White Robed Chief Chapter 512

Chapter 512 Return

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“Of course not!” Zhang Lingfeng puffed up his chest and beat it forcefully, “I don’t believe I will get it wrong. There are only two more princesses in the Imperial Residence. Surely I will capture the correct one!”

“Go!” Qi Zimo waved his arm. “Don’t stir anything! Don’t complicate the matter!”

“Yes!” Zhang Lingfeng glided away.

Zhao Jiang shook his head, “You shouldn’t have let him go. It’s better to have allowed Li Gu to go ahead.”

“Li Gu’s Light Body Technique is a tad lower than Lingfeng’s,” Qi Zimo looked at Li Gu. “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” Li Gu calmly replied, “my Light Body Technique cannot be compared to Junior Zhang.”

“So rash. I really cannot put my faith in him!” Zhao Jiang shook his head and sighed, “What if he were to capture the wrong person again?”

“There are a total of three Princesses. Yet, he will still capture the wrong one?” Qi Zimo chuckled, “Give Lingfeng a break.”

“I hope so,” Zhao Jiang shook his head and looked at Song Liuying, “Princess Song, I’m sorry. We don’t wish to do anything to you. We will send you back first thing in the morning.”

“What are you planning to do?” Song Liuying asked dully.

Now, since she had some experiences regarding situations like this, she knew not to be flustered. Moreover, they did not look as though they were here to kill, “What’s your ultimate plan?”

“We want to have a chat with Chu Li.”

“Head Chief?” Song Liuying frowned, “But he’s not around.”

“Then where is he?” Zhao Jiang scoffed, “Don’t think that by saying he’s not around, we would stop our search.”

“Head Chief is really not around,” answered Song Liuying, “or else the person you sent earlier would not be able to barge into the Imperial Residence.”

“Hehe, it seems like you respect Chu Li,” smiled Qi Zimo, “his martial arts seems good, but how good is he?”

“I don’t know how good he is but I know killing you won’t be a problem,” responded Song Liuying. “I will beg the Head Chief to spare your lives.”

“Hehe, then I must thank the generosity of Princess Song!” Qi Zimo laughed peculiarly.

Zhao Jiang snorted, “Where did he go?”

“The Head Chief has a lot to attend to. He may have gone to the House of Secret Guardians,” Song Liuying shook her head, “he won’t be in the Imperial Residence tonight.”

“Fine,” Zhao Jiang sighed. “He doesn’t have to be around. As long as we get a hold of Princess Siao, he will come naturally.”

“Princess Siao is also not around,” added Song Liuying.

“Mm——?” Zhao Jiang frowned and glared at her, “Not around? Princess Song, please do not lie to us!”

“Yes,” Song Liuying looked at him peacefully, trying her best not to provoke him, “Princess Siao has returned to the House of High Duke.”

“Motherfu—!” Qi Zimo cursed. “Then can Lingfeng capture her?”

As he was talking, Zhang Lingfeng glided over as he carried another lady. He let out a smile, “Master’s Junior Zhao, Master’s Junior Qi, I can’t be wrong this time!”

Zhao Jiang took a look at the lady under the moonlight. She was a lot younger. She looked cute and alluring.

“And who might this be?” Zhao Jiang looked at Song Liuying.

Song Liuying dully answered, “Princess Xue.”

Zhao Jiang tap opened Xue Ningyu’s mute acupuncture point, “Are you Princess Xue?”

“Yes,” Xue Ningyu looked at Song Liuying then at them, “who are you?”

“Ah, not the right one again?!” Zhang Lingfeng’s eyes popped open.

“Princess Siao is not in the Imperial Residence,” Qi Zimo wasn’t in the most pleasant mood. “Where are you going to capture her! Senior Zhao, how are we going to do this?”

He turned his head to ask Zhao Jiang, “Chu Li is not around as well so capturing them really is no help!”

Zhao Jiang scoffed, “Those two should be enough. How is it possible that Chu Li as the Head Chief won’t be able to come?”

“Sounds about right,” Qi Zimo smiled. “If he doesn’t come, then this Head Chief really is not fulfilling his responsibility, hehe!”

“The Head Chief is not around so catching us really is useless,” responded Song Liuying. “The House of Secret Guardians would soon be notified, and you better be careful now.”

Zhang Lingfeng smiled without a care, “Ha, the House of Secret Guardians is nothing. They better watch their backs!”

“Lingfeng, you better have that letter changed. If Chu Li doesn’t come tomorrow night, then we will start killing!” Zhao Jiang snorted.

“Alright!” Zhang Lingfeng smiled, “What bullshit is the Imperial Residence. It’s like a maze! Master’s junior Zhao and Qi, you are being too cautious!”

“Quit your nonsense and leave. Come back quickly!” Zhao Jiang waved his arm.

In a moment, Zhang Lingfeng disappeared in the air, like a drop of water falling into a lake.


“Your Royal Highness,” Zheng Lide arrived outside of the Cultivation Courtyard. Through the doorway, he bent forward to pry as he cautiously said, “Your Royal Highness?”

Prince An’s voice could be heard from the inside, “What is it?”

“Princess Song and Princess Xue disappeared last night,” Zheng Lide wiped his forehead, drenched with sweat.

“Enter!” called Prince An solemnly.

Zheng Lide was holding a letter as he cautiously pushed open the door to enter.

Prince An was glaring at him gloomily.

Zheng Lide handed over the letter with both hands, “It has something to do with seeking trouble with the Head Chief.”

Prince An grabbed the letter over and whisked through it. He coldly blurted, “The two princesses have disappeared?”

“… Yes,” Zheng Lide did not dare to wipe the sweat off his forehead. He lowered his voice, “It was discovered that they were not there in the morning, and this was left behind.”

“So you’re saying that someone kidnapped them both last night,” Prince An coldly stared at him, “and the Protectors of the Imperial Residence did not realize this at all?”

“… Yes,” Zheng Lide lowered his voice. “It’s my fault!”

“All of them are good for nothing!” Prince An laughed coldly, “Nobody will believe even if this was spread. What has the Imperial Residence become? Anyone can just come and go as they wish. The Princesses were kidnapped yet nobody noticed!”

Zheng Lide hung his head low without commenting.

Prince An snorted, “Where is the Head Chief?”

“The Head Chief was not around last night,” Zheng Lide quickly replied.

“Where did he go?” Prince An blurted unpleasantly, “He’s always not around during crucial moments!”

Zheng Lide explained, “The Head Chief said that he went back to escort the Princess. He will return today.”

“What time will he arrive?” scoffed Prince An.

Just then, Song Sansi reported from the outside, “Your Royal Highness, the Head Chief has returned!”

“Have the Head Chief come over!” Prince An coldly ordered.

“Yes,” Song Sansi’s voice echoed.

Chu Li quickly strode over. He was in full spirits as he closed fist saluted, “Your Royal Highness, and to you, Commander Zheng.”

“Take a look,” Prince An handed the letter over to Zheng Lide.

Zheng Lide handed it over to Chu Li.

Chu Li glanced through and his face darkened, “It seems like they’re here to kill me… Are the two princesses taken away?”

“… Yes,” Zheng Lide sighed.

Chu Li took a good look at the letter and nodded, “Alright, leave this to me. I will rescue the two Princesses.”

“If they’re in any harm’s away, you can count your blessings!” warned Prince An. “You, as the Head Chief, are really not up to your duties. You can leave your post!”

“Yes,” Chu Li closed fist saluted, “please do not worry, Your Royal Highness.”

He turned and looked at Zheng Lide, “Have six protectors over to protect His Royal Highness and the rest to the Princess.”

“Yes,” Zheng Lide nodded.

Prince An did not comment and watched him gave out instructions from the side.

Chu Li closed fist saluted before he left.

Zheng Lide followed him out, and started to divide and assign Protectors.

Chu Li was thinking while he walked out. He wondered who could it be, could it be the Holy Church of Light or the Mountain of Amethyst, or perhaps other martial arts world factions?

It seemed like an ambush was waiting for him.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb dropped to his chest and initiated the All-Seeing Divine Power. Immediately, he appeared in a forest.

This was a dense forest, and in the forest, there was an empty space.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu were sitting on a green rock similar to a bed. The acupuncture point on their legs had yet to be released. However, they were sitting elegantly and they were talking.

Li Gu was leaning against a tree, keeping watch while the remaining three were cultivating in the forest.

They were adjusting their bodies to the optimum level, in preparation for the kill tonight.