White Robed Chief Chapter 513

Chapter 513 Bluntly Taking It In

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Chu Li was about a half kilometer away from them when he used the Omniscient Mirror to check on Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu.

The two females were calm, as if they were out for a spring stroll, while they were making small talks.

“Would the Head Chief come over?”

“If he was at the Imperial Residence, he would. But he’s not at the Residence.”

“This bunch of fellas is looking at their deathbeds.”

“There will always be people like this, one after another. It really can’t be helped, they might not want to live a peaceful life.”

“Qing Er has been cultivating the swords for the past few days?”

“Yes, and with diligence… How’s Qiu Er’s cultivation? Practicing that one move from day to night only to deal with Leng Tao. I’m anxious for her. She has fought with a Protector the last time but could not even hold onto one move.”

“Qiu Er is filled with confidence,” Xue Ningyu shook her head and sighed, “she really was bullied too much by Leng Tao. I feel helpless as her mother that I can’t demand any justice for her. Though thank goodness for the Head Chief.”

She was most grateful to Chu Li. Her daughter was beaten up, yet she could not do anything about it. This feeling was torturous. At times, she wanted to pounce on herself and give Leng Tao a piece of her mind. It was a shame that she could not beat Leng Tao.

Chu Li has taught Leng Tao multiple lessons and for this, she was thankful.

The two were conversing leisurely, talking about their daughters. They appeared to be at ease.

Not far away was Li Gu watching them with his eyes closed. He sat on a tree root, leaning against a tree. He seemed like he had dozed off but instead, he was listening to their conversation.

This was another different world. So the world of the princesses was only so, only about domestic trivialities. There wasn’t much of a difference with local housewives.

He smiled internally. Everyone was the same, no matter the Emperor or a mediocre commoner.

With a flash, Chu Li suddenly appeared by the two ladies. He grabbed them by their waist with an extended arm on each and disappeared.

There was instant silence all around.

Li Gu felt something was amiss and immediately opened his eyes to look. The green rock was empty, and the two ladies who were sitting there had vanished.

He dashed over and shot to the rock. His body tightened immediately.

At closer inspection, they weren’t hiding under the rock. They did indeed have disappeared out of sight.

“Master’s Junior Zhao, Master’s Junior Qi!”

He called out and cautiously let his guard up.

For someone to take the ladies away without a sound, this person’s Light Body Technique was as revered as rumored.

Zhao Jiang and the rest charged over. They looked at the empty rock and then at Li Gu.

Li Gu’s face flushed red, “They were here earlier!”

“You left?”

“I have been sitting here all this while!” Li Gu pointed at the spot he was sitting at, “I only have my eyes closed and once I opened them, they were gone!”

The four had their backs up against each other and shifted their heads to look around.

“Chu Li, since you’re here, just come out!” Zhao Jiang yelled, “Save us the trip to go get Princess Siao!”

“If you don’t come out, then don’t you even think that you’ll have a good night’s rest!” Zhao Jiang called him out again.

Chu Li grabbed the two ladies and appeared in the courtyard.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing were practicing their swords in the courtyard. Seeing the trio’s sudden appearance, they shockingly turned over.

“Mother, why are you here?” Leng Qing and Leng Qiu asked.

They came over to cultivate before the light of day. Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu would naturally be still in bed and would not come over to disturb. Once they were done with their morning practice, they would have breakfast together.

Song Liuying shook her head.

Xue Ningyu sighed, “So they’re here practicing!”

Chu Li smiled, “Princesses, it’s my fault for dragging you into this.”

Song Liuying waved her arm, “If it weren’t for you, we’d long be dead… You must be wary of them, they’re masters from the Mountain of Amethyst.”

“Mountain of Amethyst…” smiled Chu Li. “They really are clingy.”

Xue Ningyu asked, “Is Sister Siao back yet?”

“Yes,” Chu Li nodded.

“Then we shall remain over here!” said Xue Ningyu.

She was a little afraid.

There hasn’t been any assassination, so they returned to their courtyards.

However, with this, they knew that staying by the Head Chief’s side would be best.

Chu Li smiled as he nodded.


A full moon hung high in the sky.

The lamps in Tianshu Courtyard were dimmed and the Princesses had laid their heads to rest.

Chu Li was quietly sitting by the stone table at Tianshu Courtyard. There was a wine bottle on the table, a white jade glass, a few side dishes, and a plate of green beans.

He was having a light sip while admiring the moon. He was relaxed.

Siao Shi was wearing a loose bluish white robe and stepped out the room to sit opposite him, “Could they come?”

Chu Li smiled, “Disciples of the Mountain of Amethyst, with every inch of their heroic spirit, how can they not?”

“These people are really annoying,” scoffed Siao Shi. “Think of a way to finish this off so that they don’t bug us from day to night!”

Chu Li thought deeply about it, “Finishing them all in one go is not easy. They have plenty of masters, boundless even… They may be treating me as a training ground for their disciples.”

At this point, he shook his head.

It seemed like he always ended up as a training ground to other people.

“Humph, training ground!” Siao Shi continued, “Can’t this training ground crumble the sword and show them a taste of their own medicine?”

“Not this time though,” Chu Li added. “I want to return them a favor.”

“For Sister Song and Sister Xue?”

“They meant them no harm and this is rare,” commented Chu Li, ” but I will not take their lives tonight.”

“Then what is there to fight?”

“Here they come!” Chu Li exclaimed.

He grabbed a bunch of green beans from the plate and flicked one with his fingers on his left hand.

“Pa!” The green bean landed in the shadow of the corner wall and knocked on the wall.

“Pa!” His left hand flicked another, shooting at the shadow.

In the shadow was Zhang Lingfeng in a stern manner.

Chu Li could see through his Phantom Yin Skill!

Chu Li announced, “Come out, the Phantom Yin Skill is useless to me!”

“Why?” Zhang Lingfeng slowly stood out of the shadow. His figure exposed under the moonlight, “How could you tell?”

Chu Li dully replied, “Any sort of Light Body Technique is useless towards me. As for the reason, I can’t tell you.”

“So you killed my Master’s Junior Mo with this?” Zhang Lingfeng snorted.

Chu Li answered, “A good swimmer often gets drowned. Your Mountain of Amethyst relies too much on the Phantom Yin Skill, making it easier to be schemed against… However, your Phantom Yin Skill is highly matured. So you’re a wonder in cultivation. I will not kill you tonight.”

“You won’t kill me but I will kill you,” scoffed Zhang Lingfeng.

As he spoke, he looked towards Siao Shi.

Under the moonlight, Siao Shi’s clear eyes glittered like precious stones and they were as deep as the night skies.

Zhang Lingfeng stared at her in awe, lost aimlessly in her clear eyes.

Siao Shi dully remarked, “So these are the disciples of the Mountain of Amethyst?”

“So this is the first beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty!” Zhang Lingfeng blushed and blurted embarrassingly. He then turned his attention to Chu Li, as his killing intent rose, “Anyone who kills a disciple of the Mountain of Amethyst must die. Take this!”

His body formed into a lightning, instantly arriving in front of Chu Li, pressing down a Heaven’s Thunder Palm.

With such a beauty before him, he wanted to demonstrate his best by taking down Chu Li with one palm so that Siao Shi could witness his awesomeness. He immediately struck his killer move.

Chu Li sat by the stone table and steadily took the force of this palm.

Once the palm energy surged into his meridians, the Heavenly Demonic Orb appeared and engulfed it all.

Zhang Lingfeng frowned. Seeing Chu Li’s unchanged face, he felt that he must be holding it in. He was clear on the impact of the Heaven’s Thunder Palm because no mortal flesh would be able to handle it.

Chu Li took a light sip of wine before shaking his head, “Your Phantom Yin Skill is matured but not your Heaven’s Thunder Palm.”

“Well let’s see how many palms you can take!” Snorted Zhang Lingfeng as he struck another Heaven’s Thunder Palm.

Chu Li still took the force steadily as one of his hand clasped onto a white jade glass, “And let’s see how many palms you can strike!”

“Alright then!” Zhang Lingfeng did not buy it as he pushed palm after palm, wielding the Heaven’s Thunder Palm to its fullest.

About twenty palms later, Zhang Lingfeng stopped his movement and turned to leave.

Chu Li smiled, “Sorry for not escorting you out!”