White Robed Chief Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Gain

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Zhang Lingfeng disappeared into the night sky.

Siao Shi looked at him, “You’re just going to let him go?”

“Let him be,” Chu Li shook his head and smiled, “I’ll spare his life.”

“This doesn’t sound like you,” scoffed Siao Shi. “Even if they meant Sister Song and Sister Xue no harm, they are still here to kill you and you’re going to let them off the hook?”

“Yes,” Chu Li nodded.

“You’ve become soft,” Siao Shi said with a fake smile. “Credits to my little sister?”

Chu Li took a glance at her snappily.

Siao Shi pursed her lips and smiled, “Such a softie, they should have you cultivating Buddhism.”

“I will settle the score with them sooner or later,” dully replied Chu Li, “but not now.”

He was still counting on their Heaven’s Thunder Palm and Shadow Thunder Palm. Without their palm energy, how would his Heavenly Demonic Power advance?

Siao Shi poured herself a glass of wine, “So you’ll be sitting here all night?”

Chu Li answered, “There’ll still be someone who is unwilling to submit.”

Siao Shi took a sip of the wine, “So you will make them submit one by one?”

Chu Li nodded.

Siao Shi remarked, “That’s quite boring.”

She lifted her head to look at the moon, “Such a beautiful scene but you guys resort it to fighting and killing. What a drag.”

Chu Li added, “Fighting and killing is sort of an entertainment. Why don’t the young lady head in for bed?”

“Can’t sleep so I’ll just be here,” answered Siao Shi.

She took another sip of wine, “There are quite a some of fruits in the Spirit Crane Peak. Why don’t you pluck a few for wine brewing?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Chu Li nodded.

There were plenty of fruit trees in Spirit Crane Peak. They did not dare to harvest it earlier, in fear of the crazy attack from spirit cranes. Now that the spirits cranes were not stopping them, he wondered if there would be any strange spirit fruits.

The two exchanged a few words before a figure shot over from the shadows of the corner wall. Chu Li sat steadily as he extended his palm in receiving the attacks.

The person who came was Li Gu. The moment he came, his first assaults the moment was the ultimate Heaven’s Thunder Palm. He did not say a word and he pulled out twenty over palms in one breath.

Chu Li’s face remained unchanged while Li Gu, too, turned and left.

About ten minutes later, another figure pounced out. Qi Zimo appeared before Chu Li like a shade of smoke. Though his Heaven’s Thunder Palm was more matured.

His mouth was tightly shut. He was counting to the seconds, not allowing Chu Li a chance to breathe.

Again, Chu Li steadily received every palm. His Heavenly Demonic Orb was engulfing nonstop, but upon sensing a bit of improvement, his face blushed red as if he was going to fall drunk at any moment.

Qi Zimo saw the change in his face and was overjoyed that he went berserk with another forty over palms. Once he was emptied out, Chu Li was still with his flushed red face and blurred eyes, as if in the drunken state. So he helplessly sighed and turned to leave. He sighed internally – there was just a little more left to do.

The moment he disappeared, then came Zhao Jiang, demonstrating yet again Heaven’s Thunder Palm.

“Rumble…” The sound of the clapping thunder was as if it was a thunderous night.

He gave out forty over palms in one shot and Chu Li’s flushed red face became sallow, like a face that had just recovered from a sickness.

Zhao Jiang had an anguished look as he glided away to retreat, disappearing into the shadows without leaving a trace.

“Are they out of their minds?” Siao Shi looked at Chu Li in confusion. “Why are they going up against you one by one. Why not together?”

Chu Li answered, “They thought that they could immediately wear me down.”

His sallow complexion swiftly recovered; his gaze resumed its clarity and revealed a smile.

What a huge gain!

The Heavenly Demonic Orb had absorbed such a large amount of palm energy, pushing him forward into the fourth level. Now, he was closer to the fifth level. If this was to continue for about twenty palms later, he would have made it to the fifth level.

“They must be regretting it now. They should have encircled you,” Siao Shi raised her white jade glass and shook her head. “They underestimated your sneakiness.”

Chu Li smiled, “If they encircle me, I will encircle them… But they probably will not come back.”


Zhao Jiang and the rest reassembled in the forest outside of town. Each of them was down in the dumps. The air was intense.

Zhao Jiang scoffed, “We’ve been tricked!”

“Master’s Junior Zhao, what should we do?” Zhang Lingfeng gnashed his teeth with a face of anger, “We were cheated by him, this fella is too sneaky!”

They thought that they could wear him out by taking turns, but it was him who wore them out instead.

It was fortunate that he did not plan to kill them or else the four of them would have lost their lives. They must have been out of their minds, thinking that they could just wear him down but they did not think of the outcome if it did not succeed.

The important thing was that he pretended with such likeness as if he could go down any moment. Just one more palm then they were there, one palm after another, but he made it through!

“How high of a cultivation does he have!” Li Gu solemnly remarked, “How could he take in that many Heaven’s Thunder Palm!”

They could not figure it out. They were very clear on the impact of Heaven’s Thunder Palm. A regular person could not even take one hit, yet he took in over a hundred hits. Just thinking about it made them shiver to the core as if Heaven’s Thunder Palm never touched him.

They could not imagine how he could take in over a hundred Heaven’s Thunder Palm.

“His cultivation shouldn’t be this high, right?” Qi Zimo frowned, “Or else he didn’t have to take in it, he could’ve just beaten us.”

“Let’s go,” snorted Zhao Jiang.

“So, we’ll just return to the mountain in shame?” Qi Zimo quickly commented.

“Can we kill him?”

“If the four of us team up, there may be a glimmer of hope.”

“Forget it,” snorted Zhao Jiang. “If we strike again, it could cost our lives this time.”

“Sigh… This is too embarrassing. I’m too aggrieved!” Zhang Lingfeng sighed. “There are the four of us and yet we can’t deal with him. What should we say when we return?”

“We have already lost our faces, what’s there to be afraid of what others will say?” Scoffed Zhao Jiang. “We are not strong enough!”

They had used Heaven’s Thunder Palm, but that did not waver him. Moreover, the Phantom Yin Skill was useless against him. It was as though he was here to restrain them.

“Master’s Junior Mo and the rest must be in fumes,” Zhang Lingfeng said.

Qi Zimo added, “The pot is calling the kettle black. He himself has failed yet he doesn’t allow others to do so too?”

“Let’s go,” said Zhao Jiang solemnly. “Return to the mountain to report back. Let’s think of a way to solicit him and become a disciple of the Mountain of Amethyst.”

“Ah——?” Zhang Lingfeng’s eyes popped out.

Zhao Jiang responded, “He could see through the Phantom Yin Skill and block the Heaven’s Thunder Palm. He is a suitable candidate to study our Mountain of Amethyst’s martial arts.”

“But we are enemies.”

“Enemies or not, it can be resolved.”

“Junior Meng Jian and Master’s Junior Mo died in his hands and now, they have to restart their cultivation.”

“The faction will not bother with the disciples’ personal agenda.”

“Sigh… it will still depend on whether he accepts or not!” exclaimed Zhang Lingfeng.

Zhao Jiang replied, “As long as there is enough sincerity, he will be willing to. Our Mountain of Amethyst is not the House of High Dukes nor is it the Imperial Residence of Prince An.”

Qi Zimo grabbed his chin but did not say a word.

Li Gu asked, “Master’s Junior Zhao, are we really inviting him to the mountain?”

Zhao Jiang looked towards Qi Zimo, “Junior Qi must have heard of it too?”

Qi Zimo paced himself, “Yes. I didn’t think there would be such a talent in this world.”

“What talent?” Zhang Lingfeng cut in.

Qi Zimo continued, “If he were to master our Mountain of Amethyst’s martial arts, then we can bring out the best in each other. Becoming the ultimate master could be within an arm’s reach!”

Zhao Jiang nodded, “The Holy Church of Light is growing stronger and the forces down south will not be able to hold them any longer. We need stronger capabilities.”

“Let’s go, back to the mountain!” announced Qi Zimo.

The next morning, Chu Li was sitting on a couch with his legs crossed. As he slowly opened his eyes, he saw Xu An.

Xu Ning had brought Xu An out to the Cultivation Courtyard. Behind them was a yellow clothed old monk. He was large in build, had domineering features, and a sharp gaze.

However, Chu Li recognized him; he was Xu An’s teacher, Kong Fa.