White Robed Chief Chapter 511

Chapter 511 Mistake

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“This guy could kill junior Mo. You must not let your guard down,” Zhao Jiang said solemnly. “Or else you’ll share the same fate as junior Mo!”

“Master’s junior Zhao, he is about the same age as us. How could he be that powerful?” Zhang Lingfeng was not convinced, “I think he works alone. He must have accomplices to do his bidding.”

“Mm, it’s highly possible,” Qi Zimo grabbed his chin. “It’s hard to say if he’ll help this time. If you’re careless and fall into his hands, you’d bring dishonor to the Mountain of Amethyst.”

“There’s already a lot of shame as it is!” Zhao Jiang snorted, “Two, three attempts to kill this man yet the assassins were killed by him instead. Now they have to restart their cultivation,… If we fail this time, we will be the black sheep of the Mountain of Amethyst.”

“Yes,” Zhang Fengling and Li Gu who remained silent all these while answered.

“This time I plan to devise a plan,” Zhao Jiang said. His gaze drifted towards the trio. Seeing that they were quietly listening, he continued: “Lure him out of Fairy’s Capital and us four teams up to vanquish him!”

Zhang Lingfeng commented, “Master’s junior Zhao, luring him out of Fairy’s Capital is troublesome. Can’t we just enter?”

“Nonsense!” Zhao Jiang scoffed, “He is from the House of Secret Guardians. Once we enter, he would know. He will tighten security and have a few Grandmasters follow him. How do we make a move then?”

“But it’s only a few Grandmasters,” replied Zhang Lingfeng. “We can come and go at ease.”

“What if a fight is stirred?” Asked Zhao Jiang. “If killing him was that easy, he would long be dead!… Once it’s at a standstill, those Grandmasters can take our lives at any given time. Do you actually think that you’re undefeatable?”

“We can retreat anytime,” answered Zhang Lingfeng.

“Retreat and head back to assassinate him?” Zhao Jiang rebutted displeasingly, “I want to kill him in one go, not taking blind hits.”

“… Yes,” Zhang Fengling helplessly nodded. This plan was more reliable, “But how do we lure him out?”

“He’s most concerned for Princess Siao,” Zhao Jiang continued. “Princess Siao does not know martial arts. As long as we are able to snatch her, Chu Li will obediently follow.”

“Uh huh,” Qi Zimo grabbed his chin and nodded. “This plan is not fair but hits him right at his weak point. Very good, extremely good!”

“Who will go and snatch the princess?” Zhang Lingfeng added, “Let me do it!”

“… Li Gu, you go,” ordered Zhao Jiang.

Zhang Lingfeng immediately cut in, “Master’s junior Zhao, let me handle this small matter. There’s no need for senior Li.”

“I’m not entirely sure. You’re very rash,” Scoffed Zhao Jiang.

Zhang Lingfeng chuckled, “Master’s junior Zhao, I am dependable on huge matters such as this. I will not act rash!”

“… Very well then. Kidnap her within one night. Remember, do not be impolite!” Reminded Zhao Jiang. “We are a reputable faction, not some gang of perverted robbers. This is only part of a plan to lure Chu Li out. Do not harm Princess Siao!”

“… Yes, I will not harm her,” Zhang Lingfeng ensued with a nod of his head as if afraid Zhao Jiang would change his mind. “I heard that Princess Siao is the first beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty.”

“Write a letter and have Chu Li come over here alone or else we’d kill Princess Siao,” said Zhao Jiang.

“Are we really killing Princess Siao?” Zhang Lingfeng asked.

Zhao Jiang glared at him, “What’s the point of killing such a weak lady? It’s to scare Chu Li!”

“Yes,” Zhang Lingfeng nodded and let out a sigh of relief.


Song Liuying laid on her couch reading when she saw Leng Qing treading in with her white forehead drenched. She frowned, “Again with the cultivation this late!”

“Mm, it is quite fun,” Leng Qing sat down before the couch and smiled. “I feel relaxed all over. Mother, you should try it.”

“This old pile of bones is no good for martial arts!” Song Liuying shook her head and picked up the book. “The Head Chief is not around. What’s the use you heading to his courtyard?”

“It’s more comfortable there,” smiled Leng Qing. “The air in the courtyard of the Head Chief is fresher and more abundant in greenery. Anyways, staying there is really comfortable!”

“You really…” Song Liuying shook her head and thought nothing of it.

It wasn’t as though the Head Chief built the courtyard. It was arranged by the Imperial Residence and did not have much difference compared to the courtyards beside it. Yet, she claimed it was exceptionally comfortable.

Thinking of it had her worried, could this little girl be in love?

“You have practiced for more than a month, can you really beat Leng Tao?”

“Of course!”

“What confidence,” smile Song Liuying. “I think it’s best you don’t place so much hope in one basket. However, cultivating this sword technique did make you toner.”

“Humph! I will be able to defeat him!” Leng Qing gritted her teeth and snorted, “This bastard. If I don’t take care of him, I will never feel better!”

“Alright, I support you having your revenge but if one month of training is not enough, then try two months,” said Song Liuying. “Leng Tao, that fella is quite mischievous. He could be concentrating in his cultivation so you can catch up to him.”

Leng Qing exclaimed, “The Head Chief has already spoken that we’ll take care of him after a month. Moreover, without the right attitude for cultivation, whatever sword technique cannot be mastered.”

“Okay okay, I can’t talk over you,” Song Liuying waved her arm. “Get on to rest now.”

“Yes, you too, mother.” Leng Qing got up.

As she trodden out, Song Liuying shook her head and smiled.

Ever since she cultivated the sword technique, Qing Er became happier. She wasn’t as gloomy and cold as before. From this point of view, she quite enjoyed having Leng Qing practicing the sword.

She picked up her book once again and read for a moment before feeling tired. She excused all her maids in waiting and slowly lay to bed.

Extinguishing the lamp, it wasn’t long when she laid to rest that her body suddenly stiffened. She could not move. A dark figure appeared by the adobe bed. She widened her eyes and tried to open her mouth to speak but no words came out.

Zhang Lingfeng observed her appearance and nodded.

She was indeed beautiful but it was an exaggeration from being the first beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty. He carried Song Liuying and silently past through the courtyard and leaving the Imperial Residence of Prince An. It was soon when he arrived in a forest outside of town.

Deep in the forest, the four reassembled and checked out Song Liuying under the moonlight.

“So this is Princess Siao?” Zhao Jiang sized Song Liuying up. He frowned and did not comment further.

Qi Zimo grabbed his chin as he checked her out.

Li Gu remained silent and held his tongue.

“I don’t think it’s Princess Siao,” revealed Qi Zimo. “Princess Siao should be younger.”

“This person was the grandest,” Zhang Lingfeng answered. “Should be the princess consort.”

“That’s not right,” Qi Zimo shook his head and suddenly patted Song Liuying. “Are you Princess Siao?”

“Who are you?” Song Liuying frowned as she looked back at them. Her almond eyes spoke volume, “Do not step into the wrong path. Return me and this has never happened.”

“A princess indeed, you have guts!” Qi Zimo snickered. “Are you Princess Siao?”

“I am Song Liuying,” Song Liuying dully responded.

“Oh, then you must be Princess Song,” Qi Zimo shook his head as he stared at Zhang Fengling. “Look at you, kidnapping the wrong person!”

“Then what should I do?” Zhang Lingfeng embarrassingly scratched his head, “I have never seen Princess Siao. So, should I send her back?”

“No need. Leave her here and you go again!” Qi Zimo snorted, “You won’t make another mistake, right?”