rules cannot be violated. Without mastering a divine power, he can not leave the temple.”

“That’s good then!” Siao Shi let out a sigh of relief.

Chu Li added, “As long as Xu An is unable to master a divine power, he will continue to remain in the Temple of Titanium. He is safe there. If he is able to master it and leaves the temple, he can protect himself.”

“I will return tomorrow,” Scoffed Siao Shi. “If I don’t, God knows what would happen to the Imperial Residence.”

“Alright, we’ll return to the Imperial Residence tomorrow,” nodded Chu Li.

He returned to his courtyard and summoned Jiang Kuai and Xue Ling over.to inform them about going to the Snow Lunar Pavilion for seclusion.

Jiang Kuai could shapeshift his appearance,.therefore he could go to the Snow Lunar Pavilion undetected.

Chu Li was going to directly send Xue Ling over while Su Ru and Lee Hanyan will be present so she would not be lonely. Moreover, this was aimed for seclusion.


It was morning when four grey riders in grey clothes arrived outside of Fairy’s Capital.

They rode on horses and stopped by the pathway. They did not seem as though they were heading in, as they chit chatted on the horses.

“This is Fairy’s Capital. It is grand but it can’t beat ours,” a young man with a long face was checking out Fairy’s Capital. He complimented, “But each has their own charm. This time, I must really check out the place!”

He was around twenty-five or twenty-six of age. His face had a longer proportion compared to most people. His eyes were narrow. He wasn’t considered handsome but he did have an appeal of his own.

“Young Zhang, the assignment is complete. We have time,” An elderly with a square face smiled. “You can roam around as long as you want. Once you’re done, we can leave.”

He was short and had an angular face. The way he talked was scrupulous and methodical.

“Master’s Junior Zhao, you said it!” The long-faced young man smiled, “I’m taking it seriously!”

“Since when do I lie?” The angular faced elderly waved his arm, “Don’t worry, I promised you.”

An elder with a sharp chin coldly snorted, “It’s too early to talk about this. We should think about how to kill that person.”

“This is not going to be easy!” Smiled the long-faced young man, “If we could barge in and slaughter that guy, it would be effortless!”

The triangular faced elderly coldly glared at him, “Zhang Lingfeng, could you grow a brain? Do you think Fairy’s Capital is a place where you can enter and leave at will? It’s easy to get in, the problem is getting out!”

“Master’s Junior Qi, what is so hard about it? Are they not going to let us out?” The long-faced young man was puzzled, “No, am I right?”

“Naive! Ignorant!” Qi Zimo smiled coldly, “The House of Secret Guardians of Fairy’s Capital is not to be messed with. Once a Grandmaster enters, they will be monitored. The four of us will immediately be pried on!”

“Let them pry. We can just escape after killing them. It’s not as though they will chase us to the Mountain of Amethyst?” Zhang Lingfeng would not back down.

He did not think highly of the House of Secret Guardians. Faced with his Light Body Technique, the masters of the House of Secret Guardians were nothing. One person could not eliminate Chu Lii. However, Chu Li would stand no chance with the four of them going against him.

The round-faced young man who was quiet all along slowly spoke, “The one with the surname Chu is not easy to kill. It’s better to be cautious when we execute it.”

“Alright, senior Li, then what say you?” Said Zhang Lingfeng.

The round-faced young man replied, “Listen to master’s junior Zhao and Qi.”

Zhang Lingfeng took offense and glared at him.